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  • I've read some pretty bad comments of this show and I've gotta say, I definitely don't agree. In no way shape or form is this show trying to cash in on the randomness of jokes like Chuck Norris or ninjas or pirates or whatever. And this show doesn't make fun of metal. Trying to make it a broad of view of Brendon Small downing metal bands is a terrible accusation. The show has some of the funniest dialog on Adult Swim. Sure the show has a lot of randomness in the first episode, but it's a friggin' 11 min. show. Send out your own message in 15 minutes and I'll send you a delicious cookie. The two Norweigins in the show are freakin hilarious, Nathan Explosion rules, Pickles, unfortunately seems to be the brains of the group and William Murderface Murderface Murderface is a nihilist. So before you listen to these clowns, saying the show sucks, watch the show decide for yourself before any of these other guys tell you what you think of the show. Besides that, the music kicks ass. Keep it Harsh.
  • Adult Swim has added a number of new shows in the last two years, and people have had all sorts of reactions. Regardless of whatever reaction a person may have to Metalocalypse, you have to admit that it will get your attention once or twice.

    Without parroting the same praise others have given the show, I'll say that the reason it's so intensely hilarious is because it takes five very well defined characters illustrative of classic metal personalities and brings them down to earth, readily accessible, and just waiting to screw up horribly in everything else they do. No matter how well or ill intended they are in their non-metal deeds, they invariably amplify the horror of the every day human experience. When we sit down and watch, we're just dying to see what the death-toll will be.

    Some people have said that the humor in Metalocalypse is "too simple", or "too tasteless"; I can't really argue much with the latter because gore is a running gag, but I'd hardly dismiss it as "simple". Granted, unless you're aware of metal archetypes and racial stereotypes of Scandinavians, you're going to miss a lot of the "inside jokes" and things may get boring. Nevertheless, if you watch from the beginning and keep each previous episode in mind as you watch the next, it'll all make sense. That's one of the reasons I'm absolutely enamored with Metalocalypse. The prevalent attitude coming from its creators is not smug or exclusive or stuck-up, and it doesn't feel like they're trying too hard to be funny. Everything strikes me as being quite innate and not at all forced or deliberate.

    If you ask me, metal itself is a pretty pretentious genre. Like gangsta rap, metal personalities are almost invariably malignant. Luminaries of either genre have always portrayed themselves as infallible gods who know no wrong, and can do no wrong. A quick study of any celebrity culture in any country indicates that so many of these people are terminally narcissistic and histrionic, ready to take full advantage of us little people. Rather than fume while resenting it, we can make fun of them and remind them that they still use toilets and make stupid mistakes.

    Many people have compared Metalocalypse to "This Is Spinal Tap", and I can see that. I can sooner see a comparison to "CB4", though. I would've loved it if some genius had managed to make CB4 into a series on Adult Swim. Same concept, slightly different details. Point being, it's a great deal of fun to plot through the "real, dumb lives" of people who believe themselves to be living gods.

    In any case, I absolutely love the show and measure my weeks in terms of Fix premieres and Sunday night airings. This is the best new show on the network, and I hope its creators take full license when creating more episodes. There is a host of potential in Metalocalypse because metal itself will never go away, nor will the personalities behind it. If I don't get at least another season or two, I'll just develop dysthymia.
  • mark_h_beavers26 August 2006
    First of all, in regards to the comment about how the show sucks....The show doesn't make fun of metal...the writer of the show writes and plays the songs, members of nevermore, arch enemy, and other bands do voice overs, they even got Kind Diamond, the show is supported by Gibson guitars and Krank amps, this show doesn't bash metal, its a fiction show about metal, and how brutal and bad ass this band is, this band is how every metal band wishes they could be, i mean you say the show is all about gore and violence but isn't that what death metal is about? i mean listen to the lyrics of death metal bands like Cannibal Corpse, Necrophagist, Children of Bodom, etc. the lyrics aren't about rainbows and showering the world with puppies. its brutal and about death and hate and isolation and pain. This show captures all that is metal. The songs are amazing, so is the animation, i mean they even make the animated guitar playing accurate to how the song is played in real life, you can't even bash the animation. The songs have awesome riff, good solos, sweet drumming, and killer vocals. This show makes me want to be in a brutal metal band. You can bash it all you want but this show isn't making fun of metal its trying to raise metal up. This show rocks.
  • beefyrae1 October 2006
    Metalocalypse is AWESOME. Not only is Brendon Small it's co-creator, (Home Movies, folks) but he also voices more than half the characters and writes and plays all of the music. And the music, by the way, is REALLY impressive. I was not expecting it to be that good, but it's AWESOME and the lyrics are hilarious to boot. The script is apparently mostly improvised in that classic Brendon Small style and that makes for some side splitting and extremely quotable moments. The characters are hilarious. Their voices, designs and quirks make them funny and somehow... lovable characters. I'm having a hard time picking a favorite one.

    There's Nathan Explosion, the seemingly indestructible but retarded, anxious, alcoholic lead vocalist. There's Skwisgaar: Swedish, generally cynical and smart Alec, also loose and somehow the fastest guitarist alive. There's Toki, the whiny, "tweenish" and naive Norwegian who just so happens to be the second fasted guitarist alive. There's Pickles, Wisconsinite drummer with serious substance abuse issues, a dorky accent and a head of fiery combed-over dreadlocks. And last, but not least, Murderface, the violent and hateful bassist (who can play with his junk, by the way) who has some unresolved traumatic childhood issues. Often times he reverts back to an almost childlike state and can be heard murmuring things like, "I miss Pickles." (And random side note about Murderface. I noticed shortly after the series started that he looked exactly like the man from the opening of Ace Ventura Pet Detective. You know, the guy with the dog? IMDb won't let me paste a link, but google Randall 'Tex' Cobb and you'll see a pic of of the actor with boxing gloves.)

    Overall, I'd give this show a 10 (cause I can't go higher XP) and I can't wait for season 2, and 3, and 4!!! (Oh man, if they know what's good for them... *shakes fist*) I seriously haven't liked anything on adult swim this much in a VERY long time. Seems like almost all of the programming for a while has been effortlessly thrown together, badly animated and sopping with that "trying-way-too-hard" style of randomness. Kudos to Brendon, Tommy and the rest of the gang. Metalocalypse is TOTALLY BRUTAL.
  • I have been a long-time fan of both the adult swim lineup and metal. Metalocalypse does not disappoint. However, one must be able to have a true appreciation of "art" in every sense of the word.

    Dethklok has been described as a disgrace to "metalheads" for being so ignorant and "stupid".

    OK, well apparently that's how Metallica sees themselves--making time to do guest voice-overs for particular characters of the show. They are practically the foundation for what metal is today and they're perfectly okay with this representation.

    I mean, after all, one goes into this show KNOWING that it is a COMEDY of the extreme adult swim variety, therefore the gore and "stupidity" are both expected and well-embraced.

    People with artistic taste are praising Brendon Small for his creation. People with musical taste are also praising him for his phenomenal musical abilities. People with violent taste are drooling with satisfaction of the random death and maiming.

    They're not trying to sell an album, just produce an excellently sound-tracked comedy series. Let's be a little more lenient with the tiny box we try to fit them in.
  • Jeeze, where do I even start? This show looks really promising. Metalocalypse follows the adventures of the world's most popular band, Dethklok. The half American, half Scandinavian band is the epitome of metal, so much so that they are pretty much useless in every other facet of life, as the first episode shows. Clearly, Brendon Small (the creator of the show) is a metal-head, and as such there are often little nuances and inside jokes that other metal fans will truly appreciate. It's really a bit like Spinal Tap, if they were black-metal. The Norwegian and Swedish guitar players are hysterical, even though you can hardly understand anything they say, but thats what makes them so funny. Their broken English is a perfect play on almost any guitar player from any death/black metal band you can think of. Cameos from Kirk and James from Metallica leave me wondering what other musicians might do voices in upcoming episodes, and how can you not automatically love a show that has Mark Hamill in a recurring role? The music is also worth mentioning, I dunno who is writing it, or if there's actually a real band working behind-the-scenes, but it's all top notch. I have a good feeling most of Dethklok's songs will end up on my playlist.

    Another thing I gotta give the show's creators credit for is the band's Myspace page. Despite being strictly anti-Myspace in almost every respect, I couldn't help but admire how not only the band has a Myspace, but even the band members have their own individual ones, with complete profiles, friend's lists, and descriptions that stay completely in character. Genius. Of course, Dethklok wouldn't say they sold out by signing up for Myspace. Instead, they'd say they are making it metal. Then they'd kill you for questioning their motives. Cause of death? Pure brutal-ness.

    This first episode was good, but I see a lot of potential for Metalocalypse to become great. I can't even wait to buy the Season 1 DVD.

    My only complaint? That episodes are only 15 mins instead of a full half hour.

    Add this to the Venture Bros. and there is only one channel I need come Sunday night.
  • billmendoza14 August 2006
    Playing of the stereotypes of metal musicians, Smalls brings a adrenaline induced "pommellization" of pounding, pulverizing pandemonium with Metalocalypse. If you like the humor in the awesome cult movie, This is Spinal Tap, you'll be stoked for Metalocalypse.

    Though be warned of the ultra-violent nature of this cartoon. I wouldn't suggest this to anyone under 12. When Dethklock claims to be "metal", they indeed prove to be "metal" in their disregard for their fans safety while performing the most intense Coffee Jingle ever created.

    For what its worth, Metalocalypse doesn't disappoint. With the plethora of fantastic programming on adult swim (no sarcasm intended), Metalocalypse makes staying up late more rewarding, though most of us who play music know that 11:30 PM isn't late.
  • tormented_duckie17 September 2006
    This show kicks ass. If you are a fan of metal, then you'll like this show. Its very random, but funny as hell. I read other comments saying it was dumb because its funny, and because its "poorly" created. I'm sure Brendon Small realizes its "poorly" created. I highly doubt its a matter of how much it costs, but to make it funnier to watch. The music is brilliant. Even more knowing Brendon Small does it all. Its about time there was a show about metal. This is probably the best turn Adult Swim has ever made. And for everyone who says its dumb, its a god damn cartoon. Shut the hell up. If you don't like it so much, don't watch it. The only way you would be able to point out all these "mistakes" was if you watched more than one episode, considering its only a 15 min show.
  • Metalocalypse is a strangely addictive show. It delivers the witty humor of other Small shows such as Home Movies, while bringing a brand new premise to the adult swim network: Metal. The band the show focuses on can easily be described as the modern animated Spinal Tap: A pampered and powdered rock band with a heart of black, trying to make it in the world of Metal and convert all to be Metal. Members of the band (Deathklok) are lovable for their antics and hilarious one liners (like when the guitarist, Skwisgaar Skwigelf (Taller Than a Tree) refers to a grocery store as a "food library"). The only complaint this user has to offer is the bit toilet humor parts of the show, though they are rare. For more Metal, go to and search Metalocalypse. You will not be sorry.
  • This cartoon is excruciatingly gory and hardcore. Norwegian death metal has never before been so grandly captured. Whether it is the grinding assault of the plot lines or the melodic head thrashing tunes, Dethklok will rock Metalocalypse straight into your heart, chew it up, spit it out and throw it at the audience.

    Gruesomely detailed background combine with barely distinguishable dialog, glorious flowing hair and sporadic screaming and violence mix with normal every day events for these world famous rock stars, known also as "The most cultural influence in the world".

    This show is in no way intended for children, and is showed on Sunday nights on Adult Swim.
  • ...& a very dark sense of humor. I have not a clue as to how Brendon Small's "Home Movies" went on for 5 years, but apparently, people liked it enough. Metalocalypse is the opposite. Instead of life lessons learned, we usually wind up with lessons on death. Instead of generic characters, we have evil, war like creatures and the most eccentric characters this side of hell. Drugs, decapitations, and much dismemberment is just a slice of what goes on in a typical 11 minute episode of it. It's very adult, and if a 5 year old watches 1 minute of this, they will grow up to kill you. Ha.

    Clever writing exists here, as it fills in generous amounts of the life & times of a Death metal band, Dethklok. It's kind of like "This Is Spinal Tap", but with blood, an Illuminati type group that wants to stop them, the coolest manager you have ever seen, clowns and cocaine, & lots and lots of more blood. Likewise, the humor is hard, but absolutely hilarious. Hell, even the music is good. Amid the mesmerizing, sometimes repetitive nature of the visuals, it is like a train wreck that you can't peel away from. Or, more precisely, an airplane that's caught in a storm, loses it's engines and about to crash into a train, somewhere over a gas line, and very close to a very large crowd of people all gathering for some useless cause. That's a lot of death. And that is a very good thing.
  • Here is Metalocalypse, a show about a band known as Dethklok an insane Death/Black metal band. This show RULES!! The show itself is silly, but the music is insane! Just awesome Black, Death, and mixed in Thrash and all is well. The Metal is fresh and a killer listen! Dethklok themselves are only good at making music as it is clearly proved. There is lots of blood in this show because it's freaking METAL!! Dethklok are also likable which is a plus. Only complaint is that the show is only eleven minutes long and it should be longer than that. Even one of the musicians is known as "Murderface", and the mall they visited in the first episode is called "Finntrolls". I like Finntroll! The creator is an avid metal-head who has an array of knowledge of many metal acts too! This show is not to be taken seriously, just sit back and hear the F'N metal blow your ears off!

    The Last Word: I've been listening to metal for years and this is the best thing to happen to adult swim in a long time. Finally a show about a metal band! If you think the show is stupid, just watch this for the music alone! I could listen to Dethklok all day! ALL HAIL DETHKLOK!!!
  • If you are or have ever been a heavy metal fan, this is the best animated show in the history of all animated shows! This is what heavy metal should be about. Mosh pits which end up in death. Pain waivers. A metal band bigger than the Beatles, given 500 million + to record an album.

    Heavy Metal the movie? Please, don't make me laugh. How is Heavy Metal the movie supposed to compare to the most ultimate metal band in the history of earth? A band who draws tens... no, hundreds... of thousands of fans to the Arctic Circle to hear a jingle for Duncan Hills Coffee? Sammy Hagar and his penultimate theme song "Heavy Metal" pale in comparison and bow in total 100% humility to Dethklok... comprised of Skwizgar Skwigle, Toki Wort, William Murderface, Murderface, Murderface, Pickles (the drummer) and Nathan Explosion.


    This in my opinion is the most fun you will ever have watching a cartoon... especially if you're a true metal fan.

    By true metal I mean Slayer... Carcass... Meshuggah... and so forth. This is not for the faint of heart. it is... Metalocalypse!
  • This show is awesome, but geared at a very specific audience, the ever elusive 18-whenever males. It focuses on the varying deadly adventures of the band Dethklok and some sub-rosa religio-political trying to curtail their destruction. Apparently the band members bear an uncanny resemblance to figures depicted in ancient Sumerian prophecies of the apocalypse. The show is filled with ridiculous violence, drug and alcohol abuse, raging guitar riffs, and the sociopathic band members relationship. This will be a must when it comes out on DVD because it is definitely the best show on AS since the Boondocks, but for completely different reasons. A brief review of the past 8 or 9 episodes has the band dealing with coffee sponsorship, recording music underwater, group therapy, family reunions, old bands, a nihilistic birthday, a giant Norse troll, amongst other scenarios. Episodes should be available on YouTUbe and the like so if you've missed any its worth checking out. This show rocks!~
  • Warning: Spoilers
    This show has a great pilot introducing Norway's metal sensation Dethklok. I don't want to spoil anything for you so I'll only mention things that occur within the first 3 Minutes of the show: Three hundred thousand Metal fans have traveled to the Artic Circle to see the legendary metal band perform just one song... a coffee jingle. They pull off the "Melo-Metal" pretty well, I don't think it will be a turn-off to Metal or non Metal fans. The band features some familiar voice actors like James Hetfield and Kirk Hammett of Metalica fame, and even Mark Hamill (Starwars) and Brendon Small from adult swim's Home Movies. After seeing the pilot I expect this, along with "Korgoth of Barbaria" to be one of the must-see shows of this fall.
  • I look fore ward to this show every week the music is awesome and the fact that they got King Diamond for one episode is awesome. This show is a breath of fresh air. The Show is just as good as the music I have downloaded all the songs and listen to them all the time, you see I'm an old metal head and remember when metal used to be metal and this stuff rocks I just wish they would make some more full songs.

    The band members are fun as well and probably one of the things that impressed me other than the music is the continuity. The subtle hints referring back to previous episodes are cool.

    The bottom line is the show is well thought out and the music totally rocks.If you don't like the show you will like the music. The days of hard core metal are not gone they are here an alive in METALOCALYPE!!!
  • TheEtherWalk30 September 2006
    Metalocalypse is a twisted comedy series about a metal band with apparently supernatural powers, that have become the biggest band ever and and are on the verge of taking over the whole planet. The military watches them, voiced by metal heroes like King Diamond and Mark Hamill. The show is unbelievably violent as the band regularly kill and maim employees, talk show hosts, fans, chefs, producers, even the Danish royalty. The show is full of references to metal bands, songs and general attitudes. Murderface is a disgusting, violent loud mouthed rageaholic obsessed with urine. Pickles the drummer is supposed to be a mormon, or a jew, or a midwesterner, but he calls everyone douchebags and may be diabetic. Had "kiddie glaucoma" as a kid. Toki is a slow witted but fast guitar player from an abandoned Norwegian village. Skwisgar is the fastest guitar player ever, and he's always talking about all the girls he has sex with. Or making fun of Toki. If you've heard of the "cookie monster" vocals in metal, well Nathan Explosion is a master of them, probably because that's how he always talks. He's always coming up with song ideas, or deleting the finished product for not being heavy enough. Too bad it destroys the world's economy and causes fan suicide rates to go up.

    This show is extremely sick and demented but pretty funny, and for metal fans it will be a godsend. If they would develop Toki or make it a little bit less dry I would give it a 10.
  • Jorram864 September 2006
    It's about time that metal got recognized like this apart from Spinal Tap. I honestly didn't know what to expect when I watched the first episode, and I was hoping that this was a show that could deliver and live up to the hype. My wishes came true and the show surpassed my expectations. There are various references to the metal community, (i.e. the supermarket in episode one, Finntrolls, is named after the Finnish metal band, Finntroll. In the same episode Nathan yells out Cannibal Corpse song titles in the intercom system of the supermarket.) which makes the show all the more enjoyable to real metal fans.

    Along with the references and allusions, some of the voices are done by veterans of the metal scene. Kirk Hammett and James Hetfield of Metallica have done various voices so far on the first five episodes and more musicians are expected to come in and do voices. King Diamond apparently has already done his tracks for 4 episodes. Looking forward to those.

    I wish long life to this show as it is a breath of fresh air for American television. Also, Metal has found a way to get its foot into the door of the mainstream. Adult Swim isn't really a mainstream channel but it's a start.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Wow. Just... wow. This show rocks! Not only is the humor dark, the music is really good, even by death metals standards! The premise is simple- a death metal band by the name of Dethklok has attained a status not unlike the Beatles. Consider the show to be a hybrid of "This is Spinal Tap" and "The Monkees". The band members- (Nathan Explosion, singer; William Murderface, bass; Skwisgaar Skwigelf, guitar; Toki Wartooth, guitar; and Pickles, the drummer) are complete idiots. Their wish is for everything to be metal.

    Example- i don't want to give away the whole episode or many of the jokes, but in the pilot episode, the band is doing a concert in northern Norway, deep in the arctic circle. The concert will be only one songs length, and the song will be a commercial jingle for a coffee company. When asked if this meant that Dethklok was selling out, the lead singer replied that they just want to make coffee metal.

    The animation is done really well, not the Aqua Teen/Sealab 2021 style, and nothing abstract like 12 oz. Mouse. The voice acting is pretty good, although there are parts where you'll have to strain (especially with Murderface's voice). Again, the music is very good. the show is written by Brendan Small (of Home Movies fame) and writes the music (if i am not mistaken, which i sometimes am, so feel free o double check for yourself). Only a fan of death metal could write it so well.

    One thing i wasn't happy about was its 15 minute length. I really wish shows nowadays would go for the half hour format. i understand with the more off the wall shows its hard to write for so long, but i think Metalacolypse is worth it.

    If you like metal, do NOT miss Metalacolypse!
  • Metalocalypse is a new cartoon on Adult Swim (Cartoon Network). The show is about a metal band from Scandinavia and is the biggest band and cultural phenomenon in the world. The majority of the material is a spoof that exploits the funny stereotypes of most metal bands. In the episodes the bands play their original music with most of the grooves laid down by actual metal musicians. Anyway, the band consists of 5 guys, some from the US and some from Sweden/Norway. The guys are so absorbed in metal that they can't really do anything besides play music. Recommended for those who love metal music or humorous but pointless cartoons.
  • There's a lot of reasons to like Metalocalypse. Its honestly a one of a kind style of comedy i haven't seen anywhere else, and a bit of an acquired taste. A lot of the humor is in the timing, the awkward conversations, the mumbling band-speak, or the moronic or frivolous things the band does. There's also really messed up parts which are so bad but you can't help but laugh. I think one of my favorite moments that really epitomizes the show is Tokis guitar recital that the whole episode leads up to that just spirals out of control, continuously interrupted by band members with their own ridiculous apologies to each other, while the audience has no clue what is going on. Most episodes end in some kind of bizarre convolution or catastrophe, and begin with either the "deathklok minute" or a surreal, creepy looking music video featuring dethkloks own music with fetus creatures, demons, sword battles. It doesn't look like something that would be a comedy on first glance but you get used to the amount of gore and metalness.

    Basically all the members of dethklok are complete morons. They are the most idiotic people in the show, but yet, practically worshipped by everyone else in the show, and this makes for a pretty funny and strange dynamic amongst the characters. Their manager, Offensden constantly has to try and break through their thick skulls just to get them to stop hemorrhaging money or accidentally killing an entire crowd full of people, and yet somehow manages to keep Dethklok a multi billion dollar business empire. Then there is the tribunal, some kind of secret society that spies on dethklok and fears their power and growing influence, but constantly just lets them do whatever they want. Each of the members of dethklok have their own eccentricities and major flaws, Toki and his shyness and idolization of Skwisgar, who has a love of G-MILFs and loves making Toki feel unworthy, while murderface wallows in self loathing and just being a dick, and nathan has tempers and really really shitty ideas.

    The studio that makes this is titmouse so obviously its going to have a lot of the surrealist aspect and sometimes seems like an acid trip. The art is very well done and sometimes just gross, but its all in the name of metal. The soundtrack is amazing, and they perform both in the show and as an actual band thats won a bunch of awards for best metal band, and i must admit it is pretty epic.
  • Zen41619 January 2011
    I'm a Johnny-come-lately to this perfectly weird but truly addictive toon for grown ups and now I'm a total fan. The story revolves around the metal band Dethklok, five badass but hilariously stupid dudes who live in Mordland, a fictional place set amongst our non fictional world. The band is listed as the twelfth largest grossing corporation on the planet (or some such thing) which puts them square in the cross-hairs of an equally weird but completely deranged group of world leaders who meet in secret to discuss ways to infiltrate the band's realm. What makes it darkly funny is that the guys themselves are oblivious to the nefarious baddies and their evil plan, yet somehow they're able to overcome whatever attempt is made on them by said bad guys while still remaining blissfully clueless. The dialogue is often coarse and many of the situations Dethklok gets themselves into might offend the very sensitive at heart but this animated series in not for the faint of heart. It's funny, wry, dark and unique. I'd like to mention that the tunes completely rock, melding a heavy driving sound with some bizarro and often comical lyrics. With names like Nathan Explosion (the lead singer whose parents are, in fact, Mr. and Mrs. Explosion, which cracks me up), William Murderface (the foul-mouthed, lisping bass guitarist), Pickles (the pickled drummer with the seriously bad corn-rowed 'do), Skwisgaar (the Swedish lead guitarist who'll boff ANY woman, no matter how old she is) and Toki (the sweetly dense rhythm guitarist who forever lives in Skwisgaar's shadow). I hope there's going to be many more seasons to come because this animated show is better than the usual offerings out there. Keep 'em coming!
  • OK, I registered with IMDb solely to offer this critic and this is my very first review on IMDb, which and I must say I was inspired to write because of the few negative comments it has received. Normally, I would understand a few negative reviews about a TV show because we all have a different perspective in life and inevitably someone is just not going to like a particular series, but Metalocalypse deserves the highest of ratings! It is ground breaking and original and I was hooked from the very first traumatic viewing of this brutal kidney punch. Of the things that impress me most is Brendon Small's ability to go from the cute and cuddly (and hilarious) Home Movies to Metalocalypse without skipping a beat, pun intended, and pull off one of the most intense, morbid, creative and funny cartoons in Adult Swims' history. This show is for anybody who loves metal and for anybody who hates metal and everyone in-be-teen. The characters have been developed nicely with devotion to back story and that f*@king clown is a nose bleed! G-G-G-G-yaaahh! To the point of this review, if you do not like this show, you are either an up tight republican (see General Crozier) or an imagination invalid who takes themselves and or their music way to seriously. Come on folks, Death Metal is at it's base nihalistic and there is nothing funnier than the destrucion of reality (with the right twist). Dethklok is in all of us and if we can't laugh at ourselves then, well, we will just have to laugh at you! Grow a sense of humor.

    Love the show guys!! Lets see season 3.
  • Watched the premiere episode "Curse of Deathklok" last night on my TiVo. It was everything I hoped it would be. The music is amazingly well done for a cartoon short. Fans of heavy metal and/or death metal will definitely get a kick out of it.

    Fans of Brandon Small's "home Movies" will probably be disappointed in the show as it's not comparable in anyway. Animation, sound, story, characters, they are utterly different. However, I'm sure Brandon will pick-up many new fans with this production.

    Definitely not suitable for little kids. Or for any teenagers who aren't well-adjusted (i.e. no fantasy from reality).
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I had no idea what to expect from this program with the promotion trailers - but I gave it a "look-see" and boy am I glad I did.

    This is a pretty stylish piece of animation regarding a heavy metal band named Deathklok. The band and its members are world famous and of course deemed dangerous by the government since they have so much power. Their fan base is loyal - in some cases, deathly loyal.

    I'm not quite sure whether or not evil forces really have something to do with them -- or that they are just victims of stardom circumstance: a very, very rich heavy metal band that gets everything they want and then some and haven't got a clue. They participate in everything a mega rich, star band has to - fan days, TV commericals, music videos, world concerts and every time, something goes interestingly evil. Does Deathklok have something to do with it? Maybe, but then again, maybe not or maybe they just don't care!

    The episodes I've seen so far have me hooked. The first episode I saw was the band trying to hire a Chef - that was priceless. The heavy metal music is quality and accompanies the animation well. (I can guess there will be a CD soon and call for a tour.) You don't have to be a heavy metal fan to like Metalocalypse, but it helps.

    This new entry to the adult swim line up on the comedy central network is only 15 minutes long - catch it while you can, you'll probably get hooked too.
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