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  • I like Sophie Dee, so I watched her in THROAT GAGGERS #10. This was made before her mega-breast enlargement in 2009, and the perky UK lass is entertaining as always, a pearl before swine.

    I note in IMDb that the director committed suicide last year, perhaps a victim of bad karma? At any rate he went to his grave without ever having made a decent (I include the pun) video.

    These lengthy exercises in futility are insulting and I'm paranoid enough to wonder if they aren't made merely to frustrate and irritate serious fans of Erotica like myself. It runs over 3 hours (the compilations these days range from 4 to an unwatchable 10 hours apiece) and only point of interest is the director's ritualistic approach to filmmaking (video division).

    Each segment consists of confronting a young model with the task of giving blow jobs to a group of men, some of them pros and some seemingly recruited off the street or from the crew as padding. A goodly complement of Black guys is included but not treated as a necessity. The gagging of the title means the guys have to abuse the poor girl, shoving their dicks as far as possible and making the medium's "consensual sex" guideline a moot point. It's not sexy, but merely catering to another fetish standing in for outright abuse of women, which is what fans of this sort of porn really desire deep down (pun not so much intended).

    Most segments (when the players remembered their marching orders at least) end with the girl crawling away on the carpet, generally covered with cum. This motion is worth analyzing but I don't have the psychology degrees to do it.

    For some unknown reason a lot of money was spent on getting such a long cast list for what is after all rather generic sex -one would have thought that a minimal group of amateurs, like those awful Florida videos (Bang Bros. or Forbidden Fruit) would have sufficed. Most prominent actress is Velicity Von, who besides servicing several guys is shown in a 14-minute separate bonus segment giving the auteur or somebody like him a blow job backstage prior to going onset for her mixed-combo assignment.