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  • I know there are people who'll say this show is unoriginal and dosen't do anything new or ground breaking or exciting, but the problem with anime is that there's so much different anime and manga out there that it's hard for a any show to stick out unless it's so big name or some new trending show like Mob psycho 100 or Twin star twin star exorcists, witch both of those are great but there do exist anime that is good just get shoved of as unoriginal and meh because critics don't want to be bothered with having to review them because they don't do anything new. However it's not also something new that makes your show stand out it's the execution of it and Mar dose good execution. Ginta, Babbo and the rag-tag group of friends they team up with and fight along side with are interesting, enjoyable and have their share of funny moments, the animations is pretty good, The music isn't anything super duper but it's pleasant, the plot has charming and is very fitting for this kind of show and the fight scenes are cool. I really like the ARMs witch is the weapons the use to fight in this show, they require the users own energy to use their special magic attacks and are ranked by class like holy Arms, dimension ARMS, Darkness ARMS and so on, It's kind of like the NEN chart From Hunter X Hunter. I will say the tournament battle arc does drag on but they change locations on where they fight witch really helps for any tournament arc and I do have to complain about the use of CGI but it's not as bad as say Kirby right back at ya. Over all I enjoyed MÄR Heaven and if your interested in checking out underrated anime I say check it out! And check out the Sequel manga Mar Omega.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    If I could live with the shame. The only thing this show did right was make the main character likable, but when episode 2 comes around you stop caring about him. He is some normal daydreaming nerd like you or me and GUESS WHAT!? he gets transported though a portal to a magic world that he will have to save! 0o0o0o0o0o0o0oh! They also try to blend CGI with it, but it just looks terrible. That is the same mistake that Justice league Unlimited made. The character designs are extremely unoriginal. Its like the person who was creating it thought to himself: "The more spikes we add to his head, the better the character will be." The plot is trite and predictable.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    As someone whose Saturday nights revolve around Toonami and Adult Swim, I found myself watching this whenever I had a chance. "MÄR", or "Märchen Awakens Romance", is an anime cartoon which follows the adventures of a young, hyperactive daydreamer named Ginta who is suddenly swept into a fantasy realm known as MÄR and finds himself in the middle of the conflict between good and evil. Since the Toonami broadcast of this show was cancelled early on, I can only review it by the first fifth or eighth or however much of the actual length this show was.

    The overall plot is something every fantasy nut dreams of; hopeless geek ends up in another world where he gains superhuman strength, speed, senses, and the ability to "go ghost!" (that last one might be a different show). This is explained by the relative lack of gravity that MÄR has, although his improved sight and newfound ability to ditch his glasses and still somehow see is never really given an explanation. He then befriends a talking ball and chain named "Babbo" who proclaims himself a gentleman, which provides a certain level of comic relief, but nothing that anyone past the age of 13 would really start guffawing over.

    The main conflict of the show revolves around a sort of "civilized war" between Ginta and his random fellow adventurers and their evil counterparts, the Legion of Doom...I mean, the "Chess Pieces." This includes a tournament where the heroes and villains are pitted one-on-one, and whoever has the most powerful "aura" seems to win. Their weapons of choice? The ubiquitous mystical items known as "ARM" (pronounced "air-mmm") which can only be activated and used through...guess what?...proper training.

    The show might've had potential here in the States if the plot hadn't been so-so. Once it became clear that the combat would revolve around the characters' "mystical energy" and their ability in channeling that energy, it started to seem like a lame rip-off of Dragon Ball Z. All of the weird lights with none of the excitement. It would have been different if the characters seemed to MOVE every once in a while, but the action and the animation make "Yu-Gi-Oh!" feel like Dragon Ball Z on overdrive. (I know this having been hooked on Yu-Gi-Oh for some time.) The music seesaws between some royal ballroom piano and a lot of frenetic metal, and the effect is that the background music is sometimes overwhelming, or otherwise simply not right for the scene. I liked the eerie mix of classical and electric guitar they played to introduce the Chess Pieces, though. It made for some good "evil" music and it's still kinda stuck in my head.

    The animation is probably the key point to this show's downfall. A lot of it is CGI, which gives it an overall cheaper look, especially when the characters summon new creatures and objects. Once again, I contrast it with Yu-Gi-Oh, which, despite revolving around a card game, still took a great deal of strength from the animation of its characters (not to mention the Duels) and only a minimal use of CGI (the shadow realm looks so creepy, OMG is it bubbling?!).

    Highlight: Ginta saving the girl of his dreams from the bad guys…or at least, the "MÄR" version of the girl of his dreams, who turns out to be a princess. It hints at MÄR being a parallel universe, which brings to mind one question: If I were to journey to MÄR, could I room with myself and re-enact "The Prince and the Pauper"?

    Final ruling: Not well-animated or written or anything that will change your life, but it's good for a lazy night in.