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  • Some high-powered femme talent saves this workmanlike opening salvo in Smash Pictures' successful series, obviously inspired by Eva Longoria's TV success. I previously watched the final episode (#7) made five years later by Jim Powers and it's infinitely better than this video, made by a gonzo hack named "Mike Metropolis".

    (As fate would have it, this title "Cheating Housewives" was recently revived by a rival outfit, with Quasarman handling the ripoff.)

    Running a bloated two and a half hours, CH has five simplistic vignettes designed for porn divas to hold court, each given a comical character name to define their roles. My favorite vignette has Rayveness as The Flirt picking up Christian on the sidewalk and taking him home to hump. These two "single name" actors are greats in my book.

    Similarly, stars from an earlier era Roxanne Hall as The Whore and Vicky Vette as the Temptress shine in their rather silly skits, even though Vicky is stuck in a poorly-conceived scene that treads on the humiliation of the dreaded Cuckold genre. It's obvious why this DVD has no script-writing credit displayed.