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  • Many porn labels are under the impression that all it takes is to hire famous and popular ladies, and then their videos will sell themselves -the old "great box cover" syndrome. Of course that won't cut it anymore in this age where video stores (including Adult) have largely disappeared.

    So this desultory entry in Smash Pictures' vignette series probably passed muster a decade-plus ago but seems hardly worth sitting through today. Superstars Lisa Ann and Nicole Sheridan merely go through the motions, and I was disappointed (my fault) when Donna Doll turned out to be an uninteresting blonde, not the Diana Doll my shaky memory had conjured up before her scene began.

    Director Mike Metropolis employs a really dumb running motif: nearly every scene is visually built around apples, leading to the cast posing on a bed of apples for shots during the end credits. How uncreative!