Christopher Lee was originally attached for the role of Zeus, but was replaced due to creative differences.

Harry Hamlin, who provides the voice of Perseus, previously portrayed the character in the original film Clash of the Titans (1981).

Atlantis was originally planned to be an entire environment in the game, but it was cut during development and work on it ceased.

When Euryale says Kratos killed her sister, she refers to when the players killed Medusa in the last game.

Oceanus the Titan, who was conceptualized to be an entirely water based creature l; very different looking from his fellow Titans, was cut.

Contrary to what the description on the ESRB rating implies, there is actually no "strong language" in this game, whatsoever. However, the behind the scenes documentary on the second disc (included in all US versions) is uncensored and has plenty of strong language.

The wings of Icarus were originally planned to appear in the first game.

Corey Burton was cast as the voice of Zeus for this game: a role he coincidentally played in Disney's Hercules (1998), another franchise inspired by Greek Mythology. Burton also took on the role for Count Dooku in Star Wars: The Clone Wars (2008), a role previously played by Christopher Lee who was originally going to play Zeus in the game.