• WARNING: Spoilers

    Finnish director Lauri Torhonen has commenced principal photography for RAJA aka THE BORDER, a historical love drama, which marks Finnish producer Jorn Donner's return to filmmaking. Scripted by ACE producer Aleksi Bardy, the Border Film production will be released domestically on November 30, 2007 through FS Film. RAJA is based on a real-life story of Donner's father. At the end of the Finnish Civil War, Finnish Captain von Munck is sent to the small town at the border between Finland and Russia, where he falls in love with a local teacher, secretly engaged to a Red Army revolutionary. As the village is flooded with refugees from the Russian purges, von Munck has to decide who will be permitted to enter into Finland. Raja is co-produced by EAVE 2003 graduate Jarkko Hentula (FC VENUS) for Jounifilmi, a subsidiary of Swedish major, Svensk Filmindustri with Russian co-production team including EAVE 2005 graduated ACE producer Andrey Deryabin and STUDIO 217 (Mikhail Zilberman and Vladimir Repnikov).