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  • This is a really nasty porno movie, just like I like them. This movie has five different scenes and they are all great in their own way. Two of the five scenes really stand above the rest.

    From what I have seen, the V-Eight series usually deliverers porn that is way above average. What makes the V-Eight series unique is that every scene features guys sticking four fingers in the girls pussy and four fingers in the girls ass at the same time. This is part 13 and it is definitively one of the best in the series. This movie features tons of anal sex and in three of the five scenes the girl gets double penetrated. This movie also includes some pretty okay facials, although we never get to see more than two guys unloading on the same girl.

    The first scene is with Taylor Linn. She takes on two guys at the same time. Taylor is good looking but she is far from the most beautiful girls in porn. She's pretty wild though, and she really looks like she enjoys being double penetrated by the two huge cocks in this scene.

    The second scene is with Daphnye. She only takes on one guy in her scene. I admit that I find Daphnye to be very attractive and I would like to see her in many scenes in the future. Her scene is very good and I must say that she gets a good anal pounding from Steve Holmes in this one. Too bad they couldn't get a second guy for this scene, because you can tell that Daphnye isn't the kind of girl that is satisfied with only one cock. This way she wouldn't have had to compensate with the dildo to get the pleasure of double penetration.

    One of my favorite scenes from this movie is the one with Rio Mariah. I really like her energy in this movie. The scene starts out great with her blowing two guys at the same time. While she is blowing the guys she is being interviewed by the director. She answers the questions when she switches cocks. We get to hear about her first time having sex and about her fantasy of having sex with up to 20 different guys at the same time. I must say that this is a great way of interviewing the girl and I would like to see this in other porno movies as well. This way we don't have to waste 5-10 minutes watching the girl being interviewed with her clothes on. After the interview the scene moves on to the three having sex. I really enjoyed watching this sexy little Latina get DP:ed. Another thing that turned me on was when the guys blew their loads on her face. This girl seems to enjoy sperm a lot and that is always a plus in my book.

    My other favorite from this movie is the scene with Alissa. Alissa is a sexy blonde from eastern Europe with a pretty face, who says that she loves two cocks, one in her pussy and one in her ass. So it's only natural that she gets to take on two huge sausages in this one. I was really happy to see that it was Steve Holmes and Manuel Ferrara that was going to bang this chick. They always do a great job when they double team a girl together, so I knew right away that Alissa was in for a great ride that she would really enjoy. And if Alissa was enjoying her self I knew that my cock and I would enjoy it too. Needless to say I wasn't let down. The thing that I loved about this scene is the double penetration and the fact that we get to see a lot of it. I loved that this scene didn't go the standard way. The standard way when one girl gets manhandled by two guys at the same time is usually: blow job, followed by vaginal sex and blow job, followed by anal sex and blow job and ending with DP and cum shots on the face. This scene moved very quickly to the double penetration and every once in a while we get to see some other positions in between. This way the scene got a lot more exciting and the DP seemed to last during the whole scene. I must say that this is one of my favorite DP scenes ever. It is definitively in the top 100 of all the double penetration scenes that I have seen. The fact that this blonde is so skinny and curvy at the same time really adds to the scene, because it makes the two cocks look really huge as they slide in and out of her pussy and ass at the same time. It's also a nice thing to see Alissa get DP:ed in different positions, especially with the two guys standing and DP:ing her while holding her up in the air at the same time. The facial is also pretty messy in this scene. The only negative is that the facial is cut very short.

    The last scene is with Ariana Jollee. This scene kind of disappointed me. The thing that disappointed me was that Ariana only takes on one guy. I really expected her to take on more men in this one, especially because I know how much Ariana enjoys taking on many men at once. She also got me excited with telling about how she took on 14 firemen at once and I was kind of hoping to see her brake that record here. The scene was OK, but kind of a letdown though. It would've probably been better if it came first in this film and not last after all the other great action.

    I really recommend this to all who gets excited by the kind of stuff that I commented on...