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  • Warning: Spoilers
    I just watched this movie on TV, and while it was very, very funny, there was one aspect that riled me: product placement. The movie was completely ruined by flashes of logos, and advertising for the DVD right smack in the middle of it all. If there had been no big, deliberate ads in it, I would have been able to enjoy this movie more than I did.

    Otherwise, this movie was great. I thought the characters and storyline were just wacky enough to pass muster (except for the meeting of the holiday character support group-that threw me off just a little bit) and the elves trying to fix the machine that made the naughty/nice list was hilarious (and when they called tech support they were put on hold...)

    If they take out the logos and ads, I would definitely buy this movie. With 'em, not a chance.
  • I usually do love and always try to love holiday movies, especially kids Christmas movies. It is usually very easy to make me happy in that regard. All it has to be is friendly with a few laughs and not be completely stupid. But this is completely stupid. I feel insulted by how bad this is. Whoever made this needs to be fired and banned from making any movies or shows ever again. This belongs on a trash heap!
  • This stop-motion animated movie does something that I have come to really dislike about recent Christmas specials for kids in that it tries way too hard to be clever and toss in constant references to other specials and pop culture. The animation and voice work should lend itself to a fun and festive experience, but I found it annoying and rather grating every time the story came to a screeching halt to point out how clever the writers were or, worse, to shove in some blatant product placement for Coke, Walmart, and Campbell's soup. Can't recommend this one...
  • This is the best cartoon movie you'll ever see. Normally, I don't watch cartoons and this is gotta be the best! This movie has some interesting parts and very funny ones too. When you watch it the first time you'll like it. If you aren't a cartoon fan then you'll like, Holidaze: The Christams that Almost Didn't Happen. I wouldn't even consider it a cartoon. It's way different from Spongebob and a little mature for him too. This is a great movie for the whole family to enjoy and just relax on a typical weekend. The DVD also has bonus feature and a longer version of the movie, compared to the on on ABC. I expect everyone of all ages to go and see it and buy the movie now!