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  • I just caught this flick on PayPerView, and was REALLY surprised. GREAT cast, excellent writing, and beautifully acted...Really, what more can you ask for nowadays! Don't ask anyone how it ends!

    We should see more of these type of flicks, but unfortunately, if it's NOT a Blockbuster type, it doesn't get much press. I hadn't even heard of this movie, and it came out in 2007! Honestly, I don't hear about EVERY flick that comes out, but try to keep up. Here's a big 'Hell Yeah' for PayPerView! It's definitely worth the price of admission, and a copy of the DVD! I always liked Marsha Thompson, and REALLY LOVED her character the Las Vegas. She almost steals the movie a few times here.

    Anthony Michael Hall is FANTASTIC as a fast talking, take NO bullshit, agent with a stone cold heart, about to melt!

    David Foley is great as the 'feel sorry for him' type guy that you really want to slap and tell him the truth!

    Sean Maquire is PERFECT as the self obsessed, alcoholic actor who is have a 'bit of a problem' with his ex, and visitation with his daughter. Just saw him in 'Meet the Spartans' and he fits this character perfect!

    ..and of course Kevin Rahn and Valerie Cruz are excellent telling the whole story, and we watch it unfold. I always loved her in 'The Dresden Files'!

    If you get a chance to catch it, then do, whether on Sat, Vid or whatever. GREAT flick!
  • I cannot believe this is rated so low here (*4.5/10) as this is a quality flick! At the end I thought, dang this has it all.... VERY STRONG ACTING (HALL is really coming of age, mark my works, he will impress you in his work in the coming years) and the writing was very good as well... a "The Usual Suspects" feel to it... It is the kind of movie that makes you look up what else the actors have done that you might have missed... I watch a lot of movies, in fact I will watch the same movies over and over..each time just focusing on a specific actor to really understand his grove and how it "worked" for that movie... Well I have only seen this once, but due to the strong work of each of the main characters this is going to spin again in my DVD-player...
  • how come it is so under-rated? i get to see so many movies and there are so few in which i find myself glued to the screen, disconnected from anything else, smiling, thinking, analyzing, wanting it to go on forever! i still cannot understand the low rating! to begin with, this is a very good, highly intelligent, highly sensitive script. hard to find many like this nowadays. just happened to watch today "His Girl Friday" and thought how fantastic it is to watch a film which balances so well on its script and talented directing. this is the same here; how refreshing it is to get involved in a fine plot, dealing with people, real people, each character is fully developed from the beginning till the end. no need for dirty language, no use of nudity, and it works perfectly. and the excellent acting of all - main characters as well as the supporting ones. i got very much excited with this film as i never heard of it before, and thanks to my curiosity, i overlooked the low rating and decided to give it a try. what is the matter with all you guys who rated this one? bad relationships with a crew member or what? and sure enough this is not, by all means, a comedy. this one is a DRAMA and a fine one too. in order to get some balance in this misdeed i here by give it a 10, which is not very far from my original 9/10.
  • kgenera28 September 2006
    I have seen some scenes from the movie..mostly the scenes with a blues singer named Marci Curtis. She sounds like a soulful Bonnie Raitt.i heard of her music from myspace of course and i found it to be very good and a fresh new sound.thats how i heard about the movie and i then saw some of the scenes from the movie. there is also a scene with Anthony Micheal Hall in it which is strange since his name has been omitted from the cast list on here. he tells a story about a woman he is dating or something and tells this story about how she died. i don't exactly know why he isn't on the cast list.i believe he told marci that he was also a producer. so just a little confusion on my part. but the music definitely holds up to the name of the movie.
  • rstone-2727 August 2008
    I've read some of the reviews prior to watching this movie. Most of them say its a good movie to watch. I do agree with that statement. The actors were excellent, the directing was great -- but the storyline hummmmmm.

    I went away feeling kind of cheated. Its a bit like a Soap Opera that really never gets to the point. -- Don't get me wrong -- I did enjoy the trials and tribulations that the characters went through, the tight bond of friendship, and the inadequacies of their lives. Yet I just feel there should have been something else, something substantial to emanate from the frustrations, and difficulties that they went through.

    All in all its not a waste of time. I gave it a strong 5 due to the fact that I did enjoy it, even though it leaves you feeling a bit empty. I also like all of the actors in this film, a strong cast but a weak story ending.