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  • I was ashamed to be put through an hour and a half of this movie. The acting was horrible, the production values were the same as MadTV (same camera style, filming style). But not only that, many of the scenes are very unrealistic, such as the "hustling scene" which looks like a choreographed dance with 5 thugs walking around a street corner. The scenes involving the chess match were especially pathetic. The chess boards are clearly set up wrong with pawns beside castles, they are moving the pieces all wrong also if you look. If you are trying to develop a character in a movie and show him as smart, don't make him move a bishop straight downwards through a pawn. Seriously, if you don't believe me pause the movie and see for yourself. The romantic dinner scene is equally as bad. Other scenes are even funnier, the director got the timing wrong in some of them. Check out the scene where "Wisdom" is bailed out of jail and is walking towards a police car. The timings a joke. This movie was actually hilarious but it's sad it was supposed to be serious.