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  • This 'novela' is turning out to be a lot more than what I expected it to be. The actors seem to be getting better at their crafts, and I find myself wanting to tune in, in order to find out what surprises are coming up for me in the next round. While Tatum O'Neil (Blythe) does bring a lot of her acting 'prowess' to this show, I king of wish they'd cut out so much slapping and get on with the good stuff. I also enjoy Femi Emiola (Lani) and Nicolas Irons (Taylor) and have decided to make them my favorite couple of the show, so far. It is also good to see actor Clive Robertson (Theodore Crawford) back in action again, since it's been a while that I've seen him on television or in a movie. Giselle Jones and Azie Tesfai are pretty good in their roles as well. I can't wait for the next episode, just to see where we'll be 'heading to' next.
  • markleei16 December 2006
    If Fox promotes this show heavily like they did the O.C. and re-airs the pilot episodes, this show could be the next O.C.. The casting is perfect, the plot twists are great on this show, and the production quality is top notch. The pilot episodes draws the viewers in like the pilot episodes of the O.C. and with daily episodes, it could possibly become the most successful show since the O.C., Dynasty, and Dallas. Like the pilot episodes of the O.C., the story lines are very interesting giving the viewers a glimpse of the advantages and problems of wealth and success, with insights into extreme business tactics and interesting commentary on relationships for courtship, marriage, betrayal, and affairs.
  • jj_blm11 February 2007
    I can't imagine how you could not get involved in this story. Wicked Wicked Games has me on pins and needles waiting to see what happens next.

    I want to know when Blythe is going to get paid back for all the evil she has done.

    I want to know if Hope is really dead, and if she is where is her body for goodness sakes!

    I want to see if Brooke can turn her life around, and if Maddy has actually found true love this time.

    In my opinion, the acting is not the least bit lame, and everyone does an excellent job.

    I have not seen "Watch Over Me", so cannot comment on that show.
  • Peach_Braxton19 January 2007
    Warning: Spoilers
    Billed as the English-language version of a telenovela, I must assume that the over-the-top acting is deliberate. Either that, or the pretty faces on this show have no idea that they truly cannot act. I have never been a fan of soap operas, daytime or primetime. However, I was more than eager to tune in once I heard that the legendary Tatum O'Neal had steady work again. Plus, MyNetworkTV has employed a unique way of promoting this show by airing new episodes five times a week, with a narrated highlights show on Saturday nights. I must admit, I've become hooked.

    This is the age-old tale of a woman scorned. Blythe Hunter (O'Neal) is a woman seeking revenge on the former love of her life, Theodore Crawford (Clive Robertson), who once cruelly jilted her and married another woman. Twenty-five years later, Theodore Crawford is the very wealthy owner of The Tides, a popular gambling horse race track he inherited from his wife's family. His wife has since died, leaving him with two lovely daughters -- Emma (Jessie Ward), a college student engaged to a philandering but jealous man who works for her father, and Brooke (Kate French), the show's answer to Paris Hilton. Theodore is now set to marry his daughter's former nanny, Hope Lorca (Debbie Dunning). Under the seemingly tranquil household, the Crawfords are as dysfunctional as only network television can deliver. Unbeknownst to them, it turns out that Emma and Brooke are not Theodore's biological children, even though he loves them as though they were. Their late mother, Anna, had them with a stableman whom she had been in love with. Anna's father would not have his daughter marry a man with such a meager income, and pushed her to marry Theodore instead. Not only that, but Anna had stated in her will that one or both daughters will inherit The Tides only when they turn 25, married, and have earned a college degree. Neither one of them is aware of this, but it seems that Emma is on her way, while Brooke is just in the way.

    Then, in walks Blythe after more than 2 decades. Over the years, she has become a cold and calculating businesswoman. She has a set of twin sons: Aaron and Josh. Aaron takes after his mother and shares her delight in unmerciful cruelty. Josh, on the other hand, has become estranged from his wicked family, and is a good-natured doctor, who, coincidentally, has fallen in love with Emma Crawford. Josh does not know of Blythe's and Theodore's past, and is kept in the dark as Blythe and Aaron plot their revenge. Blythe wants to destroy Theodore completely, and starts by going after his business. She hatches a brilliant scheme by encouraging Josh's pursuit of the betrothed Emma, works to corrupt the dimwitted Brooke, and sends Aaron undercover as a new employee of The Tides. Will she succeed? God, I hope so!
  • Cureboy67523 February 2007
    Warning: Spoilers
    I can't say enough wonderful things about this show. Its a shame that more people have not discovered it. I must have told a dozen people about this show since it started in December and almost all of them ended up hooked on it.

    I love the premise: A woman decides to exact revenge on the man who deserted her years ago. How many of us would love to do the same thing? Just totally ruin somebody who has wronged us. Well Blythe Hunter goes for it.

    Tatum O'Neal is just awesome as Blythe Hunter. You can tell she just loves playing this part. Sometimes you root for her. Sometimes you just hate her. She's the JR Ewing of the 21st Century.

    Some of the characters are irritating, like the goody-two-shoes couple of Josh and Emma. And then there is Brooke, my least favorite character, who spends half the time whining about how nobody ever tells her anything.

    But then there are characters that I just love. I love Taylor and Lani. Lani is Blythe's kind-hearted assistant and Blythe is absolutely awful towards her. Lani is the one person I would like to see get the upper hand over Blythe. Then there is Blythe's son Aaron, who starts out ruthless and slowly feels guilty for his crimes and eventually he wins you over. And Jennifer, the sex-crazed receptionist at the Tides. Jennifer is a hoot. Kissing the behind of whoever happens to be running the Tides this week.

    There are lots and twists and turns in this story. Some of the twists you see coming a mile away. But one of them I certainly did not see coming and it just blew me away. Along with complex mysteries like, who is the mysterious Boss who keeps trying to undermine Blythe's vicious plans.

    I will miss this show dearly when it goes off the air. I feel like I know these characters so well. Hopefully it will find its way to DVD so others can experience it...Otherwise they are missing a heck of a good time! And remember, revenge is a dish best served crazy!
  • sandollar118 February 2007
    I love wicked, wicked games. It is well thought out, the plot twists are extraordinary and the acting is great. Blythe is really over the top, quite psychotic and a joy to watch for all true soap fans.You just never know what truly evil thing she is going to come up with next. I must say though, Loni needs to get a backbone and really show Blythe what she can do. I wonder if Hope is really dead also. I cheered when Anna showed up. I think she is the only person that Blythe really fears. I understand that having your dead mom resurrect herself after twenty years can be somewhat troublesome and traumatic, but really Brooke has got to stop sniveling and handle the situation. Bring on the serious drama people, and I'll hold on to my hat. I can't wait to see what happens next.
  • sanya_dvs15 February 2007
    wicked, wicked is one of those shows that has got me on pins and needles,i cant missed one episode because i have to be kept updated on this one, it has a different turn every night, with Theo being the twins father and now Emma and Brookes' mother Anna Coming back, and they realizing she wasn't dead after all. i cant wait to see what this shocker as in store for everyone. I think the actors on the show r doing a fantastic job, wonder if Taylor will be able to rescue Lani from Blythes' wicked schemes before its too late and is Hope really dead she seems have to have being the only that could keep the Crawford household in check. And will Maddie find true love at last with Phillipe?
  • blythe-835729 December 2020
    Tatum was good, she made this corny series, it was fun watch her campy behavior. i have been looking for over ten years to watch this again, but it is nowhere.
  • Wicked Wicked Game and Watch Over Me are the two most stupid shows currently playing. I cannot understand any real motivation for any of their action. Daytime soap operas playing during prime time just not seem right. Not to mention repeated flash back over and over again. The story lines are too simple; we really don't need to be reminded five days a week for what had happened. Every time I accidentally turned into the shows, I was hooked by these two shows, because I was too curious how bad today's episode could be. They never once let me down. The lack of depth in characters and the story just kept going south. You cannot never figure out what is going on because those characters are abnormal and lame.