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  • Whats Up Doc was the funniest Saturday morning show since TisWas. The reason it died was due to changes demanded by Sandy Ross head of STV in season 3 causing the resignation of the shows creators and producers. That superb decision saw it fold shortly after!

    "the show's near the knuckle student humour didn't go unnoticed by the ITC and after a few rapped knuckles Sandy Ross, head of STV was worried that Warner Bros would take their business elsewhere. The creators and producers of the show, Vanessa Hill and Ged Allen, resigned rather than watering down the show. Despite this Sandy Ross employed a safer alternative in the producer roles and in the process took away the fun and innovativeness of the show and the viewing figures plummeted. The wolves jumped ship to BBC, "What's Up Doc?" folded shortly after."
  • Although everybody remembers TISWAS and Multi-coloured Swap Shop, while all the other Saturday morning magazine programs have faded away, this one, "What's Up Doc?" was my favourite.

    There was a healthy disrespect for the format. The presenters were rude to the guests, the children and each other, and the regular puppets (wolves, if I remember correctly) use to eat the children.

    After Christmas in the second series the format suddenly changed and it wasn't nearly as good. If anyone has any information about what happened to cause this, I'd love to know.

    Yvette Fielding has moved on to do 'Most Haunted', but what happened to every one else?