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  • First, Diamond Geezer is the proper name for this series, the change to "Rough Diamond" for distribution was a mistake. Diamond Geezer is funnier and in the spirit of the series. Second, I think the bad reviews discount its appeal to children and adolescents. This is fantastic after-school family fare! A lot of the plots (and most of the dialog) are goofy and predictable but there's always a fun twist to the stories and little interesting touches to the characters. Third, it probably was produced in the wrong decade. It does come across like it was written in the '70s or '80s but had been shelved and resurrected. If you're looking for John LeCarre, move along. But if you'd like a little I Spy mixed with To Catch a Thief...
  • this show is just great. i have followed sir David Jason career for about 10 years. being from the states we miss a lot of the great shows from the u.k. i have seen and bought entire series of darling buds, only fools and horses, a touch of frost, open all hrs, porridge, have seen sir David in many roles and it seems that whatever he does is just masterful, i wish there were more of this show, i hope that he ( sir David ) will have more to do in the business, the u.k. has one of the finest actors i have seen. the one that wrote before me saying that this wasn't that good must not have seen the many shows and faces and characters that sir David has done.he has done comedy great to playing an excellent cop in touch of frost to this playing a criminal i think this is just great. thank you David Jason and hopefully more to come from you...
  • zorro2a26 January 2011
    I can't imagine why one reviewer would say this was a poor series, l have them all on DVD and watch them every few months, The Diamond Geezer was a wonderful series, it had humour, sadness, adventure, and fun, especially funny was in the episode Old Gold when David Jason is in discuise as an effeminate art critic, it was priceless to see him in that disguise, also two others actors should be given a mention Stephen Wight as Des's son he is a really good actor and hope we see more of him on TV, and Gary Whelan as Mrs bad guy in both the pilot and a Royal Affair. All in all l think this was a great series, pity there was not more of them made, l would really recommend this series and l'm sure it will get re-runs either on ITV or Cable, watch out for them you will have a good laugh.
  • TheLittleSongbird3 September 2010
    Diamond Geezer was not the best TV series I have ever seen, but when it was on I found it very entertaining. I agree it did get goofy and predictable in places, but I liked the fun twists to the stories and the dialogue did have its funny moments. The photography and production values were very good, and the music was pleasant. The direction was above decent as well and I had little problem with the acting too. I like David Jason very much, I am very fond of A Touch of Frost, The Darling Buds of May and Only Fools and Horses, and I enjoyed his work here. Overall, I liked it, while not outstanding by all means it was fun enough. 8/10 Bethany Cox
  • Having enjoyed David Jason's magnificent comedic (and serious acting) talents in Only fools and horses, The darling bud's of May, Open all hours, A touch of Frost etc., it is sad too see him trying to rescue these messy scripts from total failure. The plots for all three episodes in this series have been sketchy and implausible. Having an all new cast in each episode means there are no regular characters to get to know (and like), and a lot of time is wasted introducing all these new characters in each episode. Des is supposed to be a master of disguise, but the failure of the make-up department is very obvious. They have a tough job – David Jason will always look like David Jason, but they could have done much better. Overall, this series is shoddy workmanship. I feel sorry for him, he deserves MUCH better material than this. In some scenes, you can almost see him thinking "why did I agree to do this..." BBC, please do something – commission some good scripts and lure sir David away from the low standards of ITV!
  • Warning: Spoilers
    OK, this worked great as a one off ITV drama, with a good story, and some great acting, but it should have been left at that, a TV movie, not a pilot for a small series. The original first "episode" ends superbly for a movie, and should never have been followed on. David Jason gives a believable performance as both the simple minded prisoner with a hobby of collecting things, AND the genius Diamond thief. The story WAS good, strong and believable, but I felt that in the later episodes the thin story lines were predictable and I gave up watching after only two,and went back to watch the original. In a line, stay with the original,its much better.
  • crazyhunk_78911 January 2009
    David Jason I think was gr8 as Dez in the first show (pilot episode). then he brought out a second series featuring 3 new episodes which I thought was brilliant. just days before ITV advertised the new season I was talking about the show to my family, and we all said we wanted him to star in a new series again. I want him to come back in a brand new series of diamond geezer and bring back the father and son bond storyline and partnership and incorporate it into the new series, however maybe he is getting a bit old now to do the running around (as he did in the previous episodes). Maybe he will surprise us, and bring out a new series. We don't know?