In 2014, Tom Baker revealed that he had been asked to reprise his role as the Fourth Doctor for a episode and had more or less agreed to do it before Elisabeth Sladen prematurely died.

Whilst the majority of characters in this series call the journalist by her full name of Sarah Jane, in the original series it was more common for her to be addressed as just Sarah. This has been commented on in the series, where the Doctor notes she allows very few close friends (such as him) to use the diminutive.

CBBC originally approached Russell T Davies asking for a Doctor Who spinoff involving a young Doctor on Gallifrey. Davies rejected the idea, feeling it would take away from the "mystery" of the Doctor, and proposed this series after a positive experience working with Elisabeth Sladen in "School Reunion".

Elisabeth Sladen (Sarah Jane Smith) is the only actor to appear in every episode of the series.

Russell T. Davies has said in interviews that they were planning to feature 80s Doctor Who companion 'Ace' in a guest role.

Eight of the cast have appeared in the Original Doctor Who TV series: Elisabeth Sladen, John Leeson, Nicholas Courtney, Katy Manning and four season three actors Brian Miller, Zienia Merton, Jeff Rawle and Donald Sumpter.

Brian Miller, Elisabeth Sladen's husband played Harry in The Mad Woman in the Attic (#3.3 and #3.4).

The series ended on 18th October 2011, 6 months and 1 day after Elisabeth Sladen passed away on 19 April 2011.

Series creator Russell T. Davies has stated that one of the story lines he would have incorporated into the show had it continued would have been the revelation that Luke Smith was gay.

As "The Temptation of Sarah Jane Smith" reveals, the titular lead character was born in Foxgrove, Hertfordshire, to Eddie and Barbara Smith. Following their seemingly-inexplicable disappearance on Saturday 18th August 1951 (when SJS was three months old), her father's sister Lavinia raised her.

Legendary Doctor Who (1963) writer and former script editor (1968 - 1974) Terrance Dicks commented that he thought this series was actually closer in style to the original series of Doctor Who (1963) than the main series, Doctor Who (2005), was.

The Doctor never learns the fate of Sarah.

This was the second attempt - and the first successful one - at giving Elisabeth Sladen's character of investigative journalist Sarah Jane Smith a spinoff series from Doctor Who (1963). The first attempt resulted only in a pilot episode which was broadcast as K-9 and Company: A Girl's Best Friend (1981).

Russell T. Davies planned for Ace (Sophie Aldred) companion of the Seventh Doctor (Sylvester McCoy) to appear in "The Sarah Jane Adventures".

A sequel series which now followed Jo Grant (Katy Manning) was considered, but dropped.

Rani Chandra shares her name with The Rani, a recurring villain from the original series of "Doctor Who".

The Death of The Doctor (#4.5 and #4.6) takes place before the 2010 Doctor Who Christmas Special A Christmas Carol (#6.0). The Eleventh Doctor (Matt Smith) appears without his companions Amy Pond (Karen Gillan) and Rory Williams (Arthur Darvill) because Amy and Rory were spending their Honeymoon aboard a space liner.

Sarah Jane's young cohorts all attend the local Park Vale Comprehensive School.

"The Thirteenth Floor" by Phil Ford, an episode that never entered production was rewritten as an episode of "Wizards and Aliens".

The character of Lois Lane from the "Superman" comics is a major influence behind the character of Sarah Jane Smith.

Gita Chandra's florists' shop is called Bloomin' Lovely.

The registration number of Sarah Jane's Nissan Figaro is J337 KAE.

The Series is set in Ealing, this is likely an inside reference as the Original Doctor Who series did prefilming at Ealing Studios for shots which were considered too dangerous to do live in the studio.

Like the cartoon Conan and the Young Warriors (1994) the series has an adult and 3 children as the main characters and the 4 main character have adventures and battle evil aliens and the show itself is also a spin-off of another television series - Doctor Who (1963) and Doctor Who (2005).

Conan and the Young Warriors (1994) is considered a possible major influence behind the series as the series is about an adult woman and 3 children having adventures and battling evil aliens. Both Conan and the Young Warriors and The Sarah Jane Adventures are spin-offs.

In a companion magazine Russell T. Davies revealed that Sky was to turn out to be the daughter of the Trickster. In an episode which would have also saw the departure of Clyde and Rani and the destruction of 13 Bannerman Road. This was to accommodate a new look/revamp Davies wanted for series 6.

An episode that was written, but never got filmed or broadcast due to the show's cancellation and the death of Elisabeth Sladen, which was titled "The Battle for Bannerman Road" and it would had revealed Sky Smith to be the daughter of The Trickster and that The Trickster had in the moment of her creation, in-stored her essence into her and manipulated events and the story would had ended with Sky defeating The Trickster and would go on to guard his prison. The story's plot is almost similar to the 1989 Sylvester McCoy story "The Curse of Fenric" and the story would had seen the return of Ace (Sophie Aldred) and Jo Grant (Katy Manning).

The Doctor never sees and hears from Sarah Jane again and never learns of her fate.

After Elisabeth Sladen passed away and the series cancellation. Russell T. Davies's successor Steven Moffat decided to have Sarah Jane Smith's fate left unresolved and decided not to write a scene in Doctor Who (2005) (TV Series) which a heartbroken Doctor learns Sarah Jane passed away.