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  • Like Andy Warhol famously before him, pornographer Michael Ninn developed a factory system at the turn of this century, cranking out endless videos for a hungry market that no longer exists, with the replacement of VHS and even DVD by website porn suitable for streaming. His protegee Halle Vanderhyden directed many of the "Innocence" series, of which "Wet" is a typically boring example.

    Other than the sexual connotation of a "you make me wet" nature, the title is meaningless. Halle (aka Kalli per IMDb's listing decision) adopts a rigid, tiresome format: pure white backdrop for a piece of furniture on which the humping will occur, with set revolving at times for effect. The girl poses and masturbates, wearing an interesting costume from wardrobe mistress Mia Smiles (the wonderful actress who is strictly behind the camera this time out), and then services some stud routinely. There is no dialog, just the grunting and groaning and pornspeak of "Oh, yeah!" exclamations.

    Hillary Scott is saved for last, delivering not only needed big breasts but her trademark anal sex. The other actresses, here used merely as sex workers doing their work mechanically while relentlessly staring at the camera, are pretty but nondescript B-level performers, Nautica Thorn and Faith Leon the most reliable "name talent". It all adds up to nothing, just like the other scores of Ninn Worx projects from this time frame Collectively they have an ephemeral shelf life, consumed back then perhaps as video rentals (when video stores still existed in sizable numbers) but hardly worth viewing over a decade later.