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  • Shooting MOS, director Celeste/Bunny Luv crafts an erotic series of Oriental- tinged sexual clinches in "Way of the Dragon", a hardcore fetish video that lacks the power and emotional connection that a little story and characterizations could provide. It ain't gonzo, but is still wall-to-wall.

    Sophia Santi with heavy makeup and weird bondage rope-tying is present in most of the vignettes, either having sex or as a very attractive accoutrement in the frame. The varied music adds to a hypnotic atmosphere, but just as a hypnotist puts the subject to sleep, so to does this video act like Sominex.

    All that humping (with some huge cocks like Scott Nails' and Ben English's participating), licking and fingering, plus dildo activity, is fodder for hardcore fans and what is normally lacking from the thousands of fetish "adventure" videos on the market. But just staring at the long lineup of beauties is not enough to command one's attention. Even a skin mag has many pages and one turns them rather than fixating for an hour and a half on one great photo.

    I was surprised that the least exotic or "Eastern" vignette was most pleasing to me - ultra-busty Sara Stone wearing a veil as she did a St. George position ride on a big cock. Overall, Santi and her beautiful nipples are the most erotic feature of the show, but so many others make an impression, notably Marie Luv's anal sex encounter and Penny Flame's endless but perfect blow job that there is plenty of entertainment.