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  • The farmer Ely (Randy Colton) finds a slaughtered coyote and his daughter Isabelle (Kristin Erickson) covered on blood and brings her home. She attacks her father and her mother Blanche (Leslie Fleming- Mitchell) and their employee Miguel (Del Zamora) tells that she is possessed and needs a priest and not a doctor. Priest Jacob (Cameron Daddo) arrives and along his exorcism, the demon Perlocus deceives the family and everyone that is trying to help Isabelle with lies and sins.

    "Blackwater Valley Exorcism" is another movie of exorcism and the difference is the terrible screenplay and only Kristin Erickson has a convincing performance. The non-likable characters are not well developed and the messy story seems to be a soap opera of horror genre, with shallow dramatic situations. My vote is three.

    Title (Brazil): "Exorcismo – A Execução" ("Exorcism – The Execution")
  • I just rented Blackwater Valley Exorcism because the cover and pictures looked terrifying, and I don't normally watch movies that are automatically released onto DVD, but this looked so interesting and scary! I was very much in the mood for a good scary film and to me, possession is one of the scariest subjects to watch or learn about. Just look at The Exorcist or The Exorcism of Emily Rose, both terrific movies that made break-throughs not only horror wise, but story as well.

    Blackwater Valley Exorcism is about a girl, Isabelle, who from the get go is automatically possessed, so we can't even tell what kind of a person she was to begin with. But a former wife beater turned priest is on the case with a gardener...? I know... I know. Then they go into several other stories with the priest and Isabella's sister, and the priest hit the sister and messed around with Isabelle? I'm not sure, then we get into a story with Isabelle's dad and his questioning of his wife's faithfulness to him.

    I mean, the story just goes into too many directions and wasn't well developed at all. Not to mention that the exorcism didn't seem authentic at all and more of a just scare your pants off type of a film, which I didn't like at all because I couldn't take it seriously. Whoever directed and wrote this clearly had no idea where to go or how to direct the story well, so I wouldn't really recommend this.

  • I'm not sure if this is a comedy or not, but I found it pretty comical. Isobel is possessed by the devil. Somehow a perverted priest and the gardener are gonna' fix that. Part exorcism and part soap opera, you'll at least get some laughs. There's the paranoid jealous dad, satanic sister, Valley of the Dolls mother, and then the cowboy boyfriend; all there to help the skirt chasing priest fight the demons from dear Isobel. It sometimes felt like a Jerry Springer episode, but I actually paid to see this. Instead of the cool head-twisting, sailor cursing, and crucifix humping that Regan did in The Exorcist; you get a lot of Isobel bouncing on her bed like it's a trampoline, hiding in her closet, and jumping from a hay-loft. Yeah, it's Chuck E. Cheese gone wild. So, if you want to watch a quote unquote horror film that is worth a few laughs while you wait for the predictable ending ... this is your movie.
  • 1st watched 5/27/2007 - 6 out of 10(Dir-Ethan Wiley): Better than expected exorcism movie based on an actual event. In this movie, the demon doesn't just stay in the one body but tries to influence the entire ranch in an area called Blackwater Valley. The possessed girl named Isabella begins the movie being found in the woods devouring a live rabbit. Her response as to why it happens is a meek "he made her do it"(referring, of course, to the demon inside her). Initially the family doesn't know what's happening to her and wants to deny anything supernatural but their little girl is rapidly becoming something other than the person they know. Throughout the movie, little bits and pieces of the family's mixed-up life is revealed which is definitely unique for this type of movie. It's obvious that the demon wants to possess more than just the girl but also ruin the entire family and does this by revealing different episodes in their soap opera life to make them feel guilty about their past. The priest brought in to perform the exorcism is far from being an outside observer. He is a former lover of one of the daughters and has obviously been involved in the family's affairs for awhile. This gives the demon more fuel for it's fire(so to speak), but also gives the priest a greater reason to cure the girl. The ending of the movie was pretty disappointing, but the rest of the movie was actually a refreshing spin on this type of movie where the demon starts getting into everyone's heads -- making them do things that they wouldn't normally do. I also like the fact that they kind of showed you how the Catholics actually do the exorcisms and didn't skimp on the specifics. They also didn't throw in a lot of extra over-the-top gore or silliness that would make the story unbelievable. This movie was obviously made with less of a budget than other movies of this kind but they handled the story very well and made this actual event appear somewhat possible -- for this I commend the filmmakers and deem this a worthwhile movie.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    This movie was probably one of the worst movies I've seen in a very long time. A friend of mine grabbed it off the shelf at the video rental store, and all but forced me to watch it, an action we both deeply regret. Ehh... Where to start? The writing, the acting, the quality? All of it, sucked.

    Quite possibly some of the worst writing ever displayed in a movie. The dialog was worse than I thought it could ever be in the movies. Blatant dialog, such as "how ya doing?"..."not that great, doc" (directly after an attempted exorcism of a man's daughter and then his wife's attempted suicide. Of course he's not that great.) was, at some points, kind of funny. If not horribly written, planned out, and obvious. The general plot of the movie, the writing and the way it worked, HORRIBLE. It was like the writers could come up with nothing better to do then write a bunch of crappy dialog and throw in as many sex and nudity scenes as they randomly could. The only almost good sex scene (between the preacher and the tattooed & Peirced girl) was filmed with such poor quality that it looked more like a cheap porno than a feature film. Oh yeah, and they never actually got the deed done.

    The acting? Horrible. x100. I think the only good actor was the short Spanish guy who played Miguel, Del Zamora. And his part was written horribly. The worst acting? Arguably Paul Kappellas, whose acting combined with shitty music, a gun, and a half naked bluish white girl running around in the woods made the movie almost unbearable to sit through. He even screwed up his own death scene, one that should have been easy to nail. Although, most everybody else's acting was horrible as well.

    The lack of characters also added to the overall suck level of the movie. There were just enough characters so that almost half of the characters died, that same amount of people became possessed at one point, and then the remaining characters couldn't be counted on one hand. Like... 50 thumbs down.

    P.S. What IS it with the climax of exorcism movies happening in a stable, anyways?
  • Warning: Spoilers
    OK, I normally don't add comments on movies, but I finally watched a movie that was so utterly full of bullsh*t and riddled with incompetence that I just had to warn people about. Blackwater Valley Exorcist is loosely about a wife-beating/pederast/priest and this podunk family of horse freaks, and to make a long story short the youngest daughter who was molested by the priest but in love with the hillbilly ranch hand gets possessed. Along with a heroic god shunning Mexican gardener who once participated in a exorcism, the wife-beating/ pederast/priest manage to save the day, but not before the possessing demon is able to jump over to a hooker who the town sheriff made blow him. All in all this movie is the biggest pile of useless (I could get very descriptive with this part but why waste my energy on this movie)sh*t I've ever seen. Any and all persons associated with the making of this movie should be sterilized so that they cannot pollute the earth with their useless spawn.
  • plays544 December 2006
    This movie had very few moments of real drama. After the opening minutes the film descended in a spiral that didn't quite take us to hell and back - viewing was pure purgatory to say the least. The acting was more horrendous than the subject matter of the film and at times I couldn't stop laughing. The continuity between some of the scenes was dire - characters disappeared from scenes without explanation only to be replaced by other characters who minutes earlier had been some where else. Surely this was a spoof of The Exorcist. The collection plate at the church must have been full of copper the day Mr Russo signed up for this one. Do I speak Latin? Et tu Brutus.
  • The movie started very far Isabelle's exorcism could be believed....but later, gosh!!! I didn't know if it was a horror movie, a drama one or a Must Not See one! The possessed creature attacking the sheriff had no connection at all with the movie....the make up!! well it looked pretty real at beginning, but at the end, last part of movie, the make up (especially teeth and eyes) was very exaggerated. If you want a good "EXorcism" movie watch "The Exorcism of Emily Rose".

    Together with "Hard Candy" (Totally boring, pathetic plot and ending), these two movies are the worst I've seen from Lionsgate!! But well the movie company has given horror movie fans excellent films, but with this one, you will wish you never rent it!! Exorcism movie fans, just stay with two "The Exorcist" and "Emily Rose's Exorcism"
  • A girl named Isobel becomes possessed by a demon. The local priest (who formerly dated Isobel's sister) must try to save her, but the bigger problems are with the family's suspicions of each other rather than the demon in their daughter.

    This film is directed by Ethan Wiley, the writer of "House" and the writer/director of "House II". I loved the first film and liked the second one even better, so you would think this would be a winner. Alas, this one looks like it was thrown together by first-year film students. Dawson Leery could have done better. I have thought about blaming new writer Ellary Eddy, especially because the idea is hardly original (are they trying to cash in on the fans of "The Exorcism of Emily Rose"?), but Wiley should have been able to do his magic.

    Also, you'd like to think veteran horror stars Jeffrey Combs and James Russo would help this film. Russo (playing the bishop) barely shows up, and Combs has a great role as a sheriff... for the five minutes he's on screen (but I love the mustache). So, no help here.

    After seeing "The Exorcist", all other exorcism films must be compared to the classic by default, no? And the demonic possession in this film was not scary in the least. No head-spinning or paranormal activity at all. Just a girl with a deep voice and runny makeup. All the "demonic" stuff was centered around the father accusing everyone of sleeping with his wife. As another reviewer wrote, "you get a lot of Isobel bouncing on her bed like it's a trampoline, hiding in her closet, and jumping from a hay-loft. Yeah, it's Chuck E. Cheese gone wild." That sadly sums up the extent of the "evil" in this movie.

    If you want to watch a movie about family members who invent accusations and yell at each other while the possessed daughter sits in another room off-camera, this is the movie for you. But, if you don't mind my saying so, you have a horrible taste in film if this is what you're seeking.

    The plot seems to focus on the father accusing a cowboy of sleeping with his wife (who didn't, but did sleep with his daughter) and of the veterinarian of sleeping with his wife (who might have, but denies it). And then you have a gardener who attacks the possessed girl with a crucifix and tells the family to call an exorcist, but once the priest arrives the gardener declares he does not believe in God. What was all the Bible-quoting you were doing five minutes ago?

    A horrible exorcism movie. Horribler examples of what Combs and Russo are capable of. And such a sad display of directing after the "House" series of films became classic. I would like to pretend Wiley had no part in making this shamefully derivative and unoriginal, uninspired film. The power of Christ compels you to avoid this movie as if viewing it were a cardinal sin.
  • Blondmyk24 October 2006
    I've seen a LOT of movies about exorcism, witchcraft, voodoo, you know--general occult stuff--in my lifetime, and I have to say that while this movie really wasn't any academy award winner, it wasn't the worst film of this genre that I've ever seen in my life. In fact, it was one of the better ones. Yes, there were a few laughable points, a few really cheesy moments, and a few bad dialog moments when you just wanted to scream. You HAVE to expect that when you watch B grade horror.

    I personally thought that Kristin Erickson did an excellent job playing the demonic character. It's not easy to do such a job convincingly, as so many before her have tried to do unsuccessfully. I have to give her serious kudos for her performance.

    This is one of those perfect "date night" type films...the kind you don't really watch because you're busy doing something else. Still, if this is in the player and it turns out to be a bad date, it won't be a TOTAL waste of time...
  • katskhan28 October 2006
    Blackwater Valley Exorcism is a movie about a possessed young girl. Do I need to describe any more of the plot to you? The Exorcist and The Exorcism of Emily Rose are two terrific terrifying movies. Classics (IMO). Blackwater Valley Exorcism (BVE) is not. Not by a long shot. It's certainly not as terrible as a low budget copy of The Exorcist could have been. From start to finish it has the feel of a "made for Sci-Fi channel" production. It's one of those movies that will probably be spoofed and ridiculed on Mystery Science Theater 3000 (or a similar show).

    The make up and effects were absolutely laughable. The acting was horrendously bad. There was not a single performance that didn't lead to me rolling my eyes or giggling. Oh, except maybe for Jeffery (Re-Animator) Combs as the sheriff. The script wasn't THAT terrible but it certainly wasn't anything special.

    It seems like through most of the movie everyone is more focused on who is sleeping with who than they are with the demon possessed girl in the other room. Oh, there was something I learned from this movie. Apparently if your teenage daughter is possessed by a demon then all you have to do is lock them in the room. C'mon. And if your daughter is possessed don't worry too much because all it does it make them talk in funny voices, eat rabbits, try to stare you down, and put fog machines in their bed. Other than that there is nothing to worry about. Apparently she was possessed with a low budget D-List demon.

    There was none of the ghastly deeds done by A-List demons like crucifix intercourse, painful body distortions, or even projectile vomiting.

    Totally laughable movie. Not worth even a discount rental.

    2 out of 10.
  • yurshta19 February 2007
    Warning: Spoilers
    Frankly, I always find Exorcism movies---and I've seen 'em all---to be extremely funny, in a kind of Dumb and Dumberer kind of way.

    Faith seems to be on the decline these days, while Nihilism is becoming rather ubiquitous. Therefore, it rather behooves the men of faith-- especially with the declining membership of the Roman Catholic church (and that despite the prohibition of birth control to help keep the churches occupied)--to promote tales that would inspire faith.

    This movie was amusing to say the least. Everybody except the poor lassie in question is messed up big time. The handsome young priest finds it hard to keep his hands off the ladies, the assistant is a Latino priest whose lost his faith in God, the mother is sleeping around, the father molested her as a child, get the picture.

    Well, this movie has increased my faith. My faith in the powers of evil, mainly because the so called "God Squad" is made up of complete morons. How could the Devil fail to gain a decisive victory? And meanwhile God is up there sitting on his big butt smiling, or maybe he's as amused with this type of sordid scenario as I am. Frankly, If I had to have one of the characters in this film as my neighbor, I'd take the chick with the Devil, Proctologisto or whatever his name was.

    Fun movie! Take your date to it! However, not quite as preposterous as the Exorcism of Emily Rose, which wins all hands down, for pure stupidity. However, movies like these beat another episode of Married With Children or another idiotic reality TV show.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I am watching this on the horror channel at this very moment. This film is based on actual events and if you believe in that sort of thing then it isn't a bad film. I have seen plenty of horror films, OK not the best but certainly not the worse film that has been put on telly especially the Horror Channel. As far as the acting is concerned, not too great but the Kristin Erickson who takes the part of the possessed girl was convincing alone, maybe not to the standards of Linda Blair but she acted as a possessed person would act. If you want to watch a "fun" horror film then check it out and then judge it for yourself. I commend anyone who makes a film on a low budget, they are very brave.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I actually have mixed feelings on this movie. I really liked it. It was so...funny! It made me laugh so hard. The set is cheesy, the acting, cheesy, and the plot....retarded. The writers seemed to try and make the movie more interesting by adding really raw sex scenes, which just made the movie uncomfortable to watch with my friends. But we rented this movie On Demand under Fearnet and decided to choose it because it looked scary. But we found ourselves watching it 4 times. Most movies on Fearnet are old cheesy movies that nobody has heard of...and you might know why. This movie is definitely something I would watch if you were bored and in the mood to watch something funny by yourself, GET IT! I give it 6/10 stars
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Even worse then the incredibly boring "the Exorcism of Emily Rose". It started off decently, and right up until the mom said to the dad, "See I knew she was possessed", in an I told you so voice. It was a terrible line, spoken badly and it foreshadowed the rapid demise of this amazingly bad movie. Every family member has an issue from the past with the priest. The dad starts to accuse everyone of either liking his wife, or actually having an affair with her, culminating with him killing his buddy, then himself in the obvious instant lucidity after he realizes his friend hadn't slept with his wife after all. People are dying, others are coming under possession, and by this point most viewers don't even care anymore. Except for their employee Miguel, none of the characters in this movie was actually likable, making it hard to care, about any of them. The acting was terrible and the writing even worse. Glad I saw it for free; although I feel that for a movie this bad someone owes me money for the time I lost.
  • I have to agree with the previous reviewer. Although the Kristin Erikson did a great job of playing the possessed girl, I seriously don't think that Isabelle, the character she was playing, was possessed. I have seen people have psychotic breaks due to sexual abuse, and they never made it clear whether or not the father had actually abused her or not. I also had to watch some parts of it over again, to make it clear as to what the letter said, what the characters' names were, and I'm still not clear on a few things that happened, whether they were real or not. I'm trying to find the "original" story that it was based on, to compare facts, but I can't seem to find anything about it online.

    It wasn't a bad movie, but some of the dialogue was incredibly cheesy. Special effects wise, the movie wasn't bad for a Grade B, pretty much, and those possession scenes made it all worth while... that is, if you have nothing better to do. LOL
  • nickfischer_926 March 2007
    The good thing about this film is that it has a subject that you are never bored to exorcism! Especially if it is based on true events it makes it more interesting.It's not a movie for Oscar but you you have a good time watching it with your company. The sound was great the possessed girl too and it is different from the other exorcism movies. It doesn't make you bored by watching it. I am not the expert one to criticize how the director made it, however i am pleased of the result. I am a fan of exorcism movies, i have seen a lot of them and this movie is much more interesting from others. So, If you like this kind of horror films it's something you must see.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    While this movie did have a few scary moments (great use of music and film angles to build suspense), it's obvious director Ethan Wiley and scriptwriter Ellary Eddy didn't waste any time researching their subject matter; which also makes me question their claim that the exorcism scenes were overseen by a genuine Catholic bishop.

    Amongst the many inconsistencies:

    * Jacob the Roman Catholic priest, when we first meet him outside the church, is wearing an academic robe over his clericals rather than the typical alb, chasuble or surplice. Academic robes are commonly worn by Protestant ministers in liturgical denominations, not Roman Catholic priests.

    * Jacob the priest quotes some obscure and disturbing scripture about the angels taking up weapons. He attributes it to St. Paul. This verse is not from St. Paul's writings, neither is it in the Bible. I can't even find it in the Gnostic scriptures.

    * Jacob tells his bishop he doesn't believe in demon possession and turns down the request to study exorcism but does a complete 180 (later that same day?) within minutes of talking to possessed Isabelle. Sure, it's possible; but a little unrealistic. See Father Damien as a priest/psychologist in the original THE EXORCIST for a bit more realistic portrayal of a skeptic-turned-believer.

    * Miguel, the former priest turned farmhand, is the first to try an exorcism on Isabelle. He quotes scripture, and she quotes back. He says "I see you know Psalm 65" - she corrects him "that's Psalm 67" - they're both wrong.

    * Miguel, the former priest who just got done performing an exorcism - making the sign of the cross, calling on the name of Christ, applying holy water, etc. - tells Jacob he doesn't believe in church and he doesn't believe in God. (Maybe he's just conflicted?) Jacob enlists him to put on home-made vestments and have another go at it anyway.

    * Miguel, the former ROMAN CATHOLIC priest, crosses himself backwards (or Eastern Orthodox-style). As an Hispanic Roman Catholic who USED to be a priest, he should've crossed himself forehead to sternum, left-side to right side of chest.

    I had to read into the little side stories to get the notion Satan was messing with the whole family, not just Isabelle; but even in the end it was hard to say for sure if anyone was really guilty of the images in their heads or if it was all demonic trickery (except for the sheriff - it's pretty clear he was guilty).

    On the positive side: Isabelle was CREEPY - in my opinion she was the best part of the whole movie and I liked the plot twist with Claire.

    I'm just not sure if the movie was meant to be serious or a spoof.

    Listening to the running commentary with Cameron Daddo and Ethan Wiley, I'm inclined to believe it was a joke.
  • I have watched, over several decades, thousands of motion pictures, have reviewed hundreds -- here and elsewhere. Horror is one of my favourite genres; movies centering on religion/vampires/zombies/ghosts/possession are of particular interest to me, so I was looking forward to this flick, with the enticing artwork cover! Disappointing is the word. There are a few indications that this could have been a film worthy of a 5, 6, or 7 rating, but, unhappily, 2/10 is all I can offer, owing to the many fails in the film. Yes, there are worse movies, but this has to place very low. My advice is not to waste any time at all on this. Best wishes! --->NB: "nickfischer_926" rated this film 10/10 in March 2007, saying "nice movie" I felt suspicious, so checked to see how many movies he'd rated... you guessed it! This is the only one! This follows a standard pattern, whereby truly lousy movies are given very high ratings by a few "reviewers" who have only ever "reviewed" one to five movies! Crew or cast member? A friend? What's the deal, I wonder? Very odd. Oh well! #
  • After their daughter's strange behavior alarms them, the discovery of her demonic possession being the cause of it all sends to parents to a local priest and attempts an exorcism to save her.

    This here turned out to be quite the decent and wholly unoriginal take on the genre. The biggest thing with this one tends to be it's rather blatant and stereotypical use of the genre clichés which are quite apparent simply due to its' placement in the genre. This one really tends to wallow in those stereotypes featuring the sinful priest, the lustful temptress and the servant who's lost his way which all manages to fit into the traditional tropes of the genre. It's all stuff we've seen before and doesn't really alter that much in the way this goes for the traditional stories in these efforts. Where it differs from the norm is the actual exorcism scene itself which is pretty far removed from what usually happens here as this avoids the vomiting and levitation so frequently used in favor of trickery and deception which has quite a nice difference here but showcases another big flaw in that this one being way more talky than anything else. Nothing here really happens as it decides to spell out everything instead of the action route. The back-story for each of the characters and how they come to be stuck in the situation which is really lame and doesn't matter how it affects the action in the film of the film which suffers greatly because of how dull it is through all this talking rather than going for the action. The exorcism scene being such an utter afterthought that it takes up the final fifteen minutes makes this quite a rather unsatisfying effort just for the sheer brevity of it all really hurts this one overall as well as the other flaws within this one. About the only main saving grace for this one is the lead-up to the exorcism as the events themselves are handled well and create a pretty terrifying picture. Otherwise, this one is pretty flawed.

    Rated R: Graphic Language, Violence, Nudity, mild sex scenes and themes of incest.
  • The movie would best be enjoyed by teenagers at a slumber party who like to scare and play tricks on one another. It truly reminds me of the Exorcist except the possessed doesn't float up into the air. The movie does have a few unexpected twists at the end. If you take it for its entertaining value/scaring value, you will go through some popcorn and maybe even want to hold a friends hand. It does have its scary moments. Be at peace with God and watch this movie. I don't know much about possession. All I do know is that this hocus pocus is not to be played with. Remember the movie is fiction and should be viewed as entertainment not as a guide for possession or exorcism.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Blackwater Valley Exorcism is set on a small town ranch where teenager Isabelle (Kristin Erickson) is found wandering around covered in dog's blood. Her parents Ely (Randy Colton) & Blanche (Leslie Fleming-Mitchell) own the ranch & are deeply worried about their daughter, recently she has not been herself & is considered a danger to herself & other's. Ranch hand & ex-priest Miguel (Del Zamora) recognises Isabelle's symptoms as a possible case of possession & when she starts to speak ancient Latin in a strange voice he becomes convinced of it. Blanche calls priest Jacob (Cameron Daddo) who is her other daughter Claire's (Madison Taylor) ex husband to see Isabelle, he confirms Miguel's suspicions & accepts the job of performing the exorcism that will hopefully banish the demon inside Isabelle & an innocent girl free...

    Directed by Ethan Wiley I was sat there in my house in front of my telly watching Blackwater Valley Exorcism & I kept asking the same question over & over again, why do I do it. Why do I keep sitting through all these awful low budget horror films that look like they were shot on a camcorder? Right lets honest about this, Blackwater Valley Exorcism is a complete total & utter unashamed rip-off of The Exorcist (1973) & you literally tick off the major plot points that the two share. There's the possessed teenage girl who starts to get very horny & suggest inappropriate things, the demon that uses past misdemeanour's against other's, the worried parents, the way that the possessed girl is shunned by doctor's, the priest with a troubled past & the possessed girl is tied to her bed amongst other things. I suppose where Blackwater Valley Exorcism is different (other than it's total crap) is that it tries to give all the character's some screen time & tries to get across how the situation is affecting them but it's so badly written & acted it just ends up being boring. The film starts with Isabelle already possessed so we never knew what she was like as a normal person so we never really care about her or what is happening to her either, the rest of the character's are poorly written & fleshed out. At times I wondered whether Blackwater Valley exorcism was a spoof, there's a silly scene in which a vet tries to sedate the possessed Isabelle with horse tranquilisers & after he states that she needs a 'little prick' he enters her room with a huge needle hidden behind his back! There are a few scenes in which people are punched accompanied by a silly comedy sound effect. The film has an uneven tone as a result as it goes between silly spoof & serious horror drama, or it did in my opinion at least.

    According to some text before the opening credits Blackwater Valley Exorcism was based on 'Actual Events', yeah right actual events from 1973 that happened in a film called The Exorcist... This piece of text also states that the exorcism scenes were supervised by a real priest. There isn't even any decent gore or exploitation to liven things up, there's a scene of a cut arm, there's a dead dog, someone is stabbed with a crucifix & that's about it. There's surprisingly no bad language in it either despite the demon trying to be offencive. I would imagine the only reason Blackwater Valley Exorcism has an adult rating is because of one very brief scene in which a pair of breast's are seen. One pair of naked female breast's is not worth the time watching this or the money you might spend on it. There is zero scares, no atmosphere & a really amateurish feel to the whole film too.

    With a supposed budget of about $1,000,000 I must say that I am wondering where all the money went, the film looks ugly & cheap throughout. There are no special effects to speak of & the production values are rock bottom. The acting is very poor from all involved, genre favourite Jeffrey Combs gets near top billing during the opening credits but has nothing more than a cameo in what amounts to about five minutes of screen time. Even he must have feared how bad this was going to be has he hides behind a moustache & a terrible accent, he is better than this.

    Blackwater Valley Exorcism is a complete rip-off of The Exorcist without anything that made that film such a classic & the makers are thirty five years too late anyway. A total turkey from start to finish.
  • As the metaphoric flies fled this steaming watery stool of a film i found myself longing to join them.

    From the opening sentences, you quickly gather that the actors are talentless. The script editor was probably dead and the director should be. To be honest I didn't manage to finish this film because about twenty dismal minutes in the sight of the main actress scuttling across the floor like a Shetland pony that has been shot in the ass was too much for me to stomach.

    I have never, and I mean never, seen a film as sweaty as this one and I watch tons of crap films.

  • kimberly_healy16 March 2007
    I do not agree by no means with remainder. I would say that we have we make with a appreciable film that finally can see also we that we do not also like so much horror films. The direction is very intelligent and escapes a lot from establishing…. I would want to say still that a lot from us we do not have idea from films and however we are critics. All films have a certain subject that from there and beyond is a lot of curious ' we say our which opinion I propose the world it takes this film and him it sees. It will pass very pleasantly his hour. Also I would want to say for the sound. Very good I have good stereo in the house and really sound he was amazing I wish came out more often such films. Thank you
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Warning! I'm going to give a big spoiler so don't read this at all if you don't want to know pretty much the point of this movie. Also if you are a Jeffery Combs fan and are watching in for just that reason only, forget it, DO NOT WATCH THIS! He is in it for a few minutes in the beginning and a blink of an eye at the end. I am all for watching low budget films and stuff (heck I found Chronicles of an Exorcism entertaining) but this film will make you want to pretty much punch the characters or want them to be killed off soon. All the characters are pretty darn shallow and only care about themselves. If they aren't shallow then their dialog is freaking stupid or the character is pretty much almost pointless to even be in there. Also, honestly are you going to put a short satin nighty on your daughter is going to get out of the house to eat a rabbit? Or use to term "a few winks won't hurt" after your daughter has almost just killed you. And not only say that but go put on a satin purple lacy nighty yourself? Really? You have the priest there, the vet, two hired hands both your daughters there even though only one seems to be possessed at the moment and you live in the mountains where it is cold. What woman in her right mind who is suppose to be worried about her daughter is going to dress like that for bed? Any normal person with half a brain would either sleep in her clothes or wear a t-shirt and sweats/spandex to bed. That way if you have to jump out of bed fast to maybe go to the hospital because your daughter is frigged up and hurting people you can just go! I have to get this off my chest too but the sex scene that the Eli (the father) imagined, that is such horrible fake orgasm moan. OMFG! Dude at least dub that with a porn movie moan instead. Those are gosh darn unbelievable too but at least its more real sounding then that! Okay, moving on! There barely seems to really be anyone who honestly cares about whether Isabelle gets through it or not. Yeah, Luke may have said he loved her and blah blah but after the first "exorcism attempted" he gave up. Yeah, he really held on didn't he? Eli is too busy worrying about someone boinking his wife. He freaking made McCall drive them away and then shots McCall and them himself. Yeah, the demon messes with your head and your emotions and apparently it don't take much for any of them. Claire *spoiler* who is the actual one who is possessed and controlling Isabelle obviously doesn't care about any frigging thing but herself. Since she did all that black magic to try and get Jacob back by involving him in the exorcism and whatnot, she don't give a gosh-darn-damn about anyone except for getting the Jacob out of the priesthood so she can boink him. I can understand her wanting to know why he left her after she forgave him for beating her but really? How messed up/selfish do you have to be to keep pursing someone who went into the priesthood to find answers and try to make things/himself better? Yes, he ran away but if you are too freaking dumb to see he did it because he didn't trust himself then maybe you need to step back and not think about yourself. Also the bit where they were making priest clothes for Miguel. Please, that was just down right dumb. Honestly, there was no way in hell they would get the demon of Isabelle without faith. You can spout it out all you want but without faith and without believing in what you are doing and saying it ain't going to work! The whole movies a mess, save yourself the trouble and don't watch it. You can get that time back in your life, or the stupidity out of your head.
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