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30 January 2018 | lor_
Asia Carrera shines once more
With hubby Bud Lee at the helm, Asia Carrera is in good hands for this slight but entertaining vehicle as she plays an art gallery owner dealing with artist Evan Stone, on his best behavior (read: keeping the usual hamminess in check).

Gimmick for the Sin City Ultra production is that Evan paints models having sex, leaving his art and its conception not up to the imagination. This literal mindedness extends to the finished product, which looks more like a rotoscoped photograph than actual artwork.

But due to financial pressures and the coaxing of her partner at the gallery Tina Tyler (I was disappointed that TT only appears in a NonSex Role this time) she courts Stone as a contributor and the title Invitation refers to his rather formal acceptance. However, he also invites her to have sex with him, on the pretense that she must pose and he doesn't have a male model handy so must step into the breach himself. Having recently seen "Phantom Thread" I naturally conjured up Evan Stone in the Daniel Day-Lewis role, not a pleasant mental picture.

It's a quality production up to Lee and Sin City's high standards, and vivacious Asia is a winning presence. Before graduating to superstardom at Wicked Pictures, both Sydnee Steele and Jessica Drake have supporting roles.

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