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  • The team of Nick Orleans and Nicholas Steele cranked out (like clockwork) enviably beautiful porn features for couples at the turn of this century, released by Adam & Eve, which made its name with such product. Recent work by both of them has proved quite disappointing, but "Serenade" is quality.

    Its failing, compared to other classics by them like "Search for the Snow Leopard" and "Garden Party", is minimal plot/dialog. Instead, the story is just folks dreaming and humping, okay entertainment for an hour and a half but far from memorable. With buxom Ashton Moore in the lead it's easy on the eye, especially when the supporting cast supplies talented femmes like Alexandra Nice and Johnni Black.

    The premise of being serenaded while making love, with even Moore at one point pictured pantomiming a flute recital outside the window as a couple humps inside, fit the mystical New Age mood that dominated A & E features at this time, but failed to come alive for me the way an arguably lesser Nicks' pic "Tales from the Pink" did -that movie having a unique charm about it that defies categorization.