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  • Michael Raven is very well known in Adult Cinema for many popular features, especially during his Sin City career. This one is quite intriguing and well-performed by its cast, worthy of resurrection.

    Title refers to a concept that predated theatrical porn films (i.e., pre-1970), when stag films were shown at fraternities and Moose Lodge get-togethers, probably derived from the guys sitting around smoking cigars.

    Here we have a bachelor party for Randy Spears, with the 16mm stag film turning out to be starring his ex-girlfriend, the ultra-busty blonde Zoe. Her character's name is Candy Kiss, probably a reference to Candy Barr, the stripper who is perhaps the most famous "name talent" to appear in the real stag films of yesteryear.

    Raven unfolds the story, written by DCypher, in an interesting non-linear fashion, which makes perfect sense by the climax of the picture. There are many flashbacks, and quite a bit of sexual content featuring both big-name actresses (Sydnee Steele as the bride to be and Jessica Drake) and quality supporting players (April and Gwen Summers). Acting is also fine, and the story is convincingly handled right to the end.