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  • staypuft215 March 2010
    This show is above and beyond what it deserves to be. What ought to be a dumb fun Danny McBride, Will Ferrell produced sports comedy vehicle is in fact a work of television genius.

    I am in love with this show.

    Every slow motion musical moment, every scene filled with such beautiful comedy and affecting drama. It is cast impeccably, each scene judged to perfection, and the score drifts you along, deep under it's trance. Each episode continues on from the last as if it were a 3 hour movie, and this, I feel, is how it is best viewed. I can not rate it highly enough. I only wish I could live forever, perhaps rather sadly in the warm glow of this series. It is an instant favourite.

    If you want your life to be better, watch this show. I only hope there are people out there who can enjoy it on the level that I did.

    Just glorious.
  • Excellent new show . Great acting by McBride. Great job for Will Ferrel.. And I am not even a big Will Ferrel fan. He certainly shines as the architect of this series. This is a fun show and obviously based loosely on fallen Atlanta Braves pitcher John Rocker. A has been , egotistical, arrogant ,horny, foul mouthed clod winds up as a P.E. teacher in a middle school while still yearning the spotlight. Living with his straight laced older brothers family with 3 children. There are so many comedic situations that can arise from this situation. It is just unbelievable how HBO turns in so many top notch, entertaining projects. This show is well acted by all . Watch this and you shall be impressed.
  • all the bad reviews on here are only based on the FIRST episode! That's not enough to review a show, they clearly have an issue with the actors or writers. When i first heard about the show i was very exited, being a fan of will Ferrell and Adam McKay and being newly introduced to Danny McBride in pineapple express, i was thrilled from the start. i watched the first episode premiere and although i was somewhat disappointed i gave it another chance because well, it was the first episode! after the second episode i watched the show every week till it ended, yet i kept playing the images in my head and the quotes and it was even more hilarious. This show really grows on you and you cant help but say one of Kenny Powers' ridiculous quotes to someone even tho they have no idea what you are talking about and you laugh even harder.

    This is a show you can watch alone and still laugh your butt off. This is a show you want everyone you know to know about but secretly want to keep it to yourself. If you haven't seen this show yet you are really missing out on a great show. keep an open mind and enjoy, i know you wont be disappointed
  • jeff-coatney18 February 2009
    The pilot episode was really funny. Danny McBride has that elusive, thoroughly Southern quality of brazenly aggressive, righteous pride that infuses every note. I have met pure examples of the archetype of "Kenny Powers" and while they may be rare, McBride captures the essence honestly and vigorously. The strong cast really elevates a show that could so easily and effortlessly slide into a grating farce. The women in Kenny's life are played with brilliantly understated dignity that is rendered so subtly, so carefully, it turbo-charges the comedy. Katy Mixon's reactions had me howling with laughter. Jennifer Irwin's southern housewife is spot-on with her quiet, tortured expressions that are amazing in their subtlety. Katy and Jennifer coil the show's mainspring so remarkably tight, it explodes when the raucously sexy Sylvia Jefferies and the hilarious Danny McBride pile on. John Hawkes has the hardest job in the cast. Hawkes plays Kenny's older brother Dustin and has to be both dignified and provide some degree of plausibility for Kenny's existence. There is a rich vein of comedy and heartfelt sincerity that lies underneath Kenny and Dustin's relationship and I hope the creators can navigate through it over time as deftly as Hawkes has managed his role in the pilot. The pilot episode seemed effortlessly directed by Jody Hill. Hill let the writing and the performances do the heavy lifting by placing a premium value on subtlety and nuance. For all Kenny's hurricane-like energy to dominate a scene, Hill balances that power by tempering it with the lightest touches from the rest of the cast. I look forward to future episodes, these folks have something indescribably great on their hands.
  • jfgibson733 December 2009
    I don't know how I will feel about this show a year from now, but after having watched all six episodes several times over, I consider it to be one of my favorite series of all time. This was just exactly my sense of humor. In the vein of Bad Santa and its anti-hero Willie, Kenny Powers is an uncompromising mess of a character that seems to say and do the most amusing thing possible in every situation. Not since Owen Wilson broke out with "Bottle Rocket" has there been a performer who can make me laugh by doing so little--it's more about his delivery than the actual material. I am deliberately not discussing any details of the show in case someone wants to discover it for themselves, but if you enjoy either of the two movies I mentioned, or other profanity-laced HBO offerings, such as Entourage (with the equally foul-mouthed Ari Gold), then try some. I think it's worth noting that both Kenny Powers and Ari Gold are both the most quotable TV characters of the decade, and certainly my two favorites.
  • zetes19 April 2009
    The collaborators behind The Foot Fist Way and Observe & Report made this television miniseries for HBO earlier this year. It's very much like their two films, but it's definitely their most satisfying work. That's mostly because it's consistently funny. The films are frequently hilarious, but get bogged down in some heavily dramatic moments. And they also have a lot of jokes that fail. The six episode show plays like a 2 1/2 hour movie, although the individual episodes are very much structured like television. Danny McBride stars as a John Rocker-like former baseball star named Kenny Powers. He came to fame during a World Series final game and was enormously popular. But between his bad behavior and diminishing results, and passing through about ten MLB teams, he's been kicked out and now he's broke. He returns to his North Carolina hometown and shacks up with his brother, who is married with three children. The only job he can get is as a substitute gym teacher at a local middle school (the teacher for whom he is substituting ends up dying at the end of the first episode, allowing him to become a real part of the faculty). Having tasted so much fame, Kenny is not at all happy at where he is landed. In his mind, some light training will get him back into the big leagues. Meanwhile, he can treat everyone around him like crap and pursue his now engaged high school sweetheart, who teaches art at the school. Like the two films, Eastbound and Down mines a very painful existence. It's mean and misanthropic. I learned to see Kenny Powers as a human being, but he sure as Hell is a repugnant one. It's hard to believe that anyone would give this guy the time of day. You'd think the former girlfriend would tell his to screw off, his boss would fire him and even his brother would disown him. Oh well, it's fiction, after all. Not everything has to be believable (unlike Observe & Report, there're no hints that any of the story is taking place within the character's mind). I wish I could come up with some lines from the show to prove how funny it can be, but IMDb is pretty useless so far. I probably wouldn't be able to post them here, anyway. The show is ridiculously profane. Fans generally refer to the protagonist as Kenny "F'ing" Powers (as Kenny Powers often does himself). Will Ferrel appears in a couple of episodes, but his over-the-top style clashes a bit with the more naturalistic style of the show. Craig Robinson also appears, and works a lot better. Besides Jody Hill, art-house (and Pineapple Express) director David Gordon Green directs. I hope Green sticks with comedy at least in half his career. I've never been a fan of his art-house hits (or non-hits; I don't think any of them have been commercially successful), but his comic style works brilliantly.
  • At 19 Kenny Rogers was the best pitcher in Major League Baseball. With endorsement deals galore and a huge fan base, Kenny was on top of the world until his fastball started to lose it's speed and his off field antics got the best of him.

    Now Burnt-out and broke, Kenny is living with his brother in his old hometown. In need of work he takes the gym-teaching job at the local middle school where his high school sweetheart also works. The only person that still believes Kenny can make it back to the majors is Kenny himself, and he will stop at nothing to get back on top.

    Danny McBride is simply and utterly hilarious as Kenny Powers. Doing drugs and swearing like a sailor he perfectly portrays a burnt out, full of himself jackass. McBride previously worked with director Jody Hill on his first film, "The Foot Fist Way" and they team up again for this series bringing us another hilarious comedy. Although McBride shines the supporting cast around him is also good. Re-teaming up with McBride and Hill is Ben Best, the writer of "The Foot Fist Way", who plays Kenny's old friend Clegg who takes part in most of Kenny's shenanigans. His brother played by John Hawkes brings some reality to Kenny's fantasy world of playing baseball again and is the perfect counterpart for his out of control sibling. The supporting cast at the middle school where Kenny works is also suburb. Steve Little, Andrew Daly and Katy Mixon all blend together perfectly with the out of control Kenny, the chemistry is pretty great.

    All in all "East Bound and Down" is a great new series. Although McBride plays an asshole you can't help but feel for Kenny Powers. It's a hilarious comedy with some underlying tones of realism. I completely recommend you watch this amazing new show.
  • mikey_moffatt5 September 2010
    Is Kenny Powers an obnoxious pontificating self-glorifying pri*k? Well yes, and that's what makes the show so enjoyable. The entire premise of the show is fantastic; a washed up, out of shape former ball-player still clings on to his days of glory, refusing to think of himself as anything less than a star athlete. That being said, he still possesses a deadly arm.

    I would say the writing of Jody Hill is among the best of the current comedic script writers. For Eastbound, Jody writes a very plausible scenario and brings life into all of the characters. None of the humour, although vulgar times, is recycled like so many other modern comedies where an interchangeable plot-line is strung together with a bundle of awkward characters who all but fall over their own feet. I find with Eastbound there is a lot originality in the interaction between characters and all of the events that transpire between them. You can find something to laugh at in almost every scene depending on your own interpretation. It really comes down to the little things with Jody Hill, he avoids punch-lines and instead draws his comedy from how an individual(like Kenny Powers) reacts to a situation as his own person, consistently being true to the characters he develops. This is what for me spawns true comedy, not obvious attempts by the writer where characters become overly awkward for the sake of being funny or where there is a sacrifice of individuality altogether allowing all characters to employ the identical kind of humour(Judd Apatow). This for me is why Eastbound is genius, and truly a show with a lot of potential to become a long running HBO hit.
  • Maybe it was the first two episodes - but, I wasn't really hooked by them. I came back to the series - and it turned into one of the funniest series I have ever seen. There are some cameo performances by the likes of Don Johnson, Matthew MaConaughey and Sacha Baron-Cohen. It is ironic that SBC was in this series - as he appeared to do something similar with Brothers Grimsby in a British context, but fell so short, sadly, of the standards achieved in E&D.

    Stick with E&D - it is remarkable - crass, but laugh-out-loud funny and still manages to be endearing. Kenny Powers' utterings are so politically incorrect it is more of a lens on the kind of folk who genuinely come out with such cringe-making observations.

    This series deserves much wider appreciation as it is a stand-out piece of work that amazingly gets better and better./
  • shinnosuke16 March 2009
    If you're looking for the cliché feel good sports movie, this won't be your cup of tea. But if you love Howard Stern and other irreverent comedians and you're sick of the sanitized commercial network shows this is the perfect viewing for any weeknight. It has all the requirements for any sports fan, beer, babes, boobs and plenty of testosterone to pass around. This is a series that Caddyshack should have been as a movie what Bull Durham can never aspire to be. This show is the be all, end all, the ultimate sports comedy that'll keep you coming back for more and itching for more. I can't wait til the DVD comes out, this is the first show EVER where I'd be willing to watch as a marathon, OK I lied, Twilight Zone is up there but this is one of the very few shows I'd watch for marathon viewing
  • This one of the funniest shows that i have seen in a long time. Kenny Powers is what your everyday sports fan wishes he could be, but on steroids...he is 100x crueler than your Apollo Creeds or your Kelly Robinson. I can not say enough about the characters, and how their lives are wrapped and looped around Kenny Mother-Loving Powers. It is a gritty and has a no holds barred style of comedy. I enjoyed every episode. So will you

    I Love this show.

    I think that Danny McBride and his team of writers are geniuses. I truly do. I can not wait until season two.

    a Must see...soon to be a cult classic.
  • Eastbound and Down is a super funk mega tragedy of spectacualrity designed by the Satan of American awesomeness, Kenny Powers lookalike, Danny McBride. Profanity drips out of every one of his pasty pores. He is proud, stupid, and ready to annihilate everything. This show breathes fire into the lunges of a choking victim while simultaneously speaking inappropriately to your children. Eastbound and Diggity is a poop sprinkler of inexcusable and undeniable creativity, spraying in stuttered time across the aluminum paneling on your rented house. This show is funny, brilliant, and it better be making its way into your long-term memory soon!
  • So I decided to watch this show after hearing some mixed things over the past few years. Maybe it was the binge watching, but this show got painfully old fast. The first season was fine, and then seasons two and three kept the same old, boring jokes over and over again. They don't just beat the dead horse; they rip it apart and use the remains in every way imaginable.

    If you love wasted side stories or supporting characters with the same oblivious, narcissistic jokes over-and-over-and-over, then you will love this show. It's not like It's Always Sunny, another show with really unlikable characters, because nothing new and no character development happens (with the exception of Stevie). Oh hey, it looks like Kenny is changing or something is progressing in the storyline. Wait, you mean it isn't because the writers have seriously no clue how to develop a character?

    I think a 4 out of 10 is generous. It's a celebration in egoism, and I'm convinced anyone who can justify anything over a 4 or 5 is either A) a douche who idolizes Kenny or B) a real life Stevie. It rewards awful behavior and in the worst way possible, with the same, long drawn out boring ass story and character. I finished the show just to say I did. I really wish I had just stopped this turd after the first season.
  • Just to tell my story.

    I am not a guy who watches much series, but after coming home from new 5 day party roll suddenly, I found myself in a position where sleeping was no option. Suddenly out of nowhere this strange series came to me in the middle of the night.

    Oh my god! How I can relate to this life, strangely enough! More funnier, real, and more down to the real earth you will never find! This is who we all want to be, not Justin Bieber!

    Be real, men!

    It doesn't get cooler than this!
  • When I was trying to pinpoint what separates E & D from routine, run of the mill comedy, I always came back to two things; the characters and the music. The use of certain tracks over sequences that are often slow motion seems so perfect that it can create any tone the director wishes, whilst still keeping a underlying feeling of comedy. The non-diegetic sound comes to the forefront of your attention, creating so much more meaning than images simply could (although E & B would probably still be funny if watched on mute).

    It could be argued that the tracks are selected with an self-knowing nod, and some possibly are selected to be slightly ironic. However, it is the sense of honesty and at times empathy that allow them to fit in perfectly with the images seen on screen.

    It is easy to concentrate on the quotable one liners and well developed characters when discussing why Eastbound & Down is funny. I would argue however that the way music is used is as important as the previously mentioned criteria.
  • elliotjeory20 September 2018
    One of the funniest shows ever produced by HBO. Danny Mcbride at his best. You have to be a fan of his comedy to like the show as it's all about him. Any fans of Seth Rogen, Jonah Hill etc will enjoy it. It's hilarious, weird and sometimes messed up but it's funny as hell and you should love it.
  • The first season was brilliant. The second season wasn't. The third season was downright bad.

    Danny McBride, who was been annoying in lots of shows, is by far the best part of the show. Katy Mixon as April Buchanon remains as annoying as ever (see Mike and Molly for her current version). Steve Little is just outright awful. Deeply upsetting. Which I know is the point, but he does it too well. The worst character in any show? Possibly.

    All in all, a show that started brilliantly has slowly got worse as time has gone on. Apparently there has been a fourth season picked up by HBO, but I doubt I'll bother watching it.
  • If you're over sensitive or think your poop doesn't smell, you will not like this show.

    Outrageous, brilliant acting, extremely well written storyline.

    You will feel that Kenny Powers is a real person and not some great actor playing him. Bravo Danny. And the entire cast bravo.

    Final episode leaves an opening for another season or 2 and I pray they give it to us.

    I watch this show when I want to laugh and forget bad days.

    Will Farrell is hilarious as always.

    April is beautiful.

    Stevie is creepy as heck but lovable.

    Danny McBride should win some awards for his brilliant acting.

    Great settings.

    Will be sad if show is finished

  • This us one of the funniest shows ever!!!! It's a must see!!! U won't regret it. U prolly will pee yer pants laughing so hard!! I highly suggest watching the whole series. U will get addicted just like I did!!!! 😜 it's not for everyone some people might love it, while some other people might find it offensive, or ridiculous!! Depending on yer own preference. I'll be sad when they stop making the show. If they haven't already!!! Lol I don't even know if they still do film this show. That was soooooo 9 years ago. It's already 2015!!! But I'm sure people will watch the show years from now even. I hope u really do laugh till u get the hiccups.. guaranteed
  • This is one of those shows I didn't find out about until it was well underway. Eastbound and Down is a four season television series that ran on HBO. Major League baseball player, Kenny Powers, returns from major league baseball to his hometown, due to his awful temperament and a waning fast-ball. He then becomes a phys-ed teacher in a middle school and various other things. The series is about the trials a major league player, who's been demoted several times, faces while returning to a small-town mentality. The series is produced by Adam McKay and Will Ferrell. The temperament of Kenny Powers is inspired by former relief pitcher John Rocker and if you love baseball and small towns this series is a must-see. Now I must warn you the humour is completely crude but it's a good series nonetheless. - Asif Zamir
  • Warning: Spoilers
    What makes this show not only good, but absolutely AWESOME!?! Top notch writing, excellent performances, a tongue in cheek attitude the audience can sense and relate to, and the freedom and courage to go where few comedies DARE to travel.

    The writers manage to weave a tale that is absolutely crazy, but at the same time you can sense a method to the madness. They try things few, if any, other shows dare to try, and while not everything works, they get huge laughs other shows can't for fear of the subject matter.

    Danny McBride has one of THE best comedic deliveries of ANY comedic actor. When he says, or does, something completely ludicrous, insane, or ridiculous, he does it with a conviction that would make the audience believe practically anything, and if not, they'd WANT to believe. The dude is funny. Period.

    Each season stands alone, and as a whole, the series will stand the test of time with classics like Python, Seinfeld, and Chappelle.

    Give it a shot, hang on for the ride, enjoy the madness, and be prepared to laugh.
  • Eastbound & Down is a fantastic comedy show with a superb cast, led brilliantly by Danny McBride. The situations & the plots are crazy, but always believable in the realms of TV land, & as we go into the 4th season i can honestly say it is still delivering the goods. The one liners & Kenny Powers whole personality make the show, but the people around him bounce off brilliantly & produce TV gold. If you like something funny & easy to watch & have ever overlooked this because it's about baseball (it isn't really heavily featured), get it watched and i'm sure you won't be disappointed. I'm not sure what the future holds for Eastbound & Down but in it's present format, it could easily run for a few more seasons. !
  • When I think of the absolute best shows ever put on air, I think of names like:

    The X Files The Big Bang Theory Californication Eastbound & Down

    (Yes David d. - we know - you get cast in great roles and pull it off damn well)

    If you don't want to get hooked on following a show, look elsewhere, cuz this is a great f****** show - and this is coming from a guy who writes comedy for funny or die - so yes, I have superb tastes already! Now go pop some popcorn, write "Anchorman 2" on your list of upcoming movies to keep an eye open for, and grab season 1 on this fine piece of programing and EnjoI
  • ljbii21 November 2013
    One of the most uniquely hilarious TV shows I've ever seen. Weird, offensive, sick and yet somehow touching and sweet at times. I had no idea what I was in for going in but I was hooked after episode one. As loathsome and awful as Kenny Powers can be, he's human and has a strange way of worming his way into your heart. Stevie Janowski, Kenny's loyal sidekick, is one of the oddest and most peculiar characters you'll ever encounter. Awesome guest actors including Lily Tomlin, Don Johnson, Will Ferrel among others and all of them hilarious. Not a truly bad episode in the bunch. Highly recommended, for adults only.
  • I believe this to be one of the funniest comedies ever to come out of America. It is written in the style of English comedies where the main character is not a nice person and compares with some of the best programs ever written in the UK like The Office or Alan Partridge.

    The cast is quality and although I feel season 1 is the best, it still maintains it's high levels of cringe, childishness and comic genius throughout the other seasons.

    Danny McBride is hilarious and he somehow makes you warm to his character even though he is one of the most selfish, self-centred and obnoxious people you are ever likely to meet.

    Absolute gold, can't wait for the 4th season.
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