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  • As comedies go this is not bad. It's completely harmless and fine for all ages (altough I'm sure most of the men will enjoy the 'hot carwash' scene best). This story has a number of stereotypical characters; the cowboy who likes the ladies and is a bit smarter than Hammer, who is big, shy and stupid; the tomb-boy automachanic; the strict nun and the girly blonde who likes to shop.

    There are a number of fights which aren't badly done and rather remind me of the old Batman series (Zowie and Kapow!) with a bunches of stuntmen (which I actually prefer to see, now that so many production companies go CG for their stunts). I was dubious in the beginning, but by the time of the fabulous carchase with the little old granny in a car I'm sure she nicked off the set of Fast and Furious, I was hooked. And I did laugh more than once.

    If you get a chance to see it, do.