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  • When their wives have to go visit their mother, brothers-in-law Frederick J. Ireland and Tommy Flynn are jubilant. They phone follies star Nema Catto and say they'll back her next show; come over this evening and we'll sign the contracts.

    However, the sisters discover their is no 5:15 train on the weekend, and Miss Catto's husband is insanely jealous. So when they all show up, this turns into a door-slamming farce, with Ireland and Flynn exchanging kicks in the pants. The cast shows expert timing, aided by undercranking and editing; they were all veterans of Ireland's company; he was styled 'the George M. Cohan of Chicago.' By whom, I don't know. Possibly his publicist.

    In any case, this is a fine two-reel comedy, If you get a chance to see it, don't pass it up!