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Emily Blunt: Lily Houghton



  • Lily Houghton : Haven't you been dreaming about another adventure?

    McGregor Houghton : If I wanted to go to a primitive backwater where I can't understand a word anyone's saying, I'd visit our relatives in Scotland.

  • [approaching waterfall] 

    Lily Houghton : I cannot swim!

    Frank Wolff : You booked a river cruise and you can't swim? The price just went up.

  • Lily Houghton : Aguirre's cartographer certainly was prolific.

    Frank Wolff : He lost his life searching for something that can't be found.

  • Lily Houghton : I'm a little rusty in the Puka Michuna dialect, so I want you to translate what I say, word for word.

    Frank Wolff : Okay.

    Lily Houghton : No, I cannot give you the Arrowhead.

    Frank Wolff : Oh, God. Lily.

    McGregor Houghton : Lily.

    Lily Houghton : Shut up. Just say it. Yes, I have the Arrow that belongs to your people.

    Frank Wolff : [FRANK SPEAKING TUPI]  She's being weird about the Arrowhead.

    Lily Houghton : I will return it.

    Frank Wolff : [SPEAKS TUPI]  She's extremely difficult.

    Lily Houghton : But first I must use it to find the Tears of the Moon.

    Frank Wolff : [SPEAKS TUPI]  It's hard to be around her.

    Lily Houghton : Now, if I die for that, so be it.

    Frank Wolff : [FRANK SPEAKS TUPI]  She doesn't mind if you kill her.

    Lily Houghton : But you must let these two men go free.

    Frank Wolff : [SPEAKS TUPI]  Just don't kill me.

  • [in the middle of a fight with thugs, Lily accidentally punches Frank in the face] 

    Lily Houghton : Oh, God! Sorry, Frank!

    Frank Wolff : [nonplussed]  It's alright. Strong form.

  • Lily Houghton : "We" is an interesting word, Frank, because it sort of implies a bond of trust and honesty. Neither of which you know anything about, because you are a liar, Frank. You are selfish, you are arrogant, and I wouldn't trust you as far as I could throw you, which clearly isn't very far, because you are huge.

  • Lily Houghton : I don't have to know someone to care.

  • [the boat is heading for a waterfall] 

    Frank Wolff : Do you wanna turn back?

    Lily Houghton : Nope, just getting started.

  • Lily Houghton : My name is Dr. Lily Houghton. My brother and I are looking for passage upriver. Legend has it that there is a tree that possesses unparalleled healing power. It will change medicine forever.

  • McGregor Houghton : [submarine surfaces]  Who are those guys?

    Lily Houghton : Oh, my gosh.

    Frank Wolff : The price just went up.

  • Lily Houghton : It's only a scam if you fall for it.

  • Lily Houghton : I consider five thousand real more than adequate.

    Frank Wolff : Ten thousand, I take you there myself. I am my best captain.

    Lily Houghton : Or your most modest. Fine, ten thousand.

    Frank Wolff : Ten thousand to bring you there alive. If I have to bring you back dead, it's fifteen thousand.

    Lily Houghton : Why should I pay more dead?

    Frank Wolff : Dead, I'd have to carry you. That's a lot harder, lady.

    Lily Houghton : Twenty, dead or alive.

    Frank Wolff : Okay, but I get paid in full when we turn back from Lagrimas de Cristal.

    Lily Houghton : Why ever would we be turning back?

    Frank Wolff : Well, you're going to beg me to turn back first sign of the rapids.

    Lily Houghton : Well, I look forward to disappointing you.

    McGregor Houghton : [McGregor and Nilo walk in]  Lily, look who I found at the hotel bar: Mister Nilo.

    Nilo : Buongiorno, signorina.

    McGregor Houghton : He drives a hard bargain, but he met his match with me. Negotiated him down to fifty thousand.

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