Kabir Khan: [to Bindya] There's only room for one bully on this team! And that bully is me.

Kabir Khan: She is only fainted! Not DEAD... Get her out of the field...

[with disbelief]

Kabir Khan: Neither I hear the name of states nor do I see them.I only hear just one name:I-N-D-I-A

[from trailer]

Kabir Khan: This is the story of a team and they're playing for their one and only dream. To win the world cup so you better back up. Cause they're coming on now and they're coming on how. Get out of the way cause they're screaming "Chak De"!

Bindia Naik: [angered that Vidya is the captain... unzips her sweater] What can she offer you that I can't, tell me?

Kabir Khan: [zips her sweater back up] You just answered that question yourself.

Kabir Khan: There are no cowards in Hockey.