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  • I really enjoyed this movie which I saw at the film festival in Montréal. The narrative takes place in Germany but the overall scenario could be applied to any industrial nation. Thematically the movie deals with key issues such as the effects of an aging society and genetic manipulation.

    The director manages to combine profound subject matters with a plot about love and identity. Stylistically the film is coherent with some beautiful camera work and a cool sound design. The ending is disheartening (no happy end) and thought-provoking.

    This movie was a real treat in this year's festival program. I'll look out for more German sci-fi flicks.
  • The Movies narrative follows a similar premise as the Movie Gattaca: The new Society pays great Attention to Heritage, just like the older aristocratic one, but now disguised as science. The price is the freedom of the civil society. The power in Trust Wohltat lies as in Gattaca in the hand of an industrial-medical Complex.

    If we move away the Science Fiction from the Movie, we discover a basic Truth about human Live: Everything a human being is, he owes to his parents and society. The story in Trust Wohltat alienates this common place by removing any love and kindness between the Generations and society regarding the single human Being.

    This artistic Decision makes the Movie a little unrewarding to watch, because there are no likable Protagonists in it (the fewer Words somebody says here, the more likable he or she appears).

    This Criticism aside, it is well pictured and very consequent in its Style and in the Script.