• Michael Radny30 July 2015
    Not Again
    This is RUBBISH! This is hard, horrible and disgustingly dumb. One of the worst TV shows I think I've ever seen. It has no point and no direction, falling flat on its face every time the writer thinks he/she has made something funny; to put it bluntly, it's pure feces. Nothing in this is even giggle worthy let alone laugh out loud whilst wetting yourself rolling on the ground blah blah blah.

    Avoid like the plague. If you touch it, it might infect you, making you dumb and sending your IQ plummeting below 1. Lucky for me, I found a cure; any other TV show. Even watching paint dry is funner than this, this, thisÂ… I'll let you put any word there.
  • Horst in Translation (filmreviews@web.de)13 January 2017
    Pretty decent spoof that is okay for what it is
    Warning: Spoilers
    "Not Another High School Show" is a 22-minute live action short from 2007, so this one has its 10th anniversary this year. It was written by Mike Bender, the man who is mostly known for "Not Another Teen Movie" and you will see the resemblance between this short film here and that one there. It is a spoof yes and several shows about teenage life (especially at school) are taken here and made fun of in a fairly harmless way. This also includes Buffy for example apart from the more general stuff like "Dawson's Creek". I personally enjoyed the watch and while not every joke was a winner, there were enough that were relatively funny. It was a fun watch. Of course, it is very difficult to say if it had worked as a show because at some point you just need to get in individual creativity and not just references about stuff made by others, but there is no need for seeing these 22 minutes from that perspective as they were not picked up for a whole season. So eventually it is what it is and I liked what I saw. It is smart and even creative, which is certainly quite an achievement. Thumbs up.