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  • When I see one of these "all-sex vignettes" Wicked releases by Brad Armstrong, I suspect he's a frustrated would-be music video director, stuck in porn, albeit perhaps porn's most successful director in recent times.

    High-concept project has Temptress as a newcomer to L.A., on a sidewalk bench with her suitcase, checking out the want ads in the newspaper (this is 2000, before apps and smart phones took over).

    So we see six vignettes of her imagining herself in various jobs, all culminating in sex. They're directed like music videos, with very cornball content as she is dressed up like a construction worker, cop, cab driver, etc. TJ Hart (providing anal sex) and Sydnee Steele pop up for variety in her erotic fantasies, and Brad tries for a world record on number of "sex on car hood" scenes in one video.

    My main takeaway from this nothing video is an unfortunate bit of Adult Cinema history: Brad's endless success while his crew member Red Ezra (editor & bts guy on this project) is little-known despite displaying incredible talent in his direction for Wicked and other labels before reverting to just a member of the crew in later years.