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  • Honestly, this was a super touching doc that tugged my tear ducts. For a crew with little to no money on this thing, it looks damn good and really polished and professional looking. To those who put their effort into this film I say: Good job! Great choice of music too, I must say. There are subtitles, not throughout the whole thing, but where they are necessary. I really liked how sensitive the doc is towards the unfortunate family... it's a really complex and tough subject to deal with, but this doc tackles it admirably. I recommend you seek this one out, it is well worth your time. It is currently circulating around the film festival market so check those out, you'll surely find this wonderful 10 minute piece of (digital) film.
  • zoso8_thegreat28 February 2007
    Warning: Spoilers
    If you like independent short films, and/or documentaries, I highly recommend seeing this movie. Despite the fact that tragedies as seen in this film happen, it is really important to send the message out. It is vital that people are reminded about the evil capabilities that corrupt our society.

    It is almost sad to say that murder has become a common thing, but it is possible to battle these problems by invoking fear back into those that create it. By saying that, it is not easy. But as a society, we have to always be wary and have our best means of protection available to every individual.

    This film mainly serves the purpose of exemplifying man's evil at its worst, but also displaying one family's exuberant strength in overcoming this tragedy. In short, you see 2 extremes; the sometimes inexplicable capabilities of humans. Good vs. evil.