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  • Nothing but great things to say about this show. After a bit of a slow start in Series One, Series Two is off to a cracking start - improved pace, improved writing and the actors have clearly settled into their roles.

    In particular, I'd single out Jeremy Lindsay-Taylor (Buffer) and Sacha Burmiester (Nav) for great performance characterisation. The romantic tension between Flynn (Ian Stenlake) and Kate (Lisa McCune) is much more believable this time around.

    There's obviously some suspension of belief required: in the second series at least one crew member gets into an extreme life-threatening situation each episode, and almost everyone on the crew is a heck of a lot prettier than any soldier I've come across, but you take these caveats at the outset and sit down to enjoy the drama.

    One thing that the show could work on is a better calibre of guest actors - while there have been some standouts (well-known actors like Ditch Davey and Alan Dale) there have been a few guests this series that have really let the writing and the regular actors down.

    If you haven't checked out series 2 of Sea Patrol I would highly recommend it.
  • Sea Patrol has its faults - from painfully obvious story lines to some dicey acting - but all in all, I enjoy it and never miss an episode. It's far from realistic but that's actually a good thing, because that's what makes this show so entertaining. And all the characters have their own space to develop through both series, despite some cast changes and questionable acting.

    The ship itself and the locations are the real stars of Sea Patrol, and it's nice to see an Australian show with a half decent budget for once. Nothing beats some local scenery and themes, considering how many overseas shows flood the television market here.

    I love Sea Patrol and I'm certainly going to keep watching.
  • I'm near the end of Season 4 as I write this. My thought is that these folks cannot possibly represent Australia's Navy. More like McHale's Navy. The show started out well in Seasons 1 and 2 and it remains entertaining, but this crew cannot learn from experiences. How many times will you leave a skeleton crew on a suspect vessel only to have them taken prisoner/hostage? How many times will you allow someone to take over your ship? Then there is the over-the-horizon super camera. When someone is SHOOTING at you, don't tell them to drop their gun- shoot back! Then there was the slasher movie episode (S3E8). The review here on it was spot-on. This series has a Lifetime movie-esque quality to it in that someone is always in jeopardy, often a female. I hope Season 5 improves, but I am not holding my breath.
  • In 2007, "Sea Patrol" blasted onto the Channel Nine program. At first I thought that it would definitely not be my thing, and was expecting a boring piece of junk. I was really pleasantly surprised.

    This program has everything you could possibly want: action, drama, romance (if you're into that sort of thing), great writing, and more! It also has a stellar cast including: Lisa McCune, Ian Stenlake, Saskia Burmeister, and Kristian Schmid (of Tomorrow People: New Generation fame).

    If you are looking for Australian drama of exceptional quality, look no further than "Sea Patrol," "Sea Patrol II: The Coup" and "Sea Patrol III: Red Gold."
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Sea Patrol - As I watch the series years after it was broadcast, I find myself searching for life vests for the poor crew of a slow sinking ship. Don't get me wrong, as a former U.S. Navy Veteran, I love anything to do with the sea. However, as the series continues, the plots worsens, sending the once mighty warship deeper into the abyss.

    The captain and crew of the HMAS Hammersley, do their best to keep the ship on course and from sinking into Davy Jones' Locker. Yet, I see the boarding parties as destined to surrender their weapons and fall victim to criminals almost every episode. It is a wonder that many don't get killed by their captors. Maybe, they have the fortune of 007 who is captured by ruthless villains only to cheat death at the last moment. To think that trained members of any military would surrender their sidearms is scary.

    It is too bad that this show was not more like the original Mchale's Navy, based in comedy not "realistic" scenarios. I feel sorry for the actors who must constantly lose the opening battle to criminals, pirates, and other scounderals.

    Being an Old Salt, I watch the show to recapture my love of the sea. However, I must resist the urge to fall prey to sea sickness from bad story lines (I never got sea sick, even in the North Atlantic in winter.)

    Oh well, we can't always have what we desire. At least, it is better than staring at the wall during the COVID-19 Pandemic.
  • After watching season one which was so refreshing to watch because not only Australian but an action drama set in on a navy ship and best of all the cast are all quality actors- which i remember watching Jeremy as Kurt in HeartBreak High! I was so happy to hear nine had comissioned a second series and you can tell that channel nine has put in more money into this show as each episode goes along there's more and more action and not to mention the guest stars like Alan Dale and Ditch Davey among others.

    I've been tuned into every episode so far- which is on the same time as Desperate Housewives which i've dumped cos it's getting tiring- I also look forward to seeing who else makes a guest spot.
  • wimpur30 July 2010
    Over here in the Netherlands this series is behind the decoder. So no Dutch channel airs this show. While zapping I came across it and I got hooked. Of course it is not life in the war zone, but with the general problems: drugs, gunrunning. illegal aliens and all those islands nearby you can do a decent thing. OK, I admit, some episodes are a little obvious and boring but in general it is very watchable. Better than some US series we have over here. The interaction of men and women confined to a ships hull is nicely done and very recognizable. No gunslingers or nautical wonders, but just a group of people doing their daily job on the high seas. Just watched the last episode of season four. Hopefully it ill be continued next season
  • Given that you have to cram a lot more story into a TV show than happens in real life, they did an excellent job here. I relived the smell of hot oil in the engine room and salt spray on the bridge wings in a storm. The smell of coffee on the mid-watch, sunrise on the bridge during the morning watch. It brought back a lot of the best memories, especially in the brief glimpses of the frigates such as I served many years aboard, although the Aussies seem to consider FFGs as the LARGE combatants!

    Small ships have tight crews, and I saw a very realistic portrayal of life aboard a warship (given plot constraints). Second season was much improved over the first in showing realistic chain of command relationships.
  • I'm watching this show after it's had its run through the Australian markets and making its way outward on HULU. It makes me want to see more Australian TV shows. The characters in Sea Patrol are great, and superb acting is the norm. I know to some it seems unrealistic, but of course it should be, as it's a fictional show. Whatever the case, it's very exciting, fun, funny, dramatic, romantic, and though not always heavy on the plot, it's great fun to follow the procedural events and military ventures. I am a military veteran myself though not a sailor, but it seems very real to me, despite the negative reviews that claim the contrary. On a personal level, the characters to me seem very real and remind me of many people that I happened to serve with myself, and some of the best memories of my life. The characters in this show interact so well that at times it's simply a blast to watch. It seemed that the show took somewhat of a hit after Season Three, which is my favorite so far, when it lost the first "Buffer", "Spider", and "Nav",but I still enjoy the show and will watch till the end. I hope to see more excellent Australian shows like this in the future, along with the many British high productions that my wife and I favor over the mindless, trashy junk that predominantly flows out of my own country.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    As a fan of Lisa McCune from her days as "Maggie Doyle" in the mostly excellent 'Blue Heelers' series, I was curious to see what she was like after her extended hiatus from television. There was also the premise, the Australian Navy at work, which shed some interest. So, I started watching.

    I watched the premiere with a dead mind. I didn't want to pick at it and point out all the faults that I could see and, while it had a few problems, it was worth the watch. Thus I have continued to watch each episode since.

    Season 2 has just drawn to a close earlier in the week and I can honestly say I am looking forward to the Season 3 sometime early 2009.


    The show has numerous bad moments, dominantly because of bad script writing. There are occasions where you will just blink, mouth agape and wonder at the intellect of the crew. I will not spoil anything in particular, but there is an episode in the second season where Hammersley was taken over by insurgents which left me far from satisfied. The Captain basically gave the insurgents the ship, made every wrong decision, and yet was commended for his work when the crew finally took back control. It was silly, it was poorly executed, it was the worst episode, and is a perfect example of the poor script writing.

    Lisa McCune's acting, unfortunately, is a little cold. She rarely shows any emotion, despite her character not being cold or calculating in any way, shape or form. In addition, many of the characters are pretty poorly developed.

    Yet, while these aspects are irritating, I continue to watch because the overall story and the episodes do provide me with both interest and satisfaction in the end. It is my sincere hope that the writers will either be fired or improve, as they are the main weakness to the show at present.

    For those who are sick of the American dramas with gunfights and overly high-tech gadgets coming in every other minute, this is certainly something I would recommend. As long as you can persevere on some of the weaker episodes, you will find satisfaction at the end.

    For an Australian drama, now that Blue Heelers has left the air, this is perhaps the best around.
  • xoceandove-7400628 September 2020
    One of the best shows for its time, indeed. A little slow on ship security and too many people had guns that got on board. The relationships were very realistic, as men and women can not contain their impulses. Sad, that Australia missed an opportunity to outsource this show. The cast was brilliant. XO did get on my nerve time to time, she acted dumb. As well as how they would fail time after time to learn from mistakes made. I would revise this show if I was Australia do an remake and sell it abroad as it has wide range appeal, could be a money maker. I am only sad I did not discover this before.
  • My wife and I both enjoy this series about an Australian patrol boat whose crew are called upon to investigate illegal fishing, Mayday calls from civilian boats and a variety of other tasks. The depiction of the crews' duties seems very realistic, but only a real sailor would know for sure.

    The characters are interesting and mostly appealing as individuals. The acting is good although the scripts sometime seem repetitive. My only other quibble is that it gives the impression that the Australian Navy has only one or two ships and no helicopters to assist in critical situations. I hope this is not the case.
  • If they'd worried less about trying to cram a couple of hours' worth of storyline into 43 minutes, but without the necessary money or talent in the effects department, it would have been vastly improved.

    In the same vein as ER, in that it concentrates on a small group of people working together in a fairly confined space, unfortunately it reaches neither the excitement nor personal interest levels achieved at County General.

    There were a few redeeming moments (at least in Seasons 1 and 2 - I have yet to see Season 3).

    You can at least believe that some of the cast could actually handle life on an Australian warship - notably David Lyons (ET), Jeremy Lindsey Taylor (Buffer) and Matthew Holmes (Swain), but I'm afraid the rest of them may have looked more at home in an office, or on the sales floor at a department store.

    From a very shallow point of view, at least David Lyons provided some much needed eye candy, plus a clear indication of the fine actor he was in fact becoming.

    On the whole, though, this series really isn't worth investing much time in.
  • cjmbabsc29 December 2011
    There is so much potential for the television series, "Sea Patrol", that I could almost qualify myself as a fan; almost. But the reality is this show is in desperate need of a Technical Adviser. When I see some of the dumb situations the crew get themselves into and the stupid responses and behavior of the crew, it makes this program seem more like a parody of the series, rather than the series itself.

    To start with, the Captain never leaves the ship, he doesn't go ashore on a mission, and he doesn't relinquish command of his vessel to anyone, at any time during the mission. That's just standard Navy procedure. Unless we can say that Australians are all a bunch of backward dorks, then this program is a poor representation of the Australian Navy. I just refuse to believe the Australian Navy is that poorly run. I've known quite a few Australians and they are a lot more intelligent than this program makes them out to be; making this series a blight on Australians everywhere !
  • jpyetman26 May 2012
    How people are rating this foolishness 10/10 is beyond me, Im guessing they are from Australia and just want to promote this hackery. I just watched a scene where the good guy boarded a bad guys boat and it was just laughable. These boat filled with goodguys are seen a good 20 seconds before reaching the boat they are trying to board. The bad guy grab their machine guys and bumble about and allow the good guys to pull along side, and carefully hop on board, to have some shootout. The way the "director/HACK" allowed this to play out on screen is basically all the bad guys just allowing it to happen when when you watch it you're wondering why didn't the bad guy just mow down the good guys.

    I mean WOW, the actors literally kinda stood their to make sure the other actors got on safely and then played cop n robbers.

    There was one bad guy that was 5 feet and facing the good guy boarders...with a machine gun in hand, in about 3 seconds he coulda killed everyone in the boat trying to board.

    After see this garbage and a few more scenes it was beyond obvious this this show is a step above a 1st year college students effort.

    Anyone who likes this has no taste, expectations or is just completely bias. The Director of this clap trap should be ashamed to allow this garbage to see the light of day. How he can watch certain scenes and not have them re-done properly is just amazing to me.
  • nickapopolis8710 September 2007
    This is just an appalling piece of television. The Nine Network spent some ridiculous amount of money on it too. The premise is great; the adventures of a Royal Australian Navy patrol boat and its crew as they protect Australia's north. How they could get it so wrong is anybody's guess.

    The writing is despicable. It is hackneyed and trite and the dialogue is so forced and banal. It is as subtle as a brick to the head (which would be more pleasant than watching this), and lacks any wit or sparkle. Story lines go overboard at a rate of knots. There is absolutely no suspense AT ALL, which is no mean feat. The acting is just deplorable. Lisa McCune heads the team, a woman so wooden the Tasmanians want to pulp her. She did her best work on the Coles ads. The rest are just shocking. The editing is non existent and the cinematography is as basic as I Love Lucy. The music is sickeningly cheap. It is worse than the 1960s Star Trek Original Series fare. And the sound effects, oh my lord!

    It is a worrying indictment on the sorry state of affairs at the Nine Network. I have read that only 1 person in the executive team has any TV experience, and it is minimal at that. It shows.

    What is perhaps more worrying is that this reprehensible creation has been sold to many other countries! This is not an image we want to send out. It has also been renewed for a 2nd season! God help us!

    For an example of pure excellence in Australian TV, the equal of any American or British production, see Seven's City Homicide.
  • A large amount of the funding for Sea Patrol comes from the RAN, who in turn took their cut from many tens of millions given to the ADF under the Howard Government to "promote" the armed forces. In return for putting up the money, RAN reportedly have a fair amount of say in the scripts.

    Nine made Blue Heelers the same way (with the NSW Police Media Liaison Unit having final veto over the scripts). It means they aren't paying all the bills, but it also means the primary purpose of the show is not to provide quality entertainment. The result is a show with poor quality stories and acting. Visually it is very good, but it has no substance. It features a cast of well known faces playing the same kinds of roles they've been playing for years. They have no real emotional investment in their characters and it shows.

    The execs involved are happy to let all this slide because none of it matters. There is one purpose only to Sea Patrol, and that is to make life in the Navy look exciting and attractive to impressionable youngsters so they are more likely to join up when they're old enough.

    There's enough rubbish on TV. It saddens me that creative options are foregone in favour of what amounts merely to government advertising.
  • Totally ridiculous and contrary to reality show. You have a multi million dollar state of the art warship given to a bunch of dimwit cowards under the command of a completely useless moron who doesnt know jack about fighting. They always run away like little mice even when confronted by a bunch of rag tag dinghy. The sailors are complete stupid morons who find themselves in stupid situations. Oh, by the way they give away their guns to the enemy like candy. Even a child will put up a fight if you try to snatch her candy. But these morons just surrender their guns and themselves to the enemy without even putting up a fight. What a joke. I dont understand how the Australian navy has endorsed such a cowardly portrayal of themselves in this show. Its just utter stupidity. If the real Australian navy is anywhere near as shown in this show, then god save the people of Australia.

    Edit: I dont know what the writers of this show have against the Australian Navy to show them in such an incompetent, cowardly and idiotic manner. I dont understand how such a show was allowed to run for 6 seasons.

    Even a tourist cruise ship would have better security than this warship. Even in a cruise ship, tourists would not be allowed in sensitive areas. But in this warship apparently anyone can get whole tour of the engine room, navigational system, weapons firing mechanisms and such; everything required to sabotage the ship. I mean how gullible the writer make the Australian Navy to be.

    Oh and dont get me started on their hand to hand combat skills. Even untrained school children fight better than these dimwits. Even a bunch of these dimwits cant capture 1 enemy. How pathetic is that.

    The American TV shows have ridiculously trigger happy protagonists which may be sometimes sickening. But this show is the straight opposite. They dont fire their guns even if the enemy is firing at them. So why not instead of giving warnings, just pull the trigger for a change and do something interesting. This is even more frustrating.
  • Here I am in the USA in 2020, & despite so many other reviews (& I tend to agree with most -- the good, and the bad) feeling compelled to write my own review. I stumbled across the series on Amazon Prime just a few weeks ago, being somewhat intrigued because I'm interested in military stuff, and as a youth, I lived in Australia for about a year. The first one or two episodes were kind of slow, but I was fascinated by the show obviously having access to a modern Australian Navy Frigate or Patrol Boat, and the Australian accents and various coast/ocean shots made me nostalgic for Australia.

    Over the past two months, I've watched all the episodes except the last couple, and absolutely, the plot lines have gotten somewhat stale & some of the tactics shown seem more like they're for the United Nations than the Australian Navy. I don't appreciate some of the political-correctness preaching either (illegal immigrants & fishing), but what's kept me enthralled is the plot lines between the people, and the the appreciation for a a show that can be popular, without having to resort to very graphic violence or sex, like most American shows have resorted to.

    Feels weird to be so engrossed in the show & characters, knowing that what I'm watching is from 10+ years ago, and I know I'm going to be going through withdrawals in a few days, when I end up watching the final episode of the series.
  • I watch this show, and I want to like it, but the constant incompetence of the crew is staggering. Maybe I'm missing the point of the show to be more like Soap Opera than not, but it is hard to see a Military Boarding party armed with only pistols and shotguns (Apparently on purpose) constantly going against criminals armed with Automatic Weapons. I mean, are Auto Weaposn banned in the Australian Military or something? I just don't get it. Along with many other things that just don't make sense to me.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    The only reason that I do not give it 10 stars is that most of the episodes they fall prey to criminals, smugglers and trafficking. The ship is taken over by them or held hostage. The crew are armed with pistols and a couple of SBR. They never use their main gun to try to sink enemy vessels. It always use as a warming shot only. Their ship can be taken over by one individual and the Captain of the ship does nothing but fall victim to the demands made. Remember this is a Australia warship! In real life, the Captain would sink the ship before turn it over to an enemy!
  • badonharley119 August 2020
    This is a good series, but after a while you get tired of Nikki as shes disrespectful to anyone who's below her rank. After the 1st two series it starts looking like McHales Navy.
  • Marvel at the visuals. Empathise with the crew in crisis. Gasp at the sheer density of wooden performances. How else could this wreck keep afloat? Lisa McCunes tears are so forced you might believe its a medical problem. The interiors scenes have more beige than a photocopier room. And the team has enough individuality that if combined would almost rival that of Lisa's Coles ad persona.

    Nine orders full steam ahead to return the Aussie cultural cringe which drifted out to sea in the recent history wars. Something that the crazy New Zealand fishing show pushed back out to sea.

    You know I wouldn't want do add to this disgrace except that the comment lines force me. If you are watching this dross, consider your motivation. Following this episode was CSI:New York. An interesting, if far fetched Sci-Fi take on fast cars and high society. And then came the Comedy Festival Gala. This review is anemic, and the CSI was cheesy... but Sea Patrol sucks just a little bit more.
  • jdonalds-523 November 2014
    Update October 9, 2015 I find myself watching the whole series for the 3rd time. I've thought about what draws me to this show. Is it the music, the fact that it is ship/water based, plots, characters, direction? I've concluded it is a mix of those things and more.

    As for plots every episode is weak, but I don't care. This show is quite similar to JAG in that it isn't so much about the story but more about the characters. The plot is just there to give a background for character interaction. Like JAG there are several characters in each episode. But more than JAG, the broader set of characters on Sea Patrol are compacted onto the ship and there is quite a bit more character interaction.

    Don't get me wrong. This isn't a serious show, it's not a comedy, but it is quite light hearted and even a bit simple. Characters do come close to death, fall off cliffs, get shot, and more. Unless they are trying to move an actor off the show the characters all survive. To me it's a perfect mix for a show of this genre.

    I was in the US Navy and the ocean got into my blood. That has a lot to do with the attraction of this show for me. For those who give this 1 star remember it isn't a documentary, it's entertainment. It's all for fun and light hearted.

    Original Review:

    I understand this show ended in 2011. I just stumbled on it on HULU in 2014.

    I preface my comments by saying that I was in the U.S. Navy so a show that involves ships is interesting to me. Also I like most TV series that have to do with the good guys vs the bad guys, and the good guys winning.

    Sea Patrol is really holding my interest, although I give it 7 stars, not 10. At least 2 of those stars is simply because I'm enjoying it and will continue from where I am, at the middle of season 3, until I binge watch the whole series. I'm sure I'll be sad once I reach the end and watch the last episode. It would suit me just fine if there was another show like it in the future.

    The casting was great, acting is fine, story lines are good. The only fault I can find is the direction. The romance adds a lot to the show too. I really like the two ships used and the RHIB boats (I own a jet boat and the RHIBs are jet boats too).

    The director could have paid a lot more attention to some of the details which are so obvious it detracts from the episodes. For example in one episode some divers seemed to have traveled much further on their boat in 12 hours than would seem reasonable. Also the ship seems to steam (a nautical term even if the boat isn't on steam power) at very fast speed most of the time; it's either stopped, or going max speed in the overhead shots. From my time in the Navy and with my own boats it is just way too expensive in fuel consumption to go that fast all the time. Yes they say they are "increasing" speed to something faster, even max, but it seems like bow shots and overhead shots are almost all filmed at max speed.

    In spite of things like that the show is light, fun, and entertaining.

    I recommend it to anyone who's looking for something light to watch in this genre.
  • If I was in the Australian Navy I'd be disappointed in this show. Or if they are truly this inept it won't be long till their country gets invaded. Idle threats, repeated mistakes, lots of shooting and lots of missing. Spider can shoot a boat engine at 100 yards away but no one can hit the side of a barn. My 12 year old daughter shoots better then any of them jeez. Feel sorry for the actors. I really wanted to like this series but couldn't.
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