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  • Warning: Spoilers
    The Women In Prison genre is pretty strict. If you've seen one of these movies, you pretty much know what you're going to get any time you watch another. Sugar Boxx seems to be intended as a bit of a throwback, kind of like the Grindhouse double feature--a retro minded film paying tribute to 70's era exploitation.

    Set in Florida, it involves a reporter going undercover to expose conditions in a corrupt women's prison camp. The reporter sees pretty much all the things you expect her to see in this situation. She makes it out, but her evidence isn't enough to convict anyone. So she breaks back in with the help of several ex-inmates and some guards, and they kill off the corrupt staff.

    Overlooking the usual low budget limitations, I didn't find this movie especially entertaining. It moved along briskly enough that I was able to stay with it, but didn't really enjoy it. It was just there.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    This movie should only be watched if you want to see bare breast. Otherwise, do not waste your time. Most of the women filmed are hard on the eyes. Very realistic as prisoners. That is the only thing realistic about this movie... It looks like it was put together and filmed by teens with a camcorder. The gate into the prison is actually a gate to a goat farm with a paper prison sign. The goats are even filmed. It is a prison in the woods with tents and a wood shed in the weeds for solitary confinement. Sprayed with a spray bottle by a picnic table to get the lice off. Really? No fences, no buildings, but a beach house and pool for the women who agree to prostitute for the warden. The acting and lines are so bad it is actually comical. For the most part it is kinda pathetic...It should only be viewed by someone who does not care about story-line, plot, setting, theme, realism, and acting. If you want lesbians and naked chicks though,you will find it here.
  • Scarecrow-8817 September 2010
    Warning: Spoilers
    Director Cody Jarrett's homage to Jack Hill's women-in-prison exploitation flicks(it even features Hill in a cameo as a corrupt judge!)concerns a news journalist going undercover to undermine/shakedown a prostitution ring headed by an evil warden and her guards, using inmates as hookers to wealthy clientèle. Aunt Irene(Jacqueline Scott)calls up news reporter Valerie March(Geneviere Anderson), known for her crusades against those in power positions using their authority to commit criminal acts. Irene's niece, Cheryl Jean(Jayme Rhae Edwards), was arrested for prostitution(not a crime which warrants an excessive prison term)and she desires for Valerie to help save her. Valerie beckons her publisher to allow her the opportunity to assume the identity of hooker named Angel, and while clashing with certain inmates, she does, albeit not without some initial resistance, befriend a prostitute named Loretta(Thela Brown; an obvious Pam Grier imitation), a tough-talking sista with attitude who fires back at anyone who raises her ire. When her plans of rescuing Cheryl(and taking down the prison camp)backfires, Valerie decides to take matters into her own hands, instigating a prison revolt and violently resolving her issues with all those behind the abuse of authority which had even resulted in the rape and murder of inmates. Darin Cooper is Captain Greene, over the security guards, who basks in treating the prisoners with cruelty, besmirching the women with vile comments, while his equally repellent boss, Warden Beverly Buckner(Linda Dona)imbues her employees with the ability to do whatever they so desire. SUGAR BOXX caters to a devoted crowd who like films about foul-mouthed women rising up against the despicable cretins who hold power over them, enjoying a steady diet of sleaze and vulgarity(the violence isn't particularly graphic, although the retribution is satisfying because the villains are so repulsive). Lots of nudity and sexually explicit dialogue. The movie looks like it cost about 10 bucks and some change, so don't expect a heavily budgeted affair. Anderson, in "hooker garb" wielding a whip and sword, is quite a distinctive image.
  • How do you have a women in prison film without showing the prison? The budget should have covered that at least!
  • Paul_Keen2 December 2018
    Supreme tribute to women in prison films. Every scenario from the genre is honoured here. Right down to soundtrack. A must view for exploitation fans!
  • The piece of crap was obviously filmed in southern california ... you won't find mountains or sage brush in south florida ... some of the prison guards wore shoulder patches from volusia county corrections bureau which is near daytona beach florida ... i did see a road sign that was filmed in florida ... it said indiantown 8 miles okeechobee 36 miles but that's as close you'll get ... i guess the audience would miss important details because they are kept busy looking at t&a