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  • They have awesome chemistry! IMO American Heiress is a winner. I love how JD doesn't take Elizabeth's crap. She is spoil, but, she has a good heart. You can tell because, after the plane crash.... The first thing, she tried to do was make sure JD was okay.. Not only that, she saved his life. (Then she saved her luggage- lol) JD is hard on her, rightfully so, but he is a good guy. Love how, he held back from telling her about her father, being in the hospital. (He saw how it would break her heart) I look forward to watching their relationship progress.Oh and Kudos to the guy portraying Elizabeth's father (JohnA)-- He is an AMAZING actor! :):):):):)
  • I can't find this show on cable anymore. I live in Michigan - used to be aired on Wednesday on WMYDT - channel 20 (OR 206 HDTV) on WOW cable. We have it set on our DVR and it seems to have disappeared. Does anyone out there know if this show was just dropped? I'm really disappointed, it was a good show and I wanted to see it to it's conclusion.

    I see that I need to write ten lines of text to get this posted, so let me just reiterate that I really liked this show, the plot, the twists, and the wife who played in the 80's movie "The Black Widow", seems to be cut out for those kind of parts. I wanted to see the sister that was raped team up with her evil mother to give that guy what he had coming to him.

    Anyone that can help me?