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  • Warning: Spoilers
    Where to begin with Hamlet A.D.D.? It's a "fun" and "creative" romp through the arguable workhorse of the Bard's writings, done intentionally in a low-budget, bad-acting way that simultaneously seems to include players like Jorge and Youtube celebrities "hilariously" underacting against a green-screen cartoon world which transitions from the year 1601 to the end of the universe and back again.

    This might seem like a new splash of color on Hamlet, and especially needed in the Youtube and Vine era, but it falls short on many levels. Let me stress this: The acting, writing and jokes are TERRIBLE. While this is acceptable for other "cult" films, like The Room or Rocky Horror, it differs in that it was done intentionally; everything was budget-cut, from the awful acting to the boring camera-work to the terrible 3D backgrounds and bubble-fish. Also, fart jokes are funny maybe once or twice, but they popped up far more often than I felt was appropriate, and with no thought to comedic timing. It feels like they just got lazy and slapped a bunch of elements of cult films and Internet memes together, with no attention paid to composition, theatricality or originality.