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  • Watching a few pictures of Victoria and her web cam videos aroused me easily but at the end, i don't keep her among my 69 vixens. Victoria is what I called an instant hard-on: the instant you see her nude, you feel a great urge. It's funny but I prefer brunettes and small tits but Victoria is among the handful of busty blonds (as Jenna Jameson #56) who definitely are over the top! I don't exactly remember how I noticed her but I'm pretty sure it was with a pictorial: maybe the Mac&Bumble one with the sheer gown, or the Suze Randall. In all cases, she has worked with best (penthouse, earl miller, DDG) and her own website Planetvictoria was full of content! But even the good things have an end and if her adult work with her sister (!) and mother (!!) started to stop me, she quickly became ugly: Just take a look at her later and you will be surprised!

    However, this movie is just great: Victoria plays the mistress and Femdom just adds to the pleasure all the more that it seems natural for her. Sure, face-sitting is really a bizarre (and not my...) taste but I really wish I was her partner. The video is just a poor production with a static camera and nonetheless, it's thousand times more sexy than the Vivid or Blake movies: it's simple, it's real and it's focused on what happens! Finally, I can't say if Victoria was happy to shoot videos as trashy because at one time, she was a famous Pet and Playmate (few girls have done it) and it's a mystery how she could find to this kind of production!