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  • There are lots of extremely good-looking people in this movie. That's probably the best thing about it. Perhaps that even makes it worth watching.

    "Loaded" tells the story of Tristan Price (Jesse Metcalfe), a young man who's about to make his mark on the world. He's the son of a well-to-do family with a good reputation, and he's on his way to law school. But like so many such settings, things aren't quite as perfect as they appear. The expectations in this family far outweigh the love. Except for school, Tristan's father rarely lets him leave the house. This seems to be the result of some past traumatic event that shook the family, which is partially revealed through flashbacks but isn't spelled out until the very end. Tristan's claustrophobic environment causes him to let loose in very extreme ways at the first possible opportunity, when his friends take him out to a strip club to celebrate his graduation. The celebration soon follows some strippers back to a beach house party, and from there, Tristan befriends Sebastian Cole (Corey Large), who pulls him into a drug dealing underworld.

    While technically well-made, this movie suffers from a lackluster script and a storyline that isn't very engaging. Also counting against this film are some constant camera tricks that generally seemed annoying and out-of-place, such as slow-motion, fast-motion, freeze-frames and echos. These are the types of effects a director might normally utilize to show a character's perspective while on drugs, except in this case they seem to have been sporadically tossed in at random points, in some cheap attempt at style.

    Despite its cast of relative unknowns, performances were good all around, most notably with respect to the main antagonist (Corey Large). I suspect we'll be seeing at least a couple of these people in bigger and better projects in the future.

    Of course, when mentioning the actors, I must mention their looks. Rating based on hotness, this movies scores an 11. The women in this movie are incredible-looking and almost distract you from what a boring movie you're watching. I'm sure the male characters are also quite attractive, but you'll have to ask someone else to comment on that.

    Overall, I can't recommend this movie, not for buying, renting, or even seeing for free. It's unfortunately just not worth the effort it takes to sit through.
  • oddlaww26 August 2008
    This is it. This is the one. This is the worst movie ever made. Ever. It beats everything. I have never seen worse. Retire the trophy and give it to these people.....there's just no comparison.

    Even three days after watching this (for some reason I still don't know why) I cannot believe how insanely horrific this movie is/was. Its so bad. So far from anything that could be considered a movie, a story or anything that should have ever been created and brought into our existence.

    This made me question whether or not humans are truly put on this earth to do good. It made me feel disgusted with ourselves and our progress as a species in this universe. This type of movie sincerely hurts us as a society. We should be ashamed. I really cannot emphasize that our global responsibility as people living here and creating art, is that we need to prevent the creation of these gross distortions of our reality for our own good. It's an embarrassment. I don't know how on earth any of these actors, writers, or the director of this film sleeps at night knowing that they had a role in making "Loaded". I don't know what type of disgusting monsters enjoy watching these types of movies.

    That being said, I love a good "bad" movie. I love Shark Attack 3, I love Bad Taste, they are HILARIOUS. I tell all my friends to see them because they are "bad".

    But this.......this crosses the line of "bad" into a whole new dimension. This is awkward bad. This is the bad where you know everything that is going to happen, every line, every action, every death, every sequence BEFORE they happen; and not just like a second or two before, I mean like, after watching the first 5 minutes before.

    Every cheesy editing "effect" is shamelessly used over and over again to a sickening point. I really never want to see the "shaky" camera "drug buzz rush" effect or jump cuts or swerve cuts or ANY FANCY CUT EVER AGAIN EVER. This is meticulously boring, repetitive and just tortures the audience.

    But.......and let me be specific here, the most DISTURBING thing about this movie is that given the production, it appears that a somewhat decent amount of money was actually put into this excrement. I personally will grab the shoulders of the director if I ever see him and shake him into submission, demanding that he run home and swallow two-gallons of Drain-O or I will do it for him.

    If we ever needed a new form of inhumane torture for our war prisoners abroad, just keep showing them this movie in a padded cell over and over again. Trust me, I think they will become more extravagant with suicide methods after the 72nd time of sitting through this.

    Stop these movies, they are just the most vile of all facets of our society. Please. Stop. NOW.
  • There are times when finishing a film one wishes to have a refund for the time just spent. This was one of those times. I almost gave up with only 15 minutes left to endure... and I wish I had...

    The pace that a man goes from a straight-laced, controlled life to one of complete spinelessness and irresponsibility could never be this rapid.

    From a graduation celebration to the predictable ending Tristan Price (Jesse Metcalfe) man of privilege and culture allows himself to be seduced by a woman, by violence, and by mind altering substances. Of course, the woman part is understandable when observing the talents of the beautiful April (Nathalie Kelley). But the in for a penny in for a pound aspect of the drugs, violence and dedication to a person he has just met is impossible to understand.

    Frankly, besides being able to stare at Nathalie Kelley and Monica Keena, this film has no redeeming qualities. Save your money, save your time... do anything else...
  • wev56713 December 2008
    Weak plot, predictable violence, only semi interesting characters. Like the writer (also one of the stars?) was fictionalizing his own screw ups and added an incredulous fantasies of drugs and murder to make it "hot". From the predictable rap and house soundtrack, to the family conflicts, it's poorly acted, stereotypical, and ultimately terribly boring. Even the title has been done before - IMDb lists FIVE movies with the same name released in 2007-2008!!

    Note: Saw it on Showtime, which listed the synopsis for one of the other movies. Was halfway thru before I realized no one was an undercover cop. Even tho another stereotype, would have made it interesting if it happened.
  • This is one of the dumbest films, I've ever seen. It rips off nearly ever type of thriller and manages to make a mess of them all.

    There's not a single good line or character in the whole mess. If there was a plot, it was an afterthought and as far as acting goes, there's nothing good to say so Ill say nothing. I honestly cant understand how this type of nonsense gets produced and actually released, does somebody somewhere not at some stage think, 'Oh my god this really is a load of shite' and call it a day. Its crap like this that has people downloading illegally, the trailer looks like a completely different film, at least if you have download it, you haven't wasted your time or money Don't waste your time, this is painful.
  • jasonpet4 April 2008
    This is no art-house film, it's mainstream entertainment.

    Lot's of beautiful people, t&a, and action. I found it very entertaining. It's not supposed to be intellectually stimulating, it's a fun film to watch! Jesse and Chace are funny too, which is just gravy. Definitely worth a rental.

    So in summary, I'd recommend checking it out for a little Friday night entertainment with the boys or even your girl (if she likes to see other girls get it on!)

    The villains are good too. Vinnie, Corey Large, the hatian guy from Heroes. Very nasty villains.
  • steines29 November 2008
    Warning: Spoilers
    All I could think of while watching this movie was B-grade slop. Many have spoken about it's redeeming quality is how this film portrays such a realistic representation of the effects of drugs and an individual and their subsequent spiral into a self perpetuation state of unfortunate events. Yet really, the techniques used (as many have already mentioned) were overused and thus unconvincing and irrelevant to the film as a whole.

    As far as the plot is concerned, it was lacklustre, unimaginative, implausible and convoluted. You can read most other reports on this film and they will say pretty much the same as I would.

    Granted some of the actors and actresses are attractive but when confronted with such boring action... looks can only carry a film so far. The action is poor and intermittent: a few punches thrown here and there, and a final gunfight towards the end. Nothing really to write home about.

    As others have said, 'BAD' movies are great to watch for the very reason that they are 'bad', you revel in that fact. This film, however, is a void. It's nothing.

    Furthermore, if one is really in need of an educational movie to scare people away from drug use then I would seriously recommend any number of other movies out there that board such issues in a much more effective way. 'Requiem For A Dream', 'Trainspotting', 'Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas' and 'Candy' are just a few examples. Though one should also check out some more lighthearted films on the same subject like 'Go' (overall, both serious and funny) and 'Halfbaked'.

    On a final note, the one possibly redeeming line in this movie, delivered by Vinnie Jones was stolen from 'Lock, Stock and Two Smokling Barrels'. To think that a bit of that great movie has been tainted by 'Loaded' is vile.

    Overall, I strongly suggest that you save you money and your time by NOT seeing this movie.
  • premasok2 December 2008
    From the beginning of the movie, it gives the feeling the director is trying to portray something, what I mean to say that instead of the story dictating the style in which the movie should be made, he has gone in the opposite way, he had a type of move that he wanted to make, and wrote a story to suite it. And he has failed in it very badly. I guess he was trying to make a stylish movie. Any way I think this movie is a total waste of time and effort. In the credit of the director, he knows the media that he is working with, what I am trying to say is I have seen worst movies than this. Here at least the director knows to maintain the continuity in the movie. And the actors also have given a decent performance.
  • vsdennis27 June 2008
    Warning: Spoilers
    If you look at Corey Large's information here on IMDb, apparently there's a movie called "Reload" in production (as of June '08) in which he's playing a character named Sebastian Cole.

    First of all, how does such a crappy movie ever earn a sequel ... and second, didn't Sebastian get killed at the end of "Loaded"?

    I watched this in the wee hours of the morning when I was battling insomnia, and so I was drifting in and out while it was on. I'm sure I missed some plot points, but overall, it seemed really weak. Large's performance was (for me) one of the stronger parts of the film. I'm also a bit surprised at all the people commenting on the beautiful girls, since I thought the actress playing Brooke was pretty, but not exceptional.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    The trailer that I saw on Youtube made it look horrible. The movie wasn't really bad but it lacked...something, I mean I honestly only watched this movie for Chace Crawford but the movie confused me. There were so many lose ends that weren't tied up, the ending was horrible and I just wanted to slap the writer of this movie. Whoever he is, just like the writer for Eragon, should be fired.

    The characters were undeveloped, I personally hated the character of Tristan, he made me mad, he was stupid and he was supposed to be a BIG BROTHER but Hayden was more a big brother than Tristan and he was the younger one. The scene that he did with Jesse when Hayden was telling Tristan what he thought of problems was a good scene but he gets punched in the face for telling it like it is? Ugh... boys.

    Ohhhh and don't even get me started on the scene where Hayden gets beat up (Yes I pretty much scanned the movie for more Chace scenes since those were the ones worth watching) Hayden gets beat up and put in the hospital and for what? Because he made out with a girl who clearly didn't want to be there anymore? More could have happened with that whole thing, Tristan sees him in the hospital and now he wants to get Sebastian back? At first I thought they were gonna kidnap him and use him against Tristan like they were basically doing but I guess I was wrong, but if they did it like that THEN the movie would have had some kind of plot. But... we never know what happens to him... he just stays in the hospital, I would have rather watched what happened to him then see Tristan go on a rampage.

    I wish that April girl would have gotten a life, it was clear she didn't like him like that, guess he was just too drugged up to tell.

    Ugh...I don't know, there just could have been more to this movie then there was. Tristan shouldn't have shot Sebastian... movie was just way to rushed. All that crap in the beginning should have been cut out, if Hayden was going to get beat up they should have done more than just put him in the hospital because now they can REALLY frame Tristan. I don't know...I don't really recommend it but if you want to watch Chace Crawford then watch it.
  • chakukan24 November 2017
    Warning: Spoilers
    Sometimes I wish there were numbers lower the one to truly identify the tenacity of a terrible film. I really question how it got such a high mark of 4.7?? A higher tolerance to pain perhaps? I long for those things I could have done instead of such wasted time... Picking up dog poop in the park, cleaning a toilet, root canal, getting a head start on my taxes.... all entirely better than this film, sigh...
  • the reason i picked up this movie is because a movie rental place was shutting down right by my house and loving movies i cleaned out that place and this film was one of the many movies that i never heard of but knew the actors in it. i picked up this movie almost two years ago and i finally watched it for the first time last night. kind of wished that waited longer.

    for beginners the acting is not the most experienced nor good, i really don't like Jesse metcalfe that much. he was okay in a couple other movies but he is just a face that women like. us guys do the same for Megan fox so its understandable. but when you have a movie you'll like to have some acting and not rely on the look of somebody.

    despite the fact of pretty bad casting, i mean all you have to do is look at the back cover of the DVD and it says hottie Jesse Metcalfe, from there i knew i was making a mistake. the action wasn't that terrible nor that good but it was passable.

    Corey Large is suppose to be charismatic but that only last for like the first two minutes he is on screen than after that its like a robotic performance, just not that strong granted he is better than Metcalfe.

    i will give the movie credit for casting good looking people and the women are hot. its a film full of eye candy for everybody but thats all. the only reason i give it 4 stars is because the little time Vinnie Jones is it was enjoyable and it was a movie that didn't hold back. just not a great story, not good acting, sub-par action. i like the title of the movie though, its pretty cool and the opening credits had a really awesome thing going, it was a little cheesy but it was fun. i would rather watch alpha dog with Justin Timberlake than this. not the same story just in a little way it reminded me of alpha dog.
  • alan8613 February 2009
    This film had a lot of promise, and the plot was relatively interesting, however the actors, director and editors seriously let this film down.

    I feel bad for the writers, it could have been good. The acting is wooden, very few of the characters are believable.

    Who ever edited this clearly just learnt some new edit techniques and wanted to splash them all over the film. There are lots of quick 'flashy' edits in almost every scene, which are clearly meant to be symbolic but just end up as annoying.

    I wanted to like this film and expected there to be a decent resolution to the breakdown of equilibrium but alas no, it left me feeling like I'd wasted my time and the film makers had wasted their money.
  • ssmksi15 May 2008
    Warning: Spoilers
    To be honest, I had no idea what this movie was about when I started it. That's how I watch movies whenever possible. No preconception. I thought this was going to be a movie about stoners in the woods or something. I was wrong, kinda.

    Loaded was kind of boring at first but once it started to get going it really hooked me. I know the feeling of being sucked into something dangerous where you feel helpless but to do things that you do not want to do.

    Another user commented on how this movie was silly and implausible but I beg to differ. These kinds of things DO happen. I'm sorry but not everyone lives in a dream world where nothing bad can happen and crazy situations are "implausible". Really sorry but the reality of the WORLD is that they DO happen. The creator of this movie as well as the actors did a great job of portraying how things can just go bad and how people can make really bad choices. Sometimes things turn out good, sometimes they turn out bad and such is life.

    I highly recommend this movie.
  • kclii18 August 2008
    This was one of the best movies I have seen. The movie relates to real life and how drugs CAN play a major part. Although this movie appears to be produced from a low budget, I found it to be exhilarating to watch.

    Some may not like the story and say the script is lacking direction. However, when a person gets as deep into drugs as these characters, there is no direction is life. I feel this movie is an accurate representation of what might happen to a person if they are faced with extreme temptations.

    Most of the cast are newcomers to the industry. However, they all pulled it off very well. Everyone seemed to do their job well and get into character appropriately.

    I think this movie might be a good tool to use when dealing with a person or loved one that is involved in drugs and appears to be spiraling out of control. This movie might just scare them enough to change their ways.
  • heiska882 November 2008
    Warning: Spoilers
    6/10 Acting, not great but some good acting.

    4/10 Director, makes some stupid decisions for this film.

    2/10 Writer, story makes no sense at all and has huge amount of flaws.

    4/10 Overall score for this movie.

    Don't waste your time with this film, it's not worth it. I gave 4 for this movie and it may be too much. Characters are so over exaggerated than they can ever be in real life and some pretty unexplainable stuff happens "storywise", not in good way. Because of the style this film has been filmed you get bored after 30 minutes (too many special effects: slow motions and camera shakes and fast forwards). It's always good that movie uses music to make the story go smooth but there's too many tracks in this one. In the first hour there is almost 50/50 dialogs and musics
  • Warning: Spoilers
    This is really a new low in entertainment. Even though there are a lot worse movies out.

    In the Gangster / Drug scene genre it is hard to have a convincing storyline (this movies does not, i mean Sebastians motives for example couldn't be more far fetched and worn out cliché.) Then you would also need a setting of character relationships that is believable (this movie does not.)

    Sure Tristan is drawn away from his family but why was that again? what's the deal with his father again that he has to ask permission to go out at his age? interesting picture though to ask about the lack and need of rebellious behavior of kids in upper class family. But this movie does not go in this direction. Even though there would be the potential judging by the random Backflashes. Wasn't he already down and out, why does he do it again?

    So there are some interesting questions brought up here for a solid socially critic drama (but then again, this movie is just not, because of focusing on "cool" production techniques and special effects an not giving the characters a moment to reflect and most of all forcing the story along the path where they want it to be and not paying attention to let the story breath and naturally evolve.)

    It wants to be a drama to not glorify abuse of substances and violence (would be political incorrect these days, wouldn't it?) but on the other hand it is nothing more then a cheap action movie (like there are so so many out there) with an average set of actors and a Vinnie Jones who is managing to not totally ruin what's left of his reputation by doing what he always does.

    So all in all i .. just ... can't recommend it.

    1 for Vinnie and 2 for the editing.
  • I basically skimmed through the movie but just enough to catch watch the plot was about. To tell you the truth it was kind of boring to me and at some spots it didn't make sense. The only reason I watched this movie in the first place was to see CHACE CRAWFORD!!! He is so hot, but in this movie his hair was kind of weird. But still hot.

    However, despite how hot CHACE is, it really did not make up for the film. I guess the plot isn't that bad but what really threw me over was the fact that they cuss in like every sentence. Is it that hard to express your anger without saying the F word every time?The cussing was annoying and the whole flashy, camera shaking thing gave me a headache.

    All in all, although the plot was OK, I found the film to be a bore and over dramatic. That's why I only cut to scenes with CHACE in it. LOL Anyways, not worth renting unless your a die-hard fan of a specific cast member like I was. Oh yeah the cast was Hot. The girls were HOT!!! But CHACE IS THE BEST!!
  • Yeah, the poster is quite a horrible piece of work.

    I thought the movie was OK...nothing really outstanding...I just was hoping that he would be a hardcore druggie and totally trash his life.

    Ahh, but that can't happen to rich kids now can it? Not to the son of a wealthy businessman who holds big ballroom parties and has a nice manicured lawn on the front of the mini mansion.

    No...the kid is too good to have his life totally trashed. After all, who will drive the brand new SUV and who will go to law school?

    Ah, the poor little rich their quaint pretty house, with their ivy league schools, ultra clean homes and socialite parties...what will the world do without them?

    I hope they all get addicted to drugs, pass-away their life and end up in maybe we can see movies that don't all revolve around the poor little rich boys and girls of the surreal world.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Generally it was a good movie with an ideal ending; the acting was spectacular and the characters didn't stray from their persons. I especially liked the plot, although you knew what was going to happen it still gave the element of surprise through out the entire movie. However, I find that coming on to the ending it could have been a little longer (extended maybe)- to me it seemed like it was rushed a bit; as if the writer was trying to take linens off the lines before the rain fell. For instance- What happened to Tristan's brother, Hayden? For all we know he died in the hospital. Maybe he was the one that setup the entire thing?! Who knows! Maybe there will be a sequel? Maybe? If there is.. I cant wait to see it.
  • rockdutil3417 March 2008
    Warning: Spoilers
    Seen the movie at the screening.

    Story and Screenplay- 6/10 Well written but it just seems that it has been written before.

    Director- 8/10 Alan Pao did a super good job on this film and it might be his best one yet.

    Acting- 5/10 The acting was kinda on the weak side.

    best: Vinnie Jones

    not so good- Corey Large

    Overall 5/10- I enjoyed the film from the start but as it got closer to the end, the movie got really bad.