Kotarô Fûma: I am the wind that calls forth chaos.

Hanzô Hattori: He who works alone, dies alone.

Hideyoshi Toyotomi: Might like that is a rare find on the battlefield.

Keiji Maeda: I am Keiji Maeda! Run while you still can!

Keiji Maeda: Aw, man. I'm not gonna die here am I?

Shingen Takeda: [During the 'Battle of Mikatagahara' Stage] So, Hanzo; are you here to tell me something spooky about darkness and shadow?

Hanzô Hattori: My only message to you is death.

Ranmaru Mori: [During "Siege of Osaka Bay"] I am Ranmaru Mori and you shall not take one more step closer to my lord!

Magoichi Saika: Ahhhhh, the women on this battlefield are just getting prettier and prettier.

Ranmaru Mori: I am no woman!

Magoichi Saika: [in shock and disgust] Yeeagh! Could I be losing my touch that bad?