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  • In the ninth of the 14-episode serial, Clarence Elmer (Patsy) knocks his rival, William Rauscher, off a balcony. He is let go when the complainant refuses to sue. Still annoyed, Elmer proposes to Flora Lea, Rauscher's sweetheart, and off they go to elope.... with disastrous and amusing results.

    The serial PATSY BOLIVAR seems to be unique. It is a comedy serial, about a clumsy young man and the scrapes he continually gets in. Perhaps the nearest thing today is a TV series with a season arc. Because this was 1914, and slapstick had not conquered the cinematic universe, this example might be called a situational-comedy serial. With luck, other episodes will show up and we can figure out if it is good.... and why it seems no one else tried to do another.