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  • Warning: Spoilers
    The name speaks for the movie, dedicated to all the houses where the father does not sleep, or our society does not allow him to sleep. it shows the plight of the humiliated who suffers injustice while they seek for the justice. The movie revolves around the story of the family in a "elappara Sex scandal", and is inspired obviously from the " 'Suryanelli' sex scandal" Samuel played by Salim Kumar, is a Pentecostal who converted to Christianity to marry his love mate. he is still seen an outcast by many, he has three daughters. after the demise of his wife, he lives a life taking care of his three daughters and leading a commoners life with his job at a government office. youngest of the three, Lissamma, who is also the brightest goes missing, and Samule's dream of making her a doctor shatters. when his daughter was found missing, he along with his friend , played by Murali. they come to realize that Lissamma has left the place with a rich bus owners son. they believe in the bus owner's promise that he will marry them off, and does not lodge a complaint against them. two weeks later he finds that, they also have deserted him, and realizes that his daughter has been used for prostitution by more than 40 odd people. the girl returns to the house. she was cheated by her lover. and the famous sex scandal begins, the media, police, and local people hunts her down, she is subjected to ridicule, the police investigation which is a mockery, absolves the main culprit, who cheats her and involves Hari (Prithvi RAAJ), an innocent young man, who had nothing to do with the incident. Samuel decides to face all the ridicules, and fight for justice, but the High Court acquits all the culprits, the last resort of the common man, judiciary also deserts him. the news was received by Samuel, and he retorts by attempting suicide and also, giving poison to his daughters, when thy recover from it, they are punished by the court for attempting suicide. Samuel and his two daughters are sent to prison , while the youngest Lissamma, is again in the society and there are hawks to pry on her.

    all Credts to the director, LAL JOSE, who has come up with such a bold film, unless typical Malayalam movie, the movie has an innovative way of story telling, the grief of the father becomes our grief, Lal Jose who has always given the hunch that he will once be the best in industry is again showing the glimpses of his genius. Scenes from News Channel, inter-cuts etc., increases the pace of the movie,.the climax is unconventional and brave and is an exception compared to any Malayalam movie. surprisingly no rape scene is shown but the intensity of the tragedy is felt. i remember Amen, ( a German film,which revolves around the German atrocities and in Nazi camps, with out even showing a single torture scene, the movie succeeds in making us feel empty) introduction song of Hari, can be termed unnecessary, but he rest are very good, and are shot beautifully. their prayer song, and all other songs in the movie, are too good, and its is the lyrics by Vaayalar Sharathchandra Verma stands out.

    the screen play by Babu Janardhanan is brilliant, so is the camera by Manoj Pillai, who really deserved an award. Salim Kumar is exceptional and can be ranked as one of the best in Malayalam Film industry. in the last scene where he enters the police jeep, by uttering the words" one who knows everything is a judge, thats why we call him a judge" is exceptional. all supporting cast plays their part perfectly. and my opinion is that state award and national award for best actor should go to Salim Kumar, his performance is far too good compared to Mohan Lal's in " Thanmathra". may be the jury was too scared to ignore Mohan Lal, as he is the superstar. and this is un-doubtfully the best movie of the Year, unfortunately it went to "thanmathra", lal Jose also deserved to get the best director award. All the departments in the film., director, screen play,editing, acting, music, everything scores and makes this film, unforgettable experience. watch this film, i can guarantee it will put a dagger in to your conscience.