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  • I thoroughly enjoyed seasons 1 to 5 with some of the most intellectually-stimulating and subtle humour since Seinfeld. Like physicist Sheldon "embracing the chaos" or using classical conditioning techniques on his roommate's girlfriend. But you did need a modicum of (popular) science knowledge to get the jokes, so apparently by season 6 they rolled out the usual array of mindless comedy writers to turn it into a yawn-worthy series of relationship clichés and rake in more viewers. When binge-watching it, you also notice disturbing patterns like the demeaning portrayals of both the men and women scientists, for different reasons. Grew up around researchers and no, they were not men-children who spent their time at the comic book store. Actually at my Dad's university they were pretty much all stable family types with successful careers, and there were a few loners, too. Like pretty much any group of humans. Lest people think this review is unfair, I have seen all seasons, hoping for a return to the cleverness of seasons 1-5 but alas it shall not be. This is one series that unfortunately will not go out with a Big Bang, but with a fizzle.
  • From about season 1-3 of this show, I genuinely loved it! I got a lot of good laughs, and it is definitely pleasing for the geeks and nerds out there of all kinds! And then the show did something it really shouldn't... add more relationships, and focus on them.

    From Howard and Bernadette to Sheldon and Amy and so on and so forth, the show just started to become more irritating and less tolerable. Yes Leonard and Penny had relationship problems in the early seasons, but I never liked that anyway. Now it's like they have tripled that problem with adding more couples we don't care about and constantly groan about... Well, at least I do anyway.

    Sure the new seasons still have those rare gems every once in a while, but for the most part, it's just seeing episodes with at least ONE of the characters having girlfriend problems while their girlfriends are mostly bitches. That is not what made Big Bang theory great! Now it feels like every other sitcom out there, only with a bunch of nerds.

    So, I highly recommend the old seasons and even some of the newer ones, but overall, it's just losing it's edge.

  • What this review might have sounded like had I written it 7 years ago.

    The first few seasons are, for the most part, extremely fantastic, focused, funny, fresh, intelligent and even at times, brilliant...Must see TV!

    What this review sounds like now nearing the end of the shows run.

    A once great show which slowly starts to diminish around season 4, unfortunately. By the 9th season it seems as though the pen and paper have been handed over to teenage fans of the show...Decent background noise.

    To conclude.

    This show was once incredible, and something fresh, even at times brilliant. I couldn't wait for each new episode. Now, I watch it when it becomes available on a streaming service, and, on rare occasion you get a great episode, but it's not worth devoting a weekly schedule and sitting through all the fan-fiction episodes and story lines to get to the good stuff. The show can still be enjoyable, without question, though I find it better suited as background noise while doing work instead of must see TV that you're excited to tune in as it airs each week.
  • Wow.. from my absolute favorite, this show has slowly turned into a sad, sad sight.. I get it: you can write only so many nerd jokes, and you can keep the show funny only for so long, but will you guys please put the BBT out of its misery already?

    First three or four seasons: Solid gold; funny, good plot lines. The last couple of seasons: weak, thin stories. Writers are definitely showing every sign of fatigue.

    This is turning into less-funny Friends with a slight nerdy slant. Please end this with whatever dignity there is left, and don't let it deteriorate any further.
  • The first three seasons of this show are the worth to watch. In fact, this show ratings and success is based upon these three seasons. These seasons are mainly about comedy with little to none emotions. But as the show progresses and Leonard, Sheldon and Howard finds their life partners, whole tune of this show changes. You'll find romance, love and emotions with some dose of comedy after that. I think at this point, this show loses its main theme. I am rating it 5 only because of the first three seasons. The quality of show will start to decline gradually after season 3. But i think it shows good depiction of scientists. I also have some scientist friends who have many similarities with the characters of this show.
  • This show was pure gold at first when it was just penny and the boys: when Sheldon was never open to the possibility of a relationship because of his social awkwardness and inability to understand people, when Raj couldn't speak with a girl around, and a hot girl moves in. It was genius and hilarious. The introduction of Bernadette and Amy ruined this show. Their characters are awful and intensely annoying and unfunny. Their introduction also ruined other character's story lines. Sheldon never would've ended up dating a girl the way they wrote him in with Amy. Howard was perfect when he was the overly horny nerd, and him marrying and settling down with Bernadette ruined his character. They couldn't figure out how to keep Raj the silent character so they made him talk to girls and even date as well. Which was pathetic writing. Making Penny fit in with all of them ended up removing the hot, dumb blonde girl around nerds effect that made the show great to begin with. Now, Penny doesn't stand out as the hot girl against the nerds because they stopped writing her like that and just made it more like Friends instead of the clashing personalities dynamic that made this show good.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I tried to like "The Big Bang Theory". I really tried. However, after seeing a couple of episodes from this sitcom, I ended hating everything about it.

    For me, the biggest problem from "The Big Bang Theory" (Besides of the unfunny jokes and the awful cultural references) were the characters. All of them were incredibly unlikeable and annoying (even those that the viewers are supposed to sympathize) unsurprisingly, those characters are also clichés, perpetuating the stereotypical characterization of the "nerd" archetype as seen in many, many other movies and television shows, since the film "Revenge of the Nerds".

    All the references made in this show are not only bland, shallow and forced, but also painfully unfunny as well. To get things worse, that stupid laugh track made all those so-called jokes even more irritating, as it were constant reminders to the viewers of what they are supposed to be laughing at.

    I consider "The Big Bang Theory " to be a strongly mediocre series with overused stereotypes and flat jokes. For me, this show was like the live-action equivalent of one those lame and unfunny gaming web comics which try to be "cool" and "edgy" by including misogyny and lots of random (and also utterly pointless) nerd references.

    So, in other words, "The Big Bang Theory" is the (stereotypically) nerd version of "Friends".
  • Warning: Spoilers
    This started as a brilliant show about five single young adults: four nerdy male scientists and a slutty, uneducated waitress. This worked really well. However, the makers decided to ruin this unique and very entertaining formula and put all its main characters - apart from Raj - in long-term relationships. By doing that, they've turned a great new show into yet another mediocre, couples and families sitcom.

    Bernadette is an intensely annoying, condescending, manipulative, patronising, bullying, arrogant battleaxe who falsely claims to be nice. She has ruined the humour that involves Howard by changing him from a desperate single guy trying to get laid into hen-pecked, downtrodden property of hers. She's like one bad joke repeated over and over again. She snipes at Howard frequently, despite knowing full well what he was like before they married. Melissa Rauch doesn't have Bernadette's horrible voice, so I don't know why she puts on such a painfully unpleasant voice to play her.

    Amy's like a female version of Sheldon and hence is redundant.

    Leonard and Penny aren't anywhere near as funny as a couple compared to how they were when they were both single.

    I'd give this 9 before Bernadette was introduced and 3 afterwards. There are a lot more episodes that include her than don't - hence I've given it 5.
  • I used to be a huge Big Bang Theory fan for the first three seasons,but after the 4th season I just think the whole series has become a repetition of the same nerd jokes and false stereotypes.The addition of Amy and Sarah has made it even worse;Howard is no longer a funny d- bag(which I loved him for);Sheldon treats Amy like a computer program and Leonard gets Penny,and now they BOTH suck.

    Chuck Lorre is making the same mistake he did with Two And A Half Men;I've now vowed to myself that I'd never watch any of his sitcoms again.There are way better shows out there(like How I Met Your Mother or Friends or Modern Family) but people still defend this show and it's pointless plot as if this was a remake of Citizen Kane.
  • When my boyfriend tuned into the premiere I thought the show was going to be stupid. I was so surprised. This is the first TV show to really showcase nerds with pretty much dead on accuracy. This has a sparkling cast (Jim Parsons is the new and improved David Hyde Pierce) and fantastic humor that ranges from light slapstick to seriously quick wit. This show is a great love letter to nerds, and as such any nerd should give this a try. With a bunch of new (and very lame) shows debuting, it's good to see something worth watching! This premise isn't exactly new but the execution is nothing short of brilliant. Give it a shot!!
  • "The Big Bang Theory" started off as a fresh, intelligent and genuinely funny t.v. series that hit its peak during season 3. Every episode had a clear plot that involved one or more of the five central characters that had relevant jokes throughout; as well as many irrelevant to the plot but relevant to the overall theme.

    During season five, however, the show started to change as it gained popularity. Instead of a fresh, intelligent show; it became the same "relationship therapy" show that has been regurgitated on E4 for years. Now, a once funny and insightful comedy that gave nerds the spotlight is a dull, familiar and used programme that recycles the same jokes and situations every few episodes.

    For those of you who believe that TBBT is as good as it ever was, I ask you to watch an episode from seasons 1-4 such as:"The Pancake Batter Anomaly" or "The Tangerine Factor" from season 1; "The Bath Item Gift Hypothesis" from season 2 or any episode from seasons 3 and 4 then compare it to an episode from the other seasons. You will find a tremendous difference in plot and character quality.

    I am deeply saddened that the once brilliant t.v. programme "The Big Bang Theory" has been sold out. My advice to anyone who has not yet watched it is to stop after season 4 as the later seasons will only sour your taste after an incredible time of watching the first four.
  • alvarhaggis22 March 2010
    Warning: Spoilers
    Is this what comedy for smart people is supposed to be? I found nothing in anything they say that is even even slightly funny. I am a geeky physics student myself, yet, I have nothing in common with any of the characters or the things they say. Many of the jokes, and I use the term 'joke' loosely, may be smart but completely lacking in humour.

    The main character Sheldon is simply rude and offensive and I personally would slap his face if he spoke to me the way he speaks to others. He is just annoying. Is this the big joke I am missing? Is his rude and ignorant behaviour supposed to be funny?

    Maybe it's just me, but I don't get this show. It is boring.
  • lbarrentine-12 October 2007
    I found the show to be very funny. The laugh track needs to go though. I was afraid that the girl would be portrayed as a really stereotypical dumb blonde. I was glad to see that she is not. Granted she isn't a nerd genius like the rest of the characters, but she is just your average person. There is a lot of subtle humor mixed in with the obvious jokes. Good show and I hope it lasts as there are very few comedies on Television now that can actually make me laugh.

    Before 100 people insult my taste, humor is subjective. If you can identify with the subject matter, it is funny to you. If you can't, it isn't. Having worked in Information Technology for over 25 years, I can see a lot of myself and my friends in Sheldon and Leonard.

    By the way, if you are my age, you may get the nod to one of the greats of TV comedy in the lead characters first names.
  • After hearing all my (former) friends rant and rave about this "smart, edgy, hilarious comedy" that I just NEEDED to check out, I decided to give this show a try. Note that this is shortly after marathon-ing through some great TV shows like Breaking Bad which is actually a smart show. Anyway, 10 minutes into the first episode I was bored out of my skull with the already repetitive and awkward humour. But, I knew that 10 minutes of one episode was not enough to judge a show by. So I watched the 1st season and a half and I can say not once through those 25 episodes did I even come close to cracking anything that even slightly resembled half a smile. It is the same sitcom show we've seen for the past 40 years disguised as a quirky show filled with intelligent characters. I've read a lot of the other reviews on here and a lot of them agree with the statement that this is not a quirky or even slightly smart show. The demographic it appeals to are brain-dead teenagers who think that when the extremely unfunny Jim Parsons says a few big words, it is the most hilarious thing there has ever been. Strip away the incredibly simple Star Wars references and the mumbled soliloquies of Parsons and what's revealed is a below average sitcom decades behind its time filled with unlikable characters. It baffles me how people can enjoy a single episode of this nonsense, never mind call it a "masterpiece". Use the term "comedy" very loosely when describing this trash.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    What can be said about a supposed comedy where one of the lead characters has to be explained as having a form of autism to explain why he's so offensively annoying?

    That it should never have been green-lighted to begin with.

    Big Bang Theory is possibly the least funny series to be passed off as a comedy since My Mother, the Car. The character of Leonard is actually tolerable, but Sheldon is repulsive! His sarcasm, rudeness and general nastiness is enough to make a viewer want to do him serious bodily harm. The cute blonde is eye candy to make the scenes with the dweebs tolerable, but other than that, this series is stultifyingly unfunny. The 2 AM test pattern on a Detroit public access channel has more entertainment value than The Big Bang Theory.
  • I have seen a few episodes of the new CBS sitcom The Big Bang Theory and to me it's one of the best written sitcoms currently on network TV. The scripts are filled with scientific references some people might not understand but they are very witty. Johnny Galecki and Jim Parsons are definitely one of TV's newest comedy teams who have great chemistry and the addition of Kaley Cuoco as their neighbor, Penny brightens up the show. Let's not overlook the supporting cast with Simon Helberg as Wolowitz, who looks a little like Paul Reubens, the man behind Pee-Wee Herman and Kunal Nayyar as their friend from India.

    If you watch the closing credits closely, you'll notice that there's a credit saying "Science Consultant." It's the first sitcom to employ one. It was a very good idea by the show's creator Chuck Lorre, who also is behind the CBS hit Two and a Half Men to hire one to bring scientific honesty into the show.

    I hope The Big Bang Theory is around for several years. It has a solid future.
  • It's The Simpsons Syndrome all over again: a show that was great in the earlier seasons (in this case, primarily Season 1-3, which I rate as among the greatest put to television), entered a steady decline, and then jumped the shark. It's no great mystery; money has once again corrupted something good.

    Like with the Simpsons, the show started off with a very solid base and great writing. It had to be well written in order for it to succeed. But as soon as it became a hit, the problems started. The first thing that happened was multiple guest appearances, largely for no practical or logical in-show reason (The Simpsons ring a bell?), which was then followed by changes in the writing to reach out to as many people as possible—demographics. You see, as soon as a show, or computer game franchise, or ANYTHING becomes famous enough, it can start branching out to more people in pursuit of more money. To do this, things have to change and, usually, these changes are for the worse. Greed gets in the way nearly every time.

    In the case of TBBT, the changes were mainly designed to attract more female viewers.

    The show's primary audience was originally sci-fi fans and technically minded people interested in science. News flash: that generally is not women. The show was funny because it had interactions between three desperate geeks, a genius with serious social problems, and their total opposite— a gorgeous female neighbour named Penny, who works at the Cheesecake Factory. A lot of people, male and female, enjoyed this dynamic, and there was a cleverness to the writing throughout. People more 'nerd' (a stupid word that insinuates being intelligent is a bad thing) oriented could understand the clever science references, as well.

    That's all gone now. Beginning mainly Season 4 (although there were some silly individual moments beforehand), the show swamped the audience with brain-dead relationship story-lines, which a lot of women, sadly, find appealing. Also, dumb and relentless sexual references became the norm (in one scene, I kid you not, a main character goes to the bathroom to 'use her toothbrush'). 'Friends'-type crap is not what made TBBT great, but the writers don't care anymore. They want more money (and that includes the greedy cast. Look it up!). Sadly, like with The Simpsons, the show had no ending in mind when it started. There was no plan. Instead of a show that lasts a few seasons and has a respectable ending, we've got The Simpsons again—a show that just keeps on going, with no goal in sight, and with increasingly inferior writing to boot. I gave up with TBBT at the start of Season 9. Up until then, it was at least watchable. Now it's crossed over into insulting. The characters aren't even behaving remotely like they were in the first seasons, and the writers are waving a magic wand whenever they feel like it; for example, two of the main characters go from menial jobs to massive success in a very short period of time. But it doesn't matter, see. For every intelligent person that drops out, two status-quo loving, unimaginable dumb-asses have already taken their place.

    This pattern happens an awful lot; there is nothing you can do except vote with your feet and watch the earlier seasons instead. It's sad that the characters were not done justice, all through the want of money instead of art. The show has become lazy, thick, and, even worse, predictable. It's over.
  • I'm probably in the minority when I say this show is boring. After watching a few episodes of this show, I can attest that it is one of the most terrible sitcoms I have ever seen. It is basically forced comedy with unremarkable jokes, boring stories, and goofy characters.

    I haven't watched many sitcoms since the late 1990s, but this show reminded me why I stayed away from them. Unoriginal and uninspiring stories with no substance and with forced humor basically describe most of the TV sitcoms Hollywood dishes out today. I've seen better shows canceled after only one or two seasons. I'm sorry to any fans out there, but I think this one's gotta go. I'm sure there are better writers and actors who could give us more entertaining stuff than this.

    Grade F
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Last year my friend just couldn't stop talking about how hilarious and funny this was. Even some of my teachers had said good things about it. My friend showed me two episodes on his laptop and said, " If you don't think this is funny, I don't know what it". Through the entire hour I laughed as many times as you've spoken while reading this review,zero. It still amazes me that hilarious shows such as Arrested Development get cancelled and this stays on air. For those who say this is " Smart Comedy" how is this funny when every funny thing in this show is easy for even the most idiotic people to understand. Than in Arrested Development you can watch episodes over and over again and still find new bits of comedy that you hadn't seen before. Than back to this show where people claim the funniest thing is Sheldon dressed like a zebra making weird noises. What's so smart about that?

    The worst thing about this show is the Laugh Track. Now I don't mind laugh tracks if the show is funny but the laugh track just pops up at random places. A character will say something like, " I want to be a robot." Than the laugh track kicks off, sounding like they just heard the funniest thing in the world. The whole series are based on socially awkward nerds who meet a normal girl and they try uselessly to fit in with society. How can an entire 5 seasons be focused on that? One person commented saying in 5 minutes of Arrested Development they get more laughs than they get in a season of Big Bang. I disagree, I think in 5 minutes of Arrested Development I get more laughs than I get in the entire series.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    TBBT used to be one of my favorite shows on TV in the last few years, the show's first 5 seasons were really funny, somehow since season 6 the show started to get worse each episode, the characters were losing what made them once great, the writing wasn't as sharp as it used to be, the show changed from a really funny and smart comedy to a boring dramedy, and the show kept getting even worse, seasons 7 and 8 were even worse than 6, the characters lose all of their funny traits. Even the girls are becoming more annoying, Amy is not funny as she used to be in seasons 4 and 5, she just complains all the time now, Bernadette became unbearable. That's enough for me, I gave up this show, I don't think writers can recover what made the show once great. I give the overall rating a 5, these five points are because of funny first five seasons, new seasons would probably get a 0 from me.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I just love this show! If you can appreciate great writing and great acting than this show is for you.

    My favorite episode is "The Big Bran Hypothesis". That was hilarious. I hadn't laughed like that in a long time. When Leonard came out of his room in his underwear armed with a light-saber, I thought I was going to hurt myself I was laughing so hard. And the whole "sarcasm" bit was perfect comedy genius. And it's not just that the comedy is written so well - - the timing is dead on! The actors are truly artists.

    Bravo CBS! I'm hooked and will keep watching!

    And if anyone reading hasn't seen the show yet, check it out!
  • I am a Yuge fan of this show but there's a distance of heaven & hell between Season 1 & Season 10 of TBBT. This show is currently running through its worst phase. The quality of the show has hit rock bottom. Kaley looks much older than her actual age. Johnny has become fat with soft belly. Jim looks old & his acting became stale. Simon has become less funny. Worst of all is Kunal Nayyar. Man he stinks! His acting stinks. His character was good in 1-5 seasons.And it started deteriorating since then. If anyone were to be fired on the show that would be Kunal. Girl friends/Wives are not funny anymore. This show should have been ended after Season 9. It would have went down in the history as one of the best TV Shows. This show has become as awful as Friends when the show was in its 10th season.Hope Chuck Lorre doesn't kill this show by dragging too long like he did with Two and a Half Men. Jokes don't work.Actors look Old & fat. It is said that this is the last season. Hope he ends well.If not,CBS might even cancel this show. Please don't drag it & end this show after this season. Win-Win for all!
  • I hate this show, that is of no mystery, it is generic as hell as a sitcom, but where it fails the most is in it's representation of geek culture.

    Not one of the jokes used is ever used in such a manner that the viewer is laughing with, shall we say, Sheldon, instead, it is directed at the 4 geek characters, as if the creator is saying "these guys are so weird, lol!" and all it takes is a little introspective whilst watching the show to realize that.

    Add to that the fact that Sheldon exhibits many symptoms of having Aspergers, and yet the jokes are still directed at the way he acts, which mocks anyone who has the disorder.

    This show is terrible; it is intolerant and outright discriminating towards geeks and geek culture, it has no reason to exist.
  • Definitely slated to be the best sitcom of this season, this is a creative and funny show. Two geeks have a beautiful girl (Penny) move to the apartment next door. The two geeks have two friends that are even geekier. Here is the many ways in which this show excels: the geeks are lovable and funny and human, not pathetic, you feel for them, the neighbor girl is a very sweet girl, and for once the characters are educated and thoughtful, not the usual "dumb" people we see on TV. The dynamics and the dialog between the four friends is fast paced, funny and rich with detailed observations. This is a comedy by Chuck Lorre, the guy who has created Dharma (from Dharma & Greg) so I am fully expecting Penny's character to bloom into far more than what meets the eye. The four male leads establish their personalities in the pilot with such ease that it's clear we are watching a very well written and well acted show. Kudos to the whole cast and the writers. I hope this funny, smart show stays around. We need a comedy with wit and heart, and for a change - lovable geeky brains too.
  • It's the new "Friends" alright. Not less cheesy, but at times even funnier. I'm from the generation that grew up with "Friends", but I would vote for the millennials. I feel a bit nostalgic for the 1980's sometimes, but I also understand and appreciate the jokes from the "new kids in town". It's pure fun, no more, no less. It has its flaws, but it has its wits too. It's a medicine for foul moods, depression, and loneliness. And as such, I believe it deserves at least 8 out of 10.
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