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  • Warning: Spoilers
    I was not a fan of him in Celebrity Big Brother because so rude and unpleasant at times, but this programme showed that he can be okay. Pete Burns hosted this documentary with a quarter of it about his own cosmetic surgery nightmares, and three others. The first quarter had the story of Pete trying to look like a woman, and the consequences of his surgery from his body not coping, e.g. his new lips leaked puss. The three guests he brought on, all women, had similar occurrences of surgery complications and incidences. One woman had problems with her new breasts when it started to puss; one had problems with her tummy tuck when her chest suddenly had a hole in it; but one of the most shocking ones was the woman who had a face lift, and she looked like she had some sort of skin eating disease around her mouth. I personally would not get any type of surgery, part from maybe a smaller ear and some moles, but apart from that, I wouldn't do it unless it was really necessary or you are desperate to look better. Just remember the possible consequences of your actions. Good!