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  • Warning: Spoilers
    PLOT: Sam comes to this apartment building, having been waiting years to move into a particular apartment - where his father lived 20 years ago and may have left something for him.

    When he moves in, he finds out the floors have been renumbered, and it's actually the apartment above his that he wants, which draws him into the difficult life of the woman, or perhaps women, who live upstairs.

    Nicely done and very atmospheric, particularly for a small independent film. The black and white cinematography is quite effective, giving this a very nice "film noir" feel, and while it feels surreal for much of the movie, in a sort of David Lynch kind of way, the movie does come to a satisfying, if not fully explained, ending.

    The acting was very good, from the understated but compelling Sam, to the truly charming, yet pathetic, Audrey and Angel, and even to the overly hearty cop and the effusive, movie-obsessed, foreign apartment manager, Staci/Buddy.

    Overall, a nice piece of work. Oh, and watch through the credits - the animation is really cool, and fills in some of the backstory. And the caricatures of the characters in the movie are impressive - usually animated attempts to "capture" real people turn out kind of lame.