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  • I have ever been a fan of Marvel Comics' "Doctor Strange". I've always enjoyed the Sorceror Supreme, and this straight to DVD release of the good Doctor's tale of his rise from self-important doctor to Sorceror Supreme had me enthralled from the get go.

    Doctor Strange, voiced by the talented Bryce Johnson, was a good choice for the voice of Strange, keeping with the element of curiosity and intellect that the Doctor displayed in his early days of his learning underneath the Ancient One.

    Now, I know that most will complain about the very, very condensed version of Doctor Strange's story, but I believe that Greg Johnson did a great job writing the script for a feature film that highlight's the Doctor's fledgling career as a sorceror, while not completely glossing over all of the parts that make the story important and believable... well, as believable as a comic book superhero can be.

    Johnson's screenplay touches on the Doctor's career, putting us into the point where we see the Doctor as he was just before his accident that mangled his hands. A self-important, smug, condescending man who has little time to expend on treating patients who will not attain a spot for his name in medical journals.

    The story continues there, touching over his history with his sister, but not completely leaving the parts that flesh out the Doctor, make him more human to us.

    At this point, I'm afraid my review must end, for I will not give away the rest of the Doctor's story. You'll just have to see it for yourselves, and that is exactly what I recommend you do. I give the animated adaptation of Doctor Strange's fledgling career a 9/10.
  • i liked this movie much more than i thought i starts off slow,but somewhere along the line,it becomes interesting.i'm not sure how faithful it is to the comic book.either way,i thought it was pretty good.the voice talent fit the characters perfectly.the animation is excellent.the action scenes are very well done.i also thought the back-story was really good and nicely developed,as was the character of Dr.Strange.the people behind this film put a lot of effort into it.of the four animated movies made by Marvel(the other ones being The Invincible iron man,and Ultimate Avengers 1 and 2),i think this is the best one so is also the one i had the lowest hopes for going is much darker in tone than the previous animated marvel films,but that is definitely appropriate for the subject matter.for me,Doctor Strange is an 8/10.
  • I've seen every animated film Marvel and Lion's Gate has done. "Ultimate Avengers" and it's sequel were good, but not great. "Iron Man" was just plain bad. But with their fourth film, they actually get it right.

    "Dr. Strange" is an origin movie and as such suffers from the plight of most origin films. Crams a bit too much into one film. What this does is the final fight is a bit rushed, though not anti-climatic.

    The movie is very well written and has a solid cast. Their are changes from the comics, but when hasn't their been changes from comic to movie? In this film, the changes don't hurt. The way magic is used is more like martial arts then what we see in the comic. This gives the feel of wuxia film. Magicians use a lot of magic swords in their fighting. Which actually works better then it sounds.

    The only downside to the film is the backstory with Strange and his sister. That is riddled with plots holes but is brief enough that it doesn't drag the rest of the film down.

    I highly recommend this film.
  • deligeez30 August 2007
    I was lucky enough to see this movie at a friends house, I was amazed that an animation like this could kick so much butt, by "butt" I mean the rest of the high budget live action Marvel movies. I really enjoyed this film, the movie drives you from the beginning to end and gives you such excitement.

    Dr. Strange is a likable character from bad to good you know he's special. I wish there was a series after this movie, I would definitely watch the series like an 8 year old. I was really surprised and I think you would be too, if you've read the comic books maybe you would pick and match, it would probably ruin the feel of the movie but if you haven't then you should just enjoy the experience.

  • I've seen all the marvel/Lionsgate animated feature length movies and all except this one has been disappointing. Doctor Strange was a character i've obviously not come across as i've just watched mainstream superheros but after this i was surfing the internet to find out more about this comic character. Its a fairly dark theme good for adults and does provide a coherent story as apposed to the other marvel Lionsgate movies which i thought were abstract film reels glued together. Watch this and to the people who made this WELL DONE can we have more of the same please.

    Highly recommended
  • Adaptations of comics books are often the object of debates on the truthfulness and adherence to the original panels. However I won't go into that discussion or repeat the synopsis of "Doctor Strange". Instead I'd like to talk about the animation of this film.

    I believe what sets animation films apart from other visual arts is the poetic flight of fantasy they offer: the voluntary self-delusion that lines and dots can emote and convey sentiments. The illusion (self-delusion) is achieved mainly through fluid and trompe-l'oeil-like techniques that turn static drawings into kinetic characters.

    When measured on that self-delusion gauge, I'm afraid "Doctor Strange" is a very inert movie. The animation is jerky, the bodies are disjointed. The characters are all angular(even Wong's face is all corners and angles). Is this to compensate for the bluntness of the script?

    Why "Doctor Strange" so often appears on personal recommendation lists is a puzzle to me. Perhaps those people are engrossed with the "stop-motion" rendition of their favourite comics. The fact remains that Marvel Studios seem to have lost their ability to make animated movies. I for one am sad about this and eagerly await the day Marvel produces a "Spirited Away".

    PS: If you're looking for a more fluidly animated comic, have a look at "Batman: The Dark Knight Returns, Part 1"
  • This the fourth part in the animated film series! After Ultimate Avengers, Ultimate Avengers 2: Rise of the Panther and Iron Man this is one great addition. From these four movies I enjoyed this one the best! Why? Because I didn't know much about Dr. Strange. It is really fun to learn more about this super hero. (I remember seeing him in a Spiderman comic and that he was specialized in the supernatural and magic! That was it.) This movie does a hell of a job in showing who he is and what he is capable of. Of course the length of the movie didn't allow further characterization or lore surrounding the character. But we learn enough in an incredibly fast pace. Personally I didn't want this movie to end. I loved every minute of it. Because of the magic and mysticism that surrounds this marvel hero the visual effects are very impressive and beautiful. But what stuck me the most was the attention to the psyche of the main character Strange. You'll be witness of a big change in personality. This character development is not something we see often in cartoons about super heroes. Even these superheroes have human problems to deal with. They are not perfect and are just as flawed as we are. That is one of the main reasons why I love Marvel. Doctor. In this case it is even more interesting since Strange really has no desire to be a hero. He basically gets thrown into an adventure of a lifetime because he wants to continue being the best in what he does. That already makes him quite the character. Strange is still the best in this series of animated marvel movies and it makes me wonder why they haven't been able to approach the later ones with the same sophistication and finesse.

    Definitely one to check out if you haven't done so by now.
  • This is by far the best animated movie Marvel has produced so far. It takes a lot from Batman Begins as we watch Stephen Strange go on a similar journey. We have a man who is a cold-hearted surgeon (and as we find out later, has good reason to be) yet he is tasked with helping people on a daily basis. This makes for some great drama when we see how people react to Stephen Strange knowing this to be his personality. It is only when Dr. Strange becomes broken does he learn how to truly heal and it is that kind of spiritual journey that makes this story so interesting. As with most origin stories there is a slow build as the character learns about himself and what he must become in order to overcome his current situation. There is also influence from 'The Matrix' here as Dr. Strange is introduced to a world which is invisible to most but is all around us. This is where the action comes in as we see The Ancient One's warriors take on creatures from another world that are at the command of one of Dr. Strange's classic nemesis, Dormammu! It all leads up to a climactic battle that will not disappoint. Marvel is definitely learning how to improve with each new animated film and I hope this trend continues.
  • leducdor-116 February 2008
    Unfortunately this movie was a disappointment for this Dr. Strange fan. Long on unhelpful (and not per the original) back story and too short on actual story, the film failed to capture all of the wonder and "strange"ness of the original comic book series. I know because I collected them all. Realization of Strange's character is okay as far as it goes, which is not far, but the romance and the family backplot are unnecessary and consume far too much of the film. Dormammu is poorly realized and Mordo is one-dimensional (or two-dimensional in the case of this not-so-sophisticated animated comic book film). Dr. Gina Atwater is an unnecessary addition as well which to the best of my recollection, without referring to my series collection, was never an element of any importance whatsoever. Throughout the comic book series, Dr. Strange gave a much stronger impression of willful mastery of magic, yet here he is rather the reluctant hero, which was never present in the original. The Eye of Agamoto is misrepresented and other devices usurp its place in the Strange mythos. All in all, this Strange fan was sadly disappointed in a film which seems sloppily tossed-off without careful consideration for the original source as well as a rather Saturday morning effort on the part of the filmmakers towards the technical side of the film. In fact, this SHOULD have been a Saturday morning offering for the kiddies, and not a theatrical offering.
  • Having been severely underwhelmed by The Invincible Iron Man I sat down to watch Doctor Strange as these were the two that I saw recommended when reviewing one of the Justice League animated movies. I was worried that Doctor Strange would be the same, but while it does suffer from a rushed and anti-climatic ending and from trying to cram too much in it is actually a huge improvement. The animation is wonderful, the backgrounds and colours are very detailed and bold and the character designs are more fluid. The music score is both rousing and with a haunting under-current, the writing is intelligent and the story is both coherent and compelling, even though it does have a feeling of cramming too much in occasionally. The origin story of Dr Strange before he became Dr Strange is just fascinating. The characters are identifiable and engaging, somewhat standard(true of a lot of superhero movies though) but there is a clear sense of conflict. The titular character is one of those tormented characters who has a huge change in psyche between when he is himself or Doctor Strange, it is fascinating to watch. And Mordo and Dormammu are great villains. The voice acting is simply great, Bryce Johnson and Kevin Michael Richardson are the standouts. Overall, very good. 8/10 Bethany Cox
  • Though I am a big Marvel fan I considered Dr Strange (2016) the weak link in the cinematic universe. I simply didn't like it, from the lead to the character to the writing and I didn't think much of the 1978 original either.

    Looking back I remember not being a fan of Dr Strange in the comics either so with all that evidence stacked up there wasn't much likelihood of me enjoying this.

    This animated tale is another alternative origin story and looks back on how Stephen Strange became the superhero he's known as today.

    Alike the big budget hollywood effort the big bad is Dormammu but just like the live action film he isn't represented all too well.

    Maybe I just don't like the blend of superhero and magic, maybe I just have an allergy to Dr Strange? Either way this didn't impress me and though fairly dark failed on nearly every front.

    The Good:

    The flying beasties were awesome

    The Bad:

    Animation is flawed in places

    Doesn't exactly follow the original origin story

    I really don't like character

    Things I Learnt From This Movie:

    Didn't Jean Claude Van Damme do this in Kickboxer back in the 1980's? Why did he get no super powers?
  • Compare this film to the live-action doctor strange and I would have to be honest and tell you this film is actually better then the live-action film because it has more Humanity. Or that it shows more Humanity. Which is quite sad throughout the film it felt like they were taking their time they weren't trying to overload the audience. Probably the only thing I didn't like about the film in general is I wish they would have used a bit better quality animation. But I see why they chose what they chose. Again this is hands down better than the live-action film grey characters great music voice acting is a class voice acting I can only hope that the live-action films will be as entertaining as this was
  • Lionsgate made a better Strange movie than MCU tried to do.

    I love this movie because of the story and development.

    Whereas mcu. 1 second strange is a doctor, the next he is wizard strange. By the end he has all the abilities of a wizard.

    MCU strange is dry. Lionsgate strange is superior.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Like the Iron Man movie they spend most of the movie on the origin story. The problem is that the only people buying this movie are fans of the comic book and the people buying will already know the story. There is very little action in the movie. Pretty much it starts with Doc Strange as an arrogant doctor who ends up seeing people's mind twisted by Dormammu. So of course he has no idea what is wrong with these people and refuses to help. He gets into a car crash and his hands are broken. He then travels all over the world wasting his money on phony cures until he goes to Tibet to train under The Ancient One.

    By this point it's about half way into the movie, and this movie is only a little over an hour. So he ends up struggling with his training and thinks about quiting. Eventually he becomes the apprentice of The Ancient One. He goes on a Mission with Baron Mordo to battle Dormammu and naturally Mordo joins the bad guys. So when the movie is almost over we get to see Strange vs Mordo and some of Strange vs Dormammu. And like Iron Man, most of the movie is wasted on an origin story all Marvel fans know too well and you have to wait until the end for the action which there isn't much of.
  • I don't know who Marvel is making their movies for. This is a step up from the ULTIMATE AVENGERS series, mostly because it at least seems somewhat interested in the character of Dr. Strange.

    Bad voice acting, a plot so generic & thin I'd bet it was written on the John, and an inordinate amount of time and action devoted to secondary characters. I mean, the movie isn't even up to the standards of monthly superhero comics, that bastion of great literature. If they couldn't come up with something cool on their own, why not just adapt one of the many popular stories from the last 40 years? At least Strange squares off against Mordo and Dormammu (kinda) in this one, instead of generic aliens like in AVENGERS (twice). Still, you never get the impression that the people behind this really like the source material or understand what gives Dr. Strange his appeal. It's a movie devoid of creativity, smarts and fun.

    I don't mean to give the impression that I'm only critiquing this because it was unlike the comics. I'm mostly critiquing it because it's shallow and dumb. But even if shallow and dumb was a goal, rather than the result of incompetence, tapping into some of the coolness of the character or the Marvel U shouldn't get in the way of that, right? Even those who are satisfied by a movie this banal would likely be satisfied by a mature, intelligent treatment of Strange that also appealed to adult fans, or by a fun kicky movie that spoke to kids (of all ages). A movie like this really satisfies nobody but the very easily satisfied.

    What a waste of resources and opportunity.
  • I decided to give this a watch to get learn some background on Doctor Strange before the new movie comes out. I was very disappointed with this. I was hoping to see some cool animated magic fights but there was only one and it comes with eight minutes left in the movie. There are a lot of sword fights that do look good but are not what I wanted to see with a character that deals with magic. I was also hoping to see some other different worlds but again there was only one scene that was on a different world. The credits did show some images that I am guessing that are from Doctor Strange comics that were more interesting looking than what we got.
  • I loved the original series and collected them for years. I was not familiar with the other short, animated direct-to-DVD Marvel movies, and watching this version this was quite a shock--a painful shock.

    While capturing the history/origin of Dr.Strange, the entire mood, scope, and overall universe of the storyline has been subverted to a magic/action fighting combination that totally distorts the meaning and purpose of the original series. Dr. Strange never fought in the conventional ways and certainly didn't use swords or martial arts. And he wasn't part of a team or league of like-minded compatriots. He spent his time meditating and learning. Granted, that is a slow-paced hero, but this unconventionality was the gift of Dr. Strange.

    Blasphemy! Fans beware.
  • bastos22 September 2020
    Pretty good origin story on the good doctor. These animated features by Marvel are quite a surprise, as they take themselves seriously enough for you to get invested but they are also quite fun to watch, and although the animation is not top notch it is passable enough for its budget. Well done.
  • klauzcezare18 March 2020
    Warning: Spoilers
    A movie nice. i don´t know is character doctor strange. but he is awesome
  • Dr.Strange is one of the lesser known marvel superheros. I actually myself only know him from a guest appearance on the spiderman 1994 cartoon. OK Now to the Movie which was a big surprise on how good it was. This is the 4th movie by marvel animation and it is there best.

    Im not going to say much about other than its a version of How Dr.Strange started and grows into a powerful superhero. The story is really good but not original your going to say to yourself I have seen this plot before. Even though your saying that you will be in the edge of your seat and wondering what is going to happen next. What makes the plot really good is how well it is executed in every scene.

    Sound and animation is pretty top stuff since it is done my Marvel animation. All the fighting scenes and special effects are done to perfection.

    Overall I believe you will really enjoy this it is better than Marvel Animation's first 3 movies (ultimate avengers 1,2 and Invincible Iron Man) So if you liked those movies you will like this one. It is also a great way to learn about a marvel superhero that you don't know much about.
  • I've recently begun watching Marvel Comics' line of straight-to-DVD animation films partly because I was bored and had only just discovered them and needed some variation in my uneventful life and partly because I really love animation films. Animation is one of those mediums I treasure because it grants escape from the trappings of reality, gravity and the laws of physics, enabling it to show you sights that couldn't possibly exist in real life, like the Hulk latching onto the throat of a 60 foot man and choking the life out of him. That said, I was put off by the previous 'installments', if you can call these Marvel animations a series. The Ultimate Avengers movies of 2006 had a plot thinner than Christian Bale during the shooting of The Machinist, and was for all intents and purposes like a dead Christmas tree; covered in glittering action sequences but barren inside. Not that I expect much depth from a dozen vaguely related comic book franchises blended together into the big pile of paperbacks and money that is Ultimate avengers. I'm sure every one of these superheroes had their own story, with their own issues to work out, but there simply isn't time for all that if at least half of the movie has to consist of rampant action sequences. This is all fine, you know. These are movies for comic book fans who would like to see their favorite superhero jump out of the comic book panels and kick ass in animation, but some characterization would be nice. This movie is very much made for religious comic book readers and seems to assume awareness of the characters' back stories which in that case you are because you accompanied them through every page of their comic book series, and as such this movie doesn't really need to characterize them and therefore does so only vaguely. The only character I ended up empathizing with was Bruce Banner who, depressed and troubled by the Hulk, is desperate to find a way to control it. Maybe it was because I can unconsciously relate to an unattractive, bespectacled nerd who just likes to throw down and go Hulk Smash on all the bullies that took his lunch money in high school, or maybe because he was the only character whose flaws were more than informed and whose portrayal left me wanting to see more. Anyway I was supposed to be talking about another movie.

    Doctor Strange was an interesting premise for me from the get-go because I knew absolutely nothing about Doctor Strange, and I was looking forward to have this movie inform me about who he was and what drove him to become who he is today. I was surprised by the depth of this movie, which immediately immersed me its darker, more realistic tone. The doctor is a complex character, once kindhearted, driven and confident, now disillusioned, angry and full of unresolved grief. When first we see the good doctor - voiced in smooth baritones by Bryce Johnson - in the hospital he is refusing a patient who in a masterful dig at US medical policy was neither rich nor sick enough to warrant his interest, satire. It made it immediately clear that this guy had issues. Here is a hero who is also a flawed human being who isn't built like a vending machine with legs and to its credit the movie never glosses over things. This is truly not a movie for kids anymore, and Doctor Strange never divorces itself from reality too far; no super serums or gamma rays granting super powers here, but a spiritual journey that forces the good doctor to reconcile with his past. Even the magic shown seems to have its roots in eastern philosophies and martial arts, both of which are plausibly and satisfyingly portrayed. The movie is well-paced, interrupting the plot with occasional flashes of action exactly when needed, and giving time to let the story reach its logical conclusion. When the movie was over, I was left in its wake, wanting more, and not just because it was so good. It was too short.

    At just over 70 minutes, this movie, like the Marvel animes that preceded it, is short. But Doctor Strange is the only one of those movies that actually feels short. The reason why this movie feels too short is because I feel that there are two stories here, woven together less than seamlessly, leaving insufficient time to make the most of either of them, although only people that have read the comics will be able to determine whether I'm right about that or not. There is the origin story of Doctor Strange in which he finds his true calling as the sorcerer supreme that people know from the books, and then there's the other story about an evil entity of pure magical energy that wants to take over the world. Which of these you find the more interesting probably depends on your prior understanding of the Doctor Strange mythos (for a Marvel-novice like me, the origin story definitely won that one), but there was the potential for true excellence here that went sadly untapped. 20 to 30 minutes of additional runtime would have probably been enough to bring out the true heart in both stories, but as it stands the movie left me slightly unfulfilled. I was left wanting to know more of Doctor Strange's rise to Sorcerer Supreme; it went by too fast, like important tidbits that would have greatly enriched the setting had been omitted for the sake of brevity, and that's a shame I think. Kind of like if Batman Begins was only 73 minutes long. 3 stars.
  • xamtaro31 March 2009
    Warning: Spoilers
    I never really followed the marvel comic titles other than the Ultimates and Ultimate X-men. Most of my marvel experience came from the various animated series from the 90s and recently. After The invincible Iron Man, Doctor Strange was released and i was initially skeptical. I've never seen any Doctor Strange animated series only a few cameo appearances by that character in X-men and Spiderman. I initially only bought this because it was on offer and for the sake of completing my DVD collection. Nothing more. To my surprise, this movie soon became my favorite among the animated and anime movies i've watched so far.

    So far, 6 animated features have been released and all in all, Doctor Strange is by far the best and most balanced of the 6.

    1) The story - It is an origin story as usual for the marvel animated features. But the story in this case has probably the greatest emotional impact among many animated shows(heck even among those sappy cry cry Japanese anime). It tells of an arrogant self-serving world-class doctor's fall from grace and his quest for physical, mental and spiritual renewal. There is a very epic premise to the whole story of a secret cadre of sorcerers who hunt demons that venture into our world and prevent a very powerful entity from invading earth. I couldn't help but notice that the story has been given a very Asian touch to it. The whole premise of a group of magicians training in seclusion and secretly defending earth from demonic invasion hearkens back to many Chinese fairy tales and Japanese folk myths. Overall.Both the doctor's personal story of his fall and renewal and the epic extra dimensional invasion arc blend seamlessly into one another, creating a very well balanced show with strong action, interesting characters and a very emotional story.

    2)The Characters - The story focuses mostly on the main character of Dr Strange. It is a very character focused story hence the only other character that is fully developed is Baron Mordo(Dr Strange's arch enemy in the comics). His development and eventual betrayal is not contrived and comes across as very believable. His Arrogance, lust for power and jealousy of Strange and the other sorcerers allow Mordo's character to grow and progress believably just like Dr Strange. The voices are very well acted, the emotional range that the actors put into their roles may put many live action dramas to shame. The rest of the characters are just stock characters there for the sake of being there. Then again, its the Story of Dr Strange that the movie is concerned about. Everything else takes 2nd place.

    3)The animation - Fantastic. It must be the result of having a Japanese animation studio over a Korean one(Ultimate Avengers was animated in Korea) but the whole look of the film is very like Japanese anime but without resorting to cutesy big eyed pastel haired characters. The backgrounds are lush and very intricately designed. Attention is paid to every single detail, be it reflection in puddles or light shining off metals in the background. Character designs retain their slightly stylized Asian look that was prevalent in the Iron Man animated movie but the level of detail has been taken up a notch. More heavy blacks and a greater contrast of colors are used for an overall more dynamic look and feel. And the monsters are truly a sight to behold. Definitely MOVIE quality stuff. Unlike anime however, which has detailed art but inconsistent animation, the animation here is very fluid yet retaining the impressive level of detail throughout. Some 3D animation was used for vehicles, special effects and the swarm of bat-monsters and all was in cel shaded 3D. They blended in very well with the traditional 2D animation. My only beef was Dormammu, the big bad demon lord himself. He could have looked more impressive if he was done in 3D animation and not 2D.

    The only bad point about the story was the resolution of the demon invasion. A small deux ex machina of Dr Strange having a unique ability to absorb and disperse other people's magic just seemed too convenient(and the demon lord being a fully magical creature allowed Dr strange to like totally absorb and disperse the demon lord's power, thus defeating him). Then again, the movie is too short. If it had been longer, i bet a better resolution could have been come up with.

    Overall Dr Strange is a very enjoyable movie. Complex and emotionally charged enough for adults(and did i mention there is a fair bit of violence and people getting killed?). Kids may not enjoy this movie as much though. A very likable balance of believable characters, emotional drama and epic fantasy action with an Asian twist coupled with fluid yet detailed animation art and impressive acting. I say it again, This is definitely big screen movie quality stuff.

    Note: Though the movie is finished, there is a little hint that leaves it open to a sequel or a continuing series. I do hope Marvel decideds to continue this rich story.

  • Warning: Spoilers
    Before I watched this movie I had no idea who Dr. Strange was and how did he ever get his powers. But this movie answered my question.

    It is very dark like with The animated Iron Man movie you would have to be at least 11 to watch this movie because there are a few scenes which are very unseeable like when a bunch of creatures eats a taxi driver.

    However, what doesn't make sense is his story with his sister. Which who was never mentioned in the MCU version of the movie which will be reviewed soon.

    But in all fairness, it is an awesome movie and it gave me a break from The Avengers, Spiderman (The usual type of Marvel Heroes that you consistently see)
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Being one of my favorite characters, I was eager to take a look at the animated Doctor Strange. I've been disappointed many times by some of Marvel's attempts at animated stories, but in this case I was pleasantly surprised.

    The story opens dark, and stays a touch on the dark side, with several deaths in the first scene. We see in the beginning a number of sorcerers battling with a large beast that has no business in New York. This leads us, a bit haphazardly, into meeting Doctor Steven Strange on his way to work. He's a world-renowned neurosurgeon with severe baggage from the death of his sister despite his best attempts to save her from a mysterious illness. As a result, he's an arrogant jackass slightly reminiscent of House but without the endearing humor. One mangling, (and well directed) car accident later and Steven's hands are ruined. In search for a cure, he uses up all his insurance and his money. At the end of his rope, he tries killing himself, but is saved by one of the sorcerers from earlier. He is directed to Tibet where young Grasshopper begins his training. This, I feel, is where the film's strength is. Steven resists his predicament, rebels, and even quits when he feels he won't find a cure for his hands. Soon, though, with some encouragement from his mentor (and possibly to avoid freezing to death) Steven returns and completes his training. Soon, he is one of the gang, and helping to fight the evil Dormammu. This, now, is where the film rockets to a conclusion barely leaving time to process what has happened. It becomes a montage of action scenes, disregarding the rather competent job done building up Steven in the previous 60 minutes. The end, too, is a slight disappointing where Stephen just falls into his role as sorcerer supreme a little too conveniently. Overall, it's a well done animated film with some flaws that slightly distract from the story, but the first hour is well worth a look as an effective retelling of Strange's origin. It might not be true to the comic book, but when has copying the comic book for film EVER really succeeded? (Excepting Sin City.)
  • Warning: Spoilers
    The picture reprises the origin story of Doctor Strange, from arrogant neurosurgeon to Sorcerer Supreme. As with some Marvel heroes, a goodly chunk of time is spent giving the previous-life story, and just enough background to see how he moves to his new life.

    The story begins with the doctor occasionally Seeing Things, which are really other Sorcerers fighting supernatural creatures, invisibly to the general public (which we could call muggles). At one point, several of the Sorcerers understand that Strange can see them, but don't act on it.

    At one point, he examines a comatose child. He says he can't help her, but when he examines her, he gets a vision of a fiery and menacing being. As with his other sightings, he cannot understand why he's seeing what he's seeing, but there's little he can do about his vision.

    In time, Strange gets injured in a car wreck (set off by supernatural-type visions), messing up his hands. He learns that the damage to his hands is incurable, which leads him on a quest to see whether his hands could be cured by anyone. After traveling far and wide, he exhausts his finances and becomes like one homeless. Eventually, he's led to Tibet, where he encounters The Ancient One and a band of Sorcerers.

    Over time, he learns humility, and then trains slowly to be like the other Sorcerers. The captain of these Sorcerers is Mordo, who is a warrior. He leads them to repel/destroy the peculiar beasts that wreak havoc in the world, but that humans can't see.

    Spoilers follow: The Ancient One is the Sorcerer Supreme. He is looking for a successor, as he is ailing, and perceives that a replacement may be needed. We learn that an alien being from another dimension, Dormamu, once was trying to conquer the "other dimensions," but was repulsed successfully by The Ancient One in the past. With The Ancient One's health failing, Dormamu intensifies his attempts to break out of his dimension, by using his creatures.

    Mordo is sent to cope with a pair of the monsters, and although The Ancient One gave him orders on how to deal with them, Mordo thought he knew better, and disobeyed The Ancient One.

    I'll leave the rest of the story unstated.

    The animation is ... well, okay, but nothing to brag about. The interdimensional scenery is adequate, but was much more imaginative in the original comic book.
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