In the hospital, Dr. Donald Blake is called down to the E.R. and a blonde doctor with a cane appears. Donald Blake was the human identity of the superhero and Norse god Thor.

One of the pictures on Strange's office wall is a still from Dr. Strange (1978).

At the end of the feature, Wong mentions a lady named Clea to Dr. Strange. In the comics, Clea was Dormamu's niece, who eventually became Dr. Strange's wife.

When the film was dubbed in Danish, Lars Mikkelsen was the voice of Stephen Strange. Lars' brother Mads Mikkelsen would star in Doctor Strange (2016) as Strange's nemesis Kaecilius.

In the comics, Dr Strange had a little sister named Donna. She appears in this film, renamed April.

The film has Continuities with The Invincible Iron Man (2007) and Hulk Vs. (2009): While walking in the streets after calling Gina, Strange passes Li Mei, a member of the Dragons Force and Tony Stark's love interest. Dormammu was seen in the alternate opening scene of The Invincible Iron Man. Camille Carranza's spirit morphs into a skull just like the Mandarin does. One of the symbols for a barrier spell is used by Amora in Hulk vs. Thor to trap Hulk.

Screenwriter Greg Johnson based the hospital scenes on the serial ER (1994). He was later approached by a physician who praised him for the medical aspects of the story.

The music heard throughout the battle sequences and the beginning of the end credits is the same music used in the Facebook game Marvel: Avengers Alliance (2012).