Damages was canceled after season 3 had aired in early 2010 by FX Networks, due to the low ratings and high costs of each episode. In July of the same year, Sony Pictures Television reached an agreement with DirecTV to save the series and produce two new seasons.

Each season is inspired by real events. Season 1 is based on the 2001 Enron scandal. Season 2 was based on the 2001 California Energy Crisis. Season 3 was inspired by the 2009 Bernie Madoff Ponzi Scheme. Season 4 is loosely based on the private military company Blackwater. The fifth and final season is based on WikiLeaks and its founder Julian Assange.

Glenn Close was paid $200,000 per episode.

Every episode title is a line of dialogue spoken by a character in the episode.

Actors on the show have little time to prepare as they are given their scripts a few hours before filming. Glenn Close herself has described this style of filming as "challenging, but a great exercise."

Glenn Close signed up for 3 seasons even before shooting the first.

The show's creators were hesitant to hire Anastasia Griffith for the role of Katie Connor because they were concerned about a Brit playing an American, especially since Australian actress Rose Byrne had already signed on. "To put their fears at rest", Griffith addressed the producers in an American accent from beginning to end of the audition. After being cast, Griffith and Byrne visited New York University dialect coach Deborah Hecht to perfect their accents.

The show is known for casting comedians, or actors that work in that genre, such as Ted Danson, Martin Short, Lily Tomlin, Garret Dillahunt, Darrell Hammond, John Goodman, Judd Hirsch, and Jenna Elfman.

To prepare for their roles, Glenn Close, Rose Byrne, and Tate Donovon met with corporate lawyers based in New York.

The infamous green coat that Ellen wore when she was attacked, is a custom made trench coat made from the "Damages" costume team; only one was made.

William Hurt, who joined the cast in the second season, had a difficult time adjusting to the show's tough schedule. The show is known for giving actors little time to rehearse, as well as changing scenes last minute. Hurt later expressed his dislike for this style of filming and stated that he acted like a "spoiled brat" and that he would "fight for more rehearsal time."

Glenn Close and Rose Byrne have become great friends since the shows inception. Rose has stated that she views her as a mentor who helps her prepare for roles in real life.

Lily Tomlin was a huge fan of the show, so much that when she was at an art exhibit and bumped into Todd A. Kessler, one of "Damages" creators and executive producers, she grilled him for information about upcoming plot twists. Todd kept Lily in mind and later cast her for the role of Marilyn Tobin in season 3.

'Chris Messina' at his first casting call, refused to play a Republican or a lawyer on the show because he was repeatedly cast in such roles beforehand. He was awarded the role of PTSD-plagued Chris Sanchez in season four, and went through considerable preparation for the role. He would stay awake and not sleep, and right before filming, drink two Red Bulls.

Actress Kristen Bell's favorite TV show. She once checked into a hotel with the alias Holly Frobisher, the wife of Arthur Frobisher (as played by Ted Danson). Kristen Bell met Danson at the same hotel and he told her that he was flattered that she used his character's name. Bell and Danson later went on to star together in NBC's the Good Place.

The famous flash forward scenes that usually open and close episodes are filmed along the rest of each particular episode, not filmed at the end of the season, when are no longer flash forwards. This means that many times the writers and specially the actors don't know exactly how the plot would get to that point or what they are really doing in the scene (the actors).

Each episode takes 8 days to shoot.

In preparation for his role, the producers asked Ted Danson to meet with CEOs of Fortune 500 corporations and watch documentaries such as Enron: The Smartest Guys in the Room, which examines the collapse of Enron.

In 2008, this series and Mad Men (2007) became the first basic-cable shows nominated in the Best Drama Series category at the Emmys.

The series is noteworthy for featuring a large number of Academy Award nominees in its cast: Glenn Close, William Hurt, Marcia Gay Harden, Lily Tomlin, Judd Hirsch, Keith Carradine and Janet McTeer. Hurt, Carradine, and Harden all won.

Glenn Close's wardrobe had a budget of $5,000 per outfit, while Rose Byrne's was $4,000 per outfit.

The pilot, which premiered on July 24, 2007, drew 3.7 million viewers on its initial commercial-free airing and became the most-watched basic cable show of the night.

For the fourth season cast, producers initially considered actors like Edward Burns and Wentworth Miller for the role of Howard T. Erickson because they were closer in age/physique to Erik Prince, the founder of Blackwater whom the season was based on. John Goodman stressed his availability and the role was tailored to suit his style.

The series reunites stars Glenn Close and William Hurt after 26 years since, as fledgling actors, they first collaborated on The Big Chill (1983).

Glenn Close always brings her two dogs, Jake and Bill on set during rehearsals.

In Season 4, a marketplace scene in Kandahar, Afghanistan was shot in an old cement factory in Brooklyn, NY, and includes old Soviet-era cars.

Uncle Pete refers to every day above ground being a "Pyyrhic victory". Ancient Greek king Pyrrhus of Epirus defeated the Romans at Heralcea in 280 b.c., but at the cost of a great number of his own troops. Afterward, he is said to have remarked, "Another such victory would be the end of me", hence the expression ascribed to any victory or benefit gained at great personal expense.

Initially in the second season, the producers wanted to cast one actor to create a love triangle involving Patty and Ellen. They ultimately went with two separate actors; Timothy Olyphant and William Hurt.

The title sequence depicts images of New York City sculptures, including "The Glory of Commerce" atop Grand Central Terminal, "Civic Fame" atop the Manhattan Municipal Building, and "Asia" in front of the Alexander Hamilton U.S. Custom House. The frieze of the New York County Supreme Court Building is also shown, inscribed with a quote from George Washington, "The true administration of justice is the firmest pillar of good government."

FX chief John Landgraf, stated in an interview that Breaking Bad was pitched to the network but was rejected so they could pick up Damages. Landgraf decided to produce the latter because they already had four shows starring white male anti-hero's. He credits the series for paving the way for more female roles on television. As of 2017, the network has the most award wins for mature actresses on TV.

Although never mentioned in the show, Patty's law firm "Hewes and Associates" has been around since 1992, according to the show's advertisements.

For the fifth season cast, Ryan Phillippe initially wasn't too interested in doing Damages, but on a phone call with producers he changed his mind after being told his character was modeled after Julian Assange, with whom Phillippe was fascinated with. He had also been following the Wiki Leaks scandal for a long period of time.

Tate Donovan, who played Thomas Shayes on the show, also directed a few episodes.

It would take you exactly two days and one hour to watch the entire series in one sitting.

Airs in more than 50 countries.

The fourth time actress Glenn Close has played a lawyer on screen. The first time was her role as Teddy Barnes in the 1985 movie Jagged Edge, and the second was in Fatal Attraction and the third was in the fourth season episode "The Supremes" on The West Wing (2004).

Glenn Close's signature sunglasses that her character Patty Hewes wears are from Oliver Peoples. She wears the O'Malley round sunglasses with clear frames and green, as well as black, tinted lenses.

Most of Glenn Close's wardrobe is designed by Italian designer Domenico Vacca.

Sarah Shahi auditioned for the role of Ellen Parsons, which later went to Rose Byrne.

Patty Hewes' apartment is in New York City located on W. 17th St. at 7th Ave.

Rose Byrne's first American television series.

This is the first time actress Janet McTeer appeared in an American television series. She joined the cast in season 5. She had appeared earlier opposite Glenn Close in the feature film Albert Nobbs (2011).

John Doman, Clarke Peters, Michael Kostroff, David Costabile, Michael Potts, Gbenga Akinnagbe, Bill Raymond and Marlyne Barrett appeared on this show. These actors also appeared on The Wire.

The office of Hewes and Associates is located at 400 Tribeca West Plaza in New York City.

Judd Hirsch revealed on an interview that his character's alcoholism was supposed to be more explored on the show, but the writers run out of time and couldn't develop more his character, something for which they apologized to Hirsch.

Actress Kristen Bell is a fan of the programme. As stated in a Huffington Post interview.