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  • As an American with barely any knowledge of the Dutch language, I can still say that Flikken Maastricht is a top-notch detective series that anyone would find enjoyable. Its not just about the crimes and cops and criminals, its about people that anyone can identify with. Its much more realistic in that it deals with crimes both large and small that detectives in mid-size police forces would likely encounter. For the male viewers there is plenty of hot totties to turn your head and for the ladies there is Victor Reinier. Plus, the Maastricht setting is simply gorgeous. Now, if only the producers would put out a box set with English subtitles perhaps I could stop bothering my Dutch friend for translations of things I don't quite understand.
  • Small introduction: 'Flikken' is Dutch slang for 'police officers', while 'Maastricht' is a beautiful town in the very South of the Netherlands.

    So these series are about a police unit in a provincial town. Set in the current crime, atmosphere, morality & mentality of the Netherlands. Extra flavor is added by Maastricht's internationalism: the town lies close to Belgium and Germany, and has its Dutch character lovely mixed with these foreign influences.

    Another key-point: 'Flikken Maastricht' has its plots strongly interwoven with the personal lives of its police officers. Too much to be true, I should say, but these recognizable day-to-day problems have contributed to the series' popularity.

    'Flikken Maastricht' was and is a TV-hit, (so far) spread over four seasons. Its evolution follows a usual pattern: developing itself in seasons 1 and 2, peaking in 3, and getting a little overdone in series 4.
  • After 4 episodes I can safely conclude that ''Flikken: Maastricht'' is a worthy police show on Dutch television. It has more depth and character development than in ''Baantjer'' and less over-the-top violence than in ''Van Speijk''. It's a bit written by the book, but that's not necessarily a bad thing.

    If I do have to complain about the show, I'd say that ex-soap star Angela Schijf just isn't a very strong performer. She's a charismatic person, but one needs more to make a character come to life. Now she seems like a whining kid who never grew out of puberty instead of the grumpy female detective she has to play. Victor Reinier is very good in his role as ''older'' policeman on the edge. It's funny to see him in this role, considering that he played the greenish assistant for '' De Cock '' in countless episodes of Baantjer.

    I also adore the fact that this show has Maastricht as a setting. This city has a nice Burgundian air to it, strengthened by having an old-fashioned tavern as one of the recurring locations in the show.
  • baantjer-7447829 September 2019
    Warning: Spoilers
    Flikken Maastricht is a great police series, i watched it from the first episode broadcast in september 2007. The first 4 seasons where very good, the 5th season is the worst season. Victor Reinier and Angela Schijf are extremly good actors.

    accept i hated the clichés around the character Jens Bols first he is a public prosecutor in season 8, and than in season 11 he is the bad guy and till season 12 we see a lot of cliché story's including with that man, until his character is gun down by the hero, awful.

    My favorite season is number 7 and 8!
  • People who've said its boring, I bet they've only watched the First episode, its 13 almost 14 seasons now as i'm writing this (sunday july 14 2019) question would It been so high in season number if it was boring? look the Benelux is not america, the budgets in the netherlands is far less than in hollywood. Maybe it has a rocky start at first but when you get further into the show I mean in seasons, it gets more intens along the way.
  • Just watch from season #1. See how it developes! . . . . . . .
  • A great Dutch police TV series. Personal I think it is one of the best Dutch police series I have seen so far. They record the episodes at great locations in Limburg, The Netherlands.

    The actors Victor Reinier en Angela Schijf are great, they act very natural and playing a police character of the police in Maastricht (capital city of Limburg).

    I think the series is also suitable for other countries. This requires there used subtitles . The Dutch language is spoken. In addition, the series is ideal for families. The action is also suitable for children. Highly recommended!
  • Its bad people, I mean, lets be honest here.

    Mediocre actors, bad storyline.

    The main characters are played by fairly decent actors, but the other actors are awful.

    You can't really blame them, they're all rather one-dimensional-stereotypes. They always react in the exact way you would expect them to react. No surprises. Marion and Romeo aren't funny, while the situations they're in are obviously SUPPOSED to be funny.

    I've never had the idea that I was actually looking at the real thing. I was looking at a bunch of actors in police uniforms. They seem to be out of place.

    The actors that actually speak in the correct dialect (from Limburg) are always playing the part of "low-IQ-having-over-emotional-dimwit".

    I'm convinced this series is aimed at kids in the early teens. However they did win a prize this year. But these kids are allowed to vote as well. Just don't be fooled!

    I really enjoy NOT watching this show every Friday night. Watching 'Flikken Maastricht' is about as much fun as trying to figure out how to lick your elbow
  • Flikken Maastricht is a really good detective serie!
  • vanwilgen20 March 2010
    I'm watching Flikken Maastricht via BVN, which is a free to air satellite broadcast. Maastricht is to The Netherlands what New Orleans is to the US, but without the music. The food, mardi gras, French influences, those are all similar. In the series there's nothing that refers to the couleur locale, save for the back ground. The indigenous Maastricht people speak a beautiful language, just like New Orleans cajun, but I haven't find one character who sounds like a local.

    But, what bothers me most is how the writers are unable to build a story. They have no clue how to set up the key scenes of the program. It's structured like an Emeril show, first you take this, than you do that and voilá, there's your gumbo.

    How many foreign companies have picked up the show?
  • The level of acting in the series is below average and things never get realistic. Characters are shallow and badly cast. I watch Scandinavian, French, Israelian and even Polish series, but this just has no nothing..