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  • An early entry in this enduring jail-bait series, THE ACADEMY shows the usual behavior of lecherous staff and horny young students at Isabella Adora Academy, climaxing with a truly classic gonzo routine by Isabel Ice which puts her in the porn pantheon in my book.

    Before II takes over center stage we have time checks for a typical day at the school, filled with typical over-the-top humping. DVD box cover girl Sandra is the morning's new arrival at school, and two profs give her a thorough in and out indoctrination that sets the tone for what's to follow, with an emphasis on anal sex and d.p.'s. Sandra's looking directly at the camera frequently is part of the turn-on.

    Second session is set in the headmaster's library, where two little blondes have a strong lesbian outing, joined later by the headmaster for a threesome.

    "French oral lessons" follow later in the day, featuring a couple of students including probably the oldest schoolgirl of all time, the alluring, big-nippled Franki. I am used to seeing Franki as a superb MILF several years later but even giving the lady the benefit of the doubt it was a shock to see her in the little-girl outfit here, before doffing it.

    Sandra returns "Behind the Bike Sheds" for a brief additional sex scene. Private Study Period has two girls in a strong lesbian scene.

    But the piece de resistance is Ms. Ice performing for a solid half hour at a satanic ceremony celebrating the academy's "pacted with the devil" founder. Ice is carried in by acolytes as a sort of sacrifice, but instead of the expected blood- letting, she gives the men blow jobs with deep throat and extreme abuse leading to loads of anal sex, d.p.'s and oodles of cum shots.

    It's all about her, even though there are lovely masked topless girls standing around as eye candy. Ignoring the hard-XXX sexual content, just the physical exertion of Ice is amazing in such a sustained staging, which hopefully was shot in a concentrated quasi- real-time manner by 21st Century frugal pornographers. Had this been a mainstream big-budget movie (impossible, but just imagine), then one would expect Ice having to perform these sex acts for perhaps an entire week to yield this quality result.

    Now I only have a few dozen more of these addictive HARLOTS movies to watch - I'm hooked already.