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  • Suresh Krishna knows the mass pulse. If given a good script, he can show the undercurrent heroism to the maximum extent. Likewise, he maintained the tempo till the flashback is narrated. But he missed that mass touch in flashback and meandered through the love episode of Anshu-Prabhas, which slackened the pace of the film and interest among the audiences. He got the grip again on the subject when the flashback completed. Suresh Krishna used his strength of narrating mass story in this film. However, he has not succeeded in conveying the main point of the film. First half of the film is good. But the flashback part in the second half is boring. But the director got back the grip when flashback is completed. It's a stylish mass film that might be appealing for the masses. The main complaint about the film is that there is no story. 'Raghavendra' is definitely worth a look to see Prabhas's performance! Watch it if you're bored watching critically applauded movies
  • I am from Odisha. I am Prabhas's diehard fan from Chhatrapati movie. Since then I have seen every single movie of his. When I was little, I saw the Odia dubbed version of Chhatrapati on our Odia channel. Since then I followed Prabhas's entire movie , i used to watch his movie in telugu while i don't know telugu Because then all his Hindi dubbed movies were not available on YouTube . I am a diehard fan of Prabhassss...I am a huge fan of Prabhas..I love him more than my life..My dream is to take a selfie with Prabhas and touch him. I want to watch all his movies till I die.. I can't miss any one film..My only prayer to God is to give me a lifetime to watch Prabhas's films...I am so exited for #adipurush #salar #project k #spirit #bahubali3.