[repeated lines, whenever an Avatar battle mode is about to start]

Haseo: All right... Come on, come on! I'm right here! Skeith!

[Haseo transformed into Skeith]

Atoli: I want you to look at me! No one ever looks at me!

Atoli: [a shadow version of Atoli sits alone at a desk] I did my best... I did the best I could. See, I got a piercing, and bought my first piece of brand name clothing. My friends said that they didn't want to be seen with some uncool girl, but then both my dad and mom got mad. They said girls should always be quiet and not stand out. And that they'd never allow me, to wear a chintzy getup like that. I didn't have a choice, I went out wearing my usual outfit. And then... And then my friends...

Haseo: What is this?

Sakaki: Atoli's memories.

Haseo: Atoli!

Atoli: I did my best... I tried to do what everyone said... But none of it worked. I mean, it's so unfair. I've only got one of myself. And they're always trying to push me opposite directions. But I still tried. I did my best to do what they said! Because if I didn't, they'd all leave me. They told me, they didn't need someone like me.

Haseo: [to Sakaki] Why would you do something like this?

Sakaki: To understand people. AIDA's interested in people. This area's the result AIDA's analysis and understanding.

Atoli: But... No matter how hard I tried. It was no good. I tried and I tried, and no one would praise me! No one would accept me! No one would look at me!

Haseo: [Atoli is overtaken by AIDA] Atoli! You, what did you do to Atoli?

Sakaki: What did I do? Everything. The Terror of Death.

Haseo: Everything?

Sakaki: Yes I did everything that someone like you, who only knows how to hunt PKer's can't. I consoled her when she cried, and held her when she needed it, I spoke to her gently and was always by her side. Yes, I made real something that could never happen in reality. That is why I'm special in the beautiful eyes of Atoli, isn't that right?

Atoli: Saka... ki...

Sakaki: Atoli, who was it that hurt you so much and slighted you?

Atoli: E... very... one

Sakaki: I see... So everyone just decided that you were worthless.

Atoli: Yes... Everyone decided...

Sakaki: But it's all right, Atoli. You are not worthless in my eyes. The one's who are truly worthless, are the ones who do not realize your true worth. Atoli, it's time to go. Go and show all of those that deemed you worthless, that they are truly the worthless ones. The one's not fit to exist! Together you and I can accomplish that.

Atoli: Aaah... Ooooh... Sakaki Sakaki Sakaki!

Sakaki: That's right Atoli, you'll never be hurt again. Now go forth and destroy! Destroy all those that would hurt you.

[Atoli transforms into Innis]

Sakaki: That's wonderful... That's wonderful Atoli! You're so beautiful when you're overflowing with power! Now the real world is being ruled by the online world. Once we rule world! Once we rule the online world with AIDA, the real world will be as good as mine! My rule will spread quickly across the real world, eventually allowing me to control people's very hearts! Then I will be able to create a new world, where no one fights and no one is oppressed by another! With the power of Epitaphs and AIDA I will create a new harmony between reality and online! Isn't that right, Atoli?

Atoli: Ye... Yes... Sakaki...

Haseo: Atoli... Wait for me. I promise I'll save you.