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  • A very enigmatic and strange story of a man losing his mind after the loss of close family members. Ernie Hudson does a fine job of portraying this character - but the movie is way too confusing to make it very enjoyable - at least to this reviewer. 5 out of 10 may be a bit generous; but I enjoyed Ernie Hudson's performance.
  • The only explanation of the high rate is that very few has rate this boring movie, and the ones that rate it as excellent were the movie makers, other than that, I dont understand how this boring, repetitive and confusing movie has a 7 when it clearly deserves a 2 max. Stay away, far away.
  • Great production value, especially in regard to its cinematic look, acting, lighting and some creative editing. Good performance by Mr. Hudson. I enjoyed this suspense mystery that keeps you guessing all the way to its end.
  • This is a beautiful film full of great cinematic storytelling plus a classic re-hash of the Bernard Herman's Vertigo Score. Being a Hitchcock fan, I can honestly say that this is a true HITCHCOCKIAN film - which we hear a lot but hardly ever see. You can tell the film was made with so much attention to detail and passion by the great cinematography, transitions, acting, pace, acting and editing - and everything works together to achieve a great visual art piece. But don't get me wrong, it is also super exciting and entertaining as the film keeps you guessing from beginning to end. It is full of intrigue and suspense - and it is haunting. I highly recommend THE MAN IN THE SILO and I can almost guarantee you haven't seen anything like it!
  • I have never seen Ernie Hudson star in such a challenging and intense role, and I now have a new respect for him. His portrayal of a middle-aged black man struggling to cling to his identity after suffering unthinkable loss cuts to the heart of what it is to be human. This beautifully shot film allows Hudson to really stretch his creative wings, and he does not disappoint. Independent films such as this reassure me that true art is still being produced. If you appreciate cinema, this is one not to miss. I found this film's uniqueness to be a breath of fresh air.
  • Taut, suspenseful thriller with a haunting Bernard Herrman-esque score, great editing, and a performance by Ernie Hudson that will stay with me for a long time. Fans of non-linear narrative will find a lot to like here... part Twilight Zone, part Hitchcock, part David Lynch, entirely original. Highly recommended.
  • THE MAN IN THE SILO is an intense indie drama that takes no prisoners! So one of my favorite actors growing up was Ernie Hudson. I just loved him in Ghostbusters and not much has changed. His performance in The Man In The Silo is really stellar, incredibly human and at time even a little crazy and disjointed which I really loved. Awesome! Additionally, the story is gritty and surprising, the photography is beautiful and the pacing it stellar. The Man In The Silo is the kind of indie drama I always look for, but never find... until now. BRAVO!